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REPAIRenting® Academy
January 25, 2022

Are you telling yourself any of the things below as to why the REPAIRenting® Academy won't work for you?

👉I don't see any obvious connection between the things I am struggling with now- and my childhood.

Yes! The exact symptoms one has, whether limiting beliefs, toxic emotions or self sabotaging behaviour patterns often leave little clues as to where they originated.

The course material is designed to guide you to find YOUR particular connection so you can start making sense of why you are experiencing the unique blocks you experience.

👉I have done another online programme which helped me understand better what anxiety is, but nothing changed after that.

Yes, I understand.

Most online programmes in the personal development space are based on the idea that understanding yourself better is all it takes to overcome the issues you are grappling with, but that is not the case.

Understanding helps, for sure, but that's not all that's needed.

Typically the issues that you have no answer to, the ones that REALLY frustrate you- are encoded in deeper parts of the brain- those associated with survival- and getting at them requires a different approach.

The REPAIRenting® Academy offers a very particular toolkit that will help you resolve such stubborn material so you can finally step into the YOU you were always meant to be.

👉My situation is different and unique, so I don't think an online programme can deliver what I need.

Yes of course- everybody is different!

The REPAIRenting® Academy offers an approach that caters to each individual situation.

Of the nine archetypes we work with, you will choose three so the particular combination will be unique to you and will bring you down your own individual pathway with tailor made activities and a flexible toolkit to help you achieve positive change in the areas that are uniquely important to you.

👉I have never done any inner work before, so I don't think this will make any difference for me.

The REPAIRenting® Academy is designed to work for you, whatever your starting place. There are no requirements or preconditions for joining.

👉My anxiety symptoms are too severe for the programme to work for me.

When you join the REPAIRenting® Academy, you will find a toolkit that is relaible, safe, gentle and effective.

This toolkit will help you get relief from whatever it is you are struggling with- intense emotions, limiting belief systems or even disturbing body sensations.

👉My own stuff is really not a pressing issue, it can wait.

Really, it can wait? How many times have you told yourself this before?

And after postponing working on your issues, what happened then? Let me guess: same old, same old?

💡 Just three examples:

💡 Continuing to spend any money you make so your bank account is up and down and you never have enough.

💡 Continuing to allow imposter syndrome to run the show so that you have to postpone applying for promotions and increasing your income to “some time in the future”... (When exactly?)

💡 Continuing to have anxiety symptoms ruin your every day experience so that you cannot enjoy life properly.

Can you really afford to leave these issues unresolved?

Can you really afford to bypass this opportunity?

Isn't this YOUR time to finally invest in yourself?

This is the best time to invest in the REPAIRenting® Academy. It will NEVER come back at the same price point after the checkout closes at 5.00 pm on January 28th.

When you join the REPAIRenting® Academy six week programme discover how to:

👉 Uncover the root of your limiting beliefs and toxic emotions so you recognise the difference between ‘reacting’ and ‘deciding’ when choosing your next course of action.

👉 Befriend and heal your Dream Destroyers- these vulnerable inner child parts, so you can accept, love and value yourself fully, which is set to improve your relationships, career and enjoyment of life.

👉 Free yourself from toxic emotions and sabotaging behaviours and transform limiting beliefs so you get rid of your baggage from the past and take full control of your today.




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