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Introducing the REPAIRenting® Academy
January 23, 2022
Hello all,

Introducing the REPAIR-enting® Academy

For all burnt out, frustrated & stressed professionals & entrepreneurs who want to stop their emotional responses from controlling their actions so they can reach their full potential in work, income and enjoyment of life.

About the Programme:

👉 “The impact of inner child trauma is easily overlooked. We think we’re “all grown up now” and that we are making our own decisions.

👉 In truth, our childhood programming follows us around every waking hour, largely undetected.

👉 It determines how we relate to ourselves and others, our experience with work and career, our income ceilings, our level of enjoyment in life and so much more.

👉 Faulty childhood programming can lead to bothersome symptoms in adult life such as worry, anxiety and low mood.

👉 The REPAIRenting® Academy can help you not only get to know the exact ways you have been impacted but more importantly also to start clearing faulty childhood programming so you can break through and finally reach your full potential.”



[Understanding Childhood Injuries and Their Impact on You Now]

👉 Uncover the root of your limiting beliefs and toxic emotions so you recognise the difference between ‘reacting’ and ‘deciding’ when choosing your next course of action

👉 Learn why your childhood happened the way it did, and how your parents’ style of parenting you impacts your life now, so you can make peace with their flawed behaviour that hurt you

👉 Explore and improve how to love yourself, and sharpen your self-care habits so you begin to embrace yourself fully, especially your edges - the areas you see as imperfect


[Meet, Befriend and REPAIRent® Inner Child Avatars (Dream Destroyers) Whose Shadow Side Limits You in Your Life and Work Now]

👉 Learn what your exact inner child avatars (Dream Destroyers) are, and where they have led you to undermining yourself in life and business so you can transform limiting beliefs and appreciate your world with a fresh new outlook. 👉 Free yourself from toxic emotions and sabotaging behaviours and transform limiting beliefs so you get rid of your baggage from the past and take full control of your today. 👉 Befriend and heal these vulnerable inner child parts so you can accept, love and value yourself fully, which is set to improve your relationships, career and enjoyment of life.

The Dream Destroyers are: The Busy Perfectionist The Independent Child The Dependent Child The Enduring Child The Tough Boss The Manipulator The Look-at-me Child The Drama Queen Baby The Withdrawing Baby


[Bringing it all Together and Paving the Road Forward] 👉 Develop an exact road map to your confident future so that at each turn you will have clarity knowing precisely what to do to get there. 👉 Win your Dream Destroyers’ love and cooperation so they will support you in bringing your dreams and goals to life. 👉 Learn how to make intuitive decisions that are perfect for you and develop an unshakable belief in yourself so you can break through your previously perceived income, life goal and enjoyment ceilings easily and with confidence.

And, if that isn’t enough, there are also 3 BONUSES...

BONUS #1: [The Repair-enting® Academy Manual]

Structured, detailed workbook to accompany the entire course so you can follow the content with ease, journal about thoughts, feelings and changes arising, helping you save time and maximise your gains

BONUS #2: [3 Breakthrough Group Sessions]

Three breakthrough group sessions to answer any questions you may have and do healing work live on the call as a group each session so you can boost your learning, get support and the best out of the programme

BONUS #3: [Inner Child Self Hypnosis Session]

Inner Child hypnosis session download for daily maintenance so you can move forward into your new reality free of any negatives, fully prepared and supported THE REPAIR-ENTING® ACADEMY STARTS ON FRIDAY 28TH JANUARY 2022.


To Recap You’ll Receive:

👉 A six week course helping you to heal your inner child so you can reach your full potential in life and work. This includes membership of a dedicated Facebook group and a detailed workbook.

👉 Three group calls with me where you can ask all your questions so that you have additional support to boost your outcomes.

👉 Inner child hypnosis session download so you can easily maintain and integrate the learning and healing from the course into the future.

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