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Brand New Offering from Online Hypnotherapy Clinic Issue #001 -- teaser here
December 11, 2021
Hello all,

You subscribed to me, Susanna Sweeney, author of the Online Hypnotherapy Clinic, some time ago.

It's only now I am sending my very first newsletter.

Newsletters will be occasional for the moment, just letting you know anything updates ans news that may interest you.

For example, I have brand new LIVE group sessions coming up!

My first “Find Your Calm” low cost group session will take place on 15th December at 6.00p.m. Dublin time Full Information and booking here: havening-find-your-calm-group-sessions.html

Are you...

👉...dreading the approaching festive period because you already feel overwhelmed thinking about shopping, buying the right presents, family pressure and keeping everyone happy?

👉...already stressing about your New Year’s resolutions knowing you didn’t achieve your goals this year?

👉...feeling worried and stressed by the general situation in the world today and looking for a reliable and effective way to dull down those negative feelings?

My “Find Your Calm” group session is for people who want to move past worry, stress and procrastination with the support of powerful, neuroscience based resilience techniques at so they can replace negative thinking and feelings with wellbeing and resilience.

When you invest in my “Find Your Center” guided group session you will:

👉 Rid yourself of unpleasant feelings so you can feel peaceful and think clearly once more.

👉 Experience a simple practice that can turn negative thinking and emotions into peace and calm within minutes so that your daily challenges become easy to navigate.

👉 Use resilience building techniques to develop a positive mindset and strengthen your inner resources so you can make the best of whatever circumstances life presents you with.

Your investment:

€ 14.99

Early Bird Bonus: The first three buyers only pay €9.99!

My “Find Your Calm” session will take place on 15th December at 6.00 p.m. Dublin time. Full information and Booking here: havening-find-your-calm-group-sessions.html I am looking forward to meeting you there!

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