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REPAIRenting® Academy
January 27, 2022

🔦 Sadie’s life was falling apart around here when she contacted me first.

🔦 She hadn't slept more than four hours a night for ages, was working full time in an environment she was beginning to identify as toxic and she felt she was crumbling under the pressure of family demands on top.

🔦 When we took a deeper look at what was going on, Sadie discovered that what replayed itself in her workplace, was the toxic family environment she had grown up in.

🔦 Her parents both drank and there would be frequent arguments late at night when the kids were in bed. Little Sadie had grown up feeling unsafe.

🔦 From a young age, mum and dad had high expectations of her. As the eldest by a year, she was supposed to mind her younger siblings- a responsibility that was well beyond her ability as a child.

🔦 With all these things going on going on, it was no wonder Sadie became anxious early in life.

🔦 Studying and doing well at school meanwhile became a solace for her, time to herself that she could justify taking.

🔦 That's how Sadie became a Busy Perfectionist- one of nine Dream Destroyers which are imprints left from childhood that helped you get through back then but whose shadow sides are limiting you in adult life.

The moment Sadie understood the connection between the past and the situation she was faced with now- was the moment things started to change for her.

🔦 She was able to clear the toxic emotions from her past, the hurt of rejection, the pressure she had always been under from her parent's high expectations, the fear she had felt when exposed to arguments.

🔦 Sadie thereby reduced the intensity of anxiety symptoms and started to be able to sleep again.

🔦 She started to assertively say "No" to both family and work demands that she felt were not her responsibility, freeing up space so she could deal with her own life.

🔦 Now able to think and work more strategically, Sadie started applying for jobs she had previously not had the confidence to apply for and six weeks after we started working together, Sadie secured a new job- the role of her dreams, working remotely. It involved an increase in her annual salary by 10K!

🔦 Sadie was a one-to-one client who invested in my programme so she could turn her life around, and she went and did just that.

🔦 There are many professionals and entrepreneurs who, like Sadie, are held back in their career and in life because of the imprint of faulty childhood programming.

🔦 Symptoms of faulty childhood programming you might experience in adult life can include imposter syndrome, anxiety, low mood, lack of esteem and confidence to name only a few.

💥 The good news is that you can overcome any and all of these.

💥 To help, I have designed the REPAIRenting® Academy, a six week online programme that contains the suite of tools I use in my one-to-one programme.

The REPAIRening® Academy will enable you to:

👉 Uncover the root of your limiting beliefs and toxic emotions so you recognise the difference between ‘reacting’ and ‘deciding’ when choosing your next course of action.

👉 Befriend and heal your Dream Destroyers- these vulnerable inner child parts, so you can accept, love and value yourself fully, which is set to improve your relationships, career and enjoyment of life.

👉 Free yourself from toxic emotions and sabotaging behaviours and transform limiting beliefs so you get rid of your baggage from the past and take full control of your today.


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