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REPAIRenting® Academy
January 28, 2022

💡 Underneath Marcus’ desire to entertain people and make them laugh sat the hurt of early rejection.

💡 He kept performing and kept performing, subconsciously hoping he'd be noticed and loved, at last, by parents who could not accept him as the vibrant, expressive, colourful child he was.

💡 He contacted me when he hit emotional rock bottom- he knew he had to act now or the life he loved would come apart very soon.

💡 Not only did Marcus see all his earnings drain away from gambling, he also found himself shamefully hiding this part of his life from his fiance.

💡 Marcus was a Look-at-me Child (one of nine Dream Destroyers featured in the RREPAIRenting® Academy), an extrovert who loved entertaining others. When the Look-at-me Child experiences rejection, they put even more effort into performing because their immature brain at that age, has no other resources available.

💡 But as he turned up the volume in self expression, their rejection of him- even now in adult life, was becoming only more pronounced.

💡 Gambling had been an attempt to fill the void- that void left by his parent's inability to love and accept him.

💡 Now, of course, gambling was threatening to ruin his relationship with his partner, the one thing in life that was working well for him.

⚡️ Once these insights hit Marcus, he shed many tears.

⚡️ That was the day he stopped gambling- to never go back.

⚡️ Shortly after, he started interviewing for a better job- something he had not even identified as a need when we started working together at first.

⚡️ But as the gambling fell away and his mind fog cleared, he realised that he had been unhappy with his work for some time. He wanted that step up.

⚡️ Five weeks later, he found just that- and stepped into a managerial role, a challenge he felt ready for and was looking forward to.

⚡️ By the time Marcus finished working with me, he felt good about himself, happy with who he was and confident he'd be able to provide once he and his partner would start a family.

⚡️ The childhood hurt faded much more into insignificance, and he finally fully arrived in his life as it was now: with a lovely relationship and lucrative job.

But what would have happened had Marcus not dared to take the leap?

💥 The answer of course is, he would have opened the door to the slippery slope taking over.

💥 But, I get it.

💥 Making such a decision to face up to your inner blocks and childhood hurts, is a big deal.

💥 Of course when you contemplate such a decision, it will always feel like you are about to leap off the diving board and don't know what's next.

⭐️But here is the thing:

⭐️Usually, clients wonder in hindsight why they ever left it so long in the first place!

⭐️And they wish they had done this years ago rather than continued to struggle on!

⭐️ When you kick that proverbial can down the road for long enough, the fear of facing the inner work can become bigger and bigger, taking on a life of its own. It can become the FEAR OF THE FEAR.

🌞 Hear this:

🔥 Investing in the REPAIRenting® Academy will provide you with a toolkit that is gentle and safe, making change work quite comfortable. In my thirty years of working with people, I have found these neuroscience based ways of working to be the Roll's Royce of the therapy world.

🔥 Don't miss this opportunity to invest in your growth and in your future.

When you invest in the REPAIRenting® Academy it will enable you to:

👉 Uncover the root of your limiting beliefs and toxic emotions so you recognise the difference between ‘reacting’ and ‘deciding’ when choosing your next course of action.

👉 Befriend and heal your Dream Destroyers- these vulnerable inner child parts, so you can accept, love and value yourself fully, which is set to improve your relationships, career and enjoyment of life.

👉 Free yourself from toxic emotions and sabotaging behaviours and transform limiting beliefs so you get rid of your baggage from the past and take full control of your today.



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