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REPAIRenting® Academy
January 23, 2022

There is an absolute flood of online personal development programmes out there these days.

They promise all kinds of things- to free you from anxiety, to build rock-solid confidence, to help you become 'bullet proof'.

Often, the basis of the course is a teaching element that offers you a simple explanation as to why you have the problem you are grappling with. They then put forward a simple way out- if only you change your thinking on these issues, everything will fall in place.

The best programmes invite you to understand why you do what you do and deeper self knowledge is a good thing, right?

Unfortunately that's often where the benefit stops- after that you are invited to start changing your behaviour to something that supports you better.

It's an idea of change that seems to make logical sense. Understand what you do- then go change it!

👉 But what if you come up against resistance to change?

👉 What if you come up against difficult emotions that you can't just think your way out of?

👉 What if you simply cannot THINK your way out of your old, self sabotaging patterns?

That's usually EXACTLY where people get stuck- I hear it from my clients all the time.

"I learned a lot about myself, but nothing really changed."

"I understood where the anxiety must be coming from, but it didn't help me feel better."

“It was interesting but a year later I was still doing the same things.”

💥 Understanding is certainly a good thing, but understanding on its own isn't enough to help you get relief from difficult emotions, or to change belief patterns and self sabotaging behaviour.

💥 You need a different approach to help you break through into new territory!

That's why when you invest in the REPAIRenting® Academy, you are buying a different kind of programme.

💥 This is a programme that comes with a combination of:

1) An in-depth system that helps you understand your Dream Destroyers and their self undermining behaviour as well as giving you a clear path forward, paved with activities that are tailor made for each of nine Dream Destroyers so that your learning will be optimised.

2) An effective toolkit based on neuroscience that will help you safely, gently and effectively address your amygdala because that’s where Dream Destroyer patterns, difficult emotions, stress and the like- are encoded.

Using these tools will help you reduce the intensity of difficult emotions, change limiting belief systems and old unwanted, self sabotaging Dream Destroyer patterns so you can finally become the YOU you were always meant to be, working from your unique zone of genius.

Getting out of Dream Destroyer patterns means you learn to:

💥 Feel safe and able to have success in ALL areas of your life without having to sacrifice any area- either health, or love or making money.

💥 Hit the goals you set yourself instead of self-sabotaging along the way.

💥 Support yourself lovingly so you can live and work in sustainable ways rather than pushing through and heading for burn out and chronic stress.

When you join the REPAIRenting® Academy six week programme discover how to:

👉 Uncover the root of your limiting beliefs and toxic emotions so you recognise the difference between ‘reacting’ and ‘deciding’ when choosing your next course of action.

👉 Befriend and heal your Dream Destroyers- these vulnerable inner child parts, so you can accept, love and value yourself fully, which is set to improve your relationships, career and enjoyment of life.

👉 Free yourself from toxic emotions and sabotaging behaviours and transform limiting beliefs so you get rid of your baggage from the past and take full control of your today.



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