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My own Havening Story
June 20, 2022

Have I shared with you that Havening Techniques extracted me from 15 years of chronic pain- in one single session?

I know, it's hard to believe.

I would not have believed this story myself, a little over three years ago.

But it was what happened in my case, and may help you understand why I am very passionate about this novel psychosensory method.

At the time, I attended a Havening Training out of pure curiosity.

I was looking for ways of working faster in my client work, more effectively.

And so, I wanted to put Havening to the test and gave them the all so minor task of helping me with chronic back pain I had developed after a car accident 15 years prior.

Basically the pain was so intense at that time that I found it very hard to sit on any ordinary chair.

Fifteen minutes of that were enough to put me into pain. In my therapy work, I had taken to sitting on a gym ball.

And I had tried everything for that pain. Homeopathy. Chiropractic. Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy.

Osteopathy had been the most helpful out of the lot but at this stage, even my osteopath had started pointing me towards the hospital's pain clinic.

Results had been good with osteopathy at the start, but now, they had become very mixed. Sometimes I would improve afterwards, sometimes I would feel worse.

The pain clinic at the hospital had a four year waiting list. By the time I attended my first Havening Training, I had been on that list for a year.

By all accounts, when I volunteered for that demo session with my "minor" chronic pain issue, they had a tough job.

I figured I wanted to test Havening and if they could improve this pain by even 10 percent, I would give them credit.

Dr. Steve Ruden, Co-Creator of Havening Techniques, worked with me. Over the next 50 minutes, I was going to have one of the most profound and astounding experiences I have ever had.

My mind brought me through practically every traumatic experience I have ever had. I found myself narrating this for the audience and felt wonderful all the way through which I thought was highly unusual.

Meanwhile, I felt a gradual build up and then peaking of the most intense fear I have ever experienced.

It was so strong that I could feel it not only through all of my body, but even as far as two feet outside of my body, something I had never experienced before and have not experienced since.

All during it, I felt curious and energetic, not at all disturbed by it. Instead, I felt a profound sense of well being.

Towards the end of the session, that fear sort of drifted down all around me until it seemed to sink into the ground.

And when it was gone, I turned to Steve and said: "At the moment, I don't feel any pain..."

He countered: "I'd imagine that is gone now."

But when you deal with someone who had chronic pain for the length of time that I had, they won't just take your word for that.

So, feeling profoundly well and in a witty mood after all that, I asked him if he was willing to extend a warranty.

We laughed.

It took me probably around a month after the session to finally admit that he was right- the pain did not return.

Three year later, I remain pain free and have been a Havening Trainer for a year and a half, fuelled by passion for this neuroscience based method that can truly work miracles.

There's an active, international Havening community of highly passionate practitioners many of whom had similar bombshell first sessions like I had which liberated them from a whole host of symptoms.

While such outstanding single sessions naturally cannot be expected every single time, our overall work with Havening is highly effective.

To date, although Havening is only nine years old, there are already four clinical studies backing the efficacy of Havening.

If you are a people professional, I invite you to join our worldwide community of doctors, nurses, midwives, as well as coaches therapists of all persuasions that are making a profound difference for their clients every day.

My upcoming English speaking Havening Training will take place on July 15th, 16th and 17th from 14.00 - 20.00 Dublin time each day.

Is it time to upgrade your practice with the help of neuroplasticity techniques based on neuroscience?

I am looking forward to training you and passing on my knowledge about Havening so that you can achieve the same fast, effective and lasting results as I do with my clients.


Susanna Sweeney

You can find out information about Havening Training here

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