Havening Training 

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

havening training

"Learn Havening Techniques®, one of the most fascinating and up-to-date modalities for the resolution of trauma symptoms, anxiety, panic, chronic pain and many other difficult symptoms as well as for resilience building and boosting high performance."

  • On this page you will find all relevant information on Havening Training and the option to book.
  • Please note that the training consists of a 16 hour basic training which is delivered live, as well as the certification process.
  • When you fulfill all the requirements for certification, you become a "Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner".
  • If you don't find a suitable date, please avail of the form at the bottom to register for my training mailing list and you will be kept in the loop.
  • I am a Certified Havening Trainer for the Center for Havening Research and Training, New York.

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Upcoming Havening Training Online Worldwide (English Speaking)

havening training

Basic Havening Training:

A 16 hour training delivered live.

Certification Process:

  • Certification is required if you are planning to use Havening professionally in your client work and want to advertise this.
  • Using the term "Havening" in your promotional materials online and off, is NOT permitted unless you are a Certified Havening Prcatitioner.
  • I deliver extra learning content during the certification process. This extra content will help you deepen your understanding, master the techniques and integrate them into your practice swiftly.

Special Offer: Training & Certification Bundle

Havening Training & Certification Bundle Special Offer

Total Cost: €1285

Training: €770

Certification: €515

Please note that Havening HQ will raise an annual fee of $99 for membership and upkeep of your certification. Membership includes the facility of an active listing of your services in the practitioner directory on havening.org.

New: Pay in Installments (for Training & Certification Bundle)

For this upcoming training pay in three easy installments. This option is open to you when you enroll before the end of day September 1st.

Total Cost: €1305 paid in 3 installments of 435 each

Training: €780

Certification: €525

Training Only

Booking training without certification may suit you if:

  • You want to get to know Havening first without commitment.

  • You are not working in private practice, but want to use a limited toolkit as part of your employment
  • You will have no need for advertising as part of your use of Havening Techniques
  • Without certification, you may NOT use the term "Havening" in your promotional materials

Training Only: €799

You CAN book certification separately post training.

(Cost of certification booked separately: €599)

Returners are Welcome

If you have taken a Havening Training before and would like to repeat it as a participant, please book here.

Returner's fee: €299

Past Havening Training

I was both honoured and super excited to collaborate with the co-founder of Havening Techniques®, Dr. Steven Ruden, March 2021!

See what past training participants have to say!

havening training

Benefits you can Expect from Havening Techniques Training

We have seen incredible results with Havening Techniques in client work.

As Havening enables us to work directly with the traumatic base of presenting symptoms in a safe and effective manner, issues that would otherwise take a long time to process or would be impossible to get to the root of are resolved in a short space of time.

Havening is also a fantastic tool for building resilience and confidence into the future, and coaches in particular will be interested in that side of the modality.

havening training

Havening offers:

  • Protection from vicarious traumatization for those therapists working with trauma. Trauma will always affect the practitioner somewhat but this is much reduced with the use of Havening.
  • A flexible tool box that will blend in seamlessly with whatever other therapy modalities or coaching stream you are already using in your practice.
  • Imagine getting reliable and consistent results in your client work.
  • Imagine being able to achieve these amazing results in a short space of time.
  • Clear and simple treatment protocols so that you will always know what to do.
  • Havening enables you to work with your clients online- delivering the same great results as face to face.
  • Be surrounded by a supportive community to help you develop and grow as a  Havening Practitioner.

havening training

What you can Expect from Havening Training

During Your Havening Training you can Expect to Learn and Experience the Following:

  • Havening Training is a content packed experience.
  • The learning environment is supportive, welcoming and friendly.
  • To learn the safe application of Havening Techniques for a vast range of issues.
  • To learn the neuroscientific background that underpins Havening.
  • Practice of the techniques in class
  • To experience during practice the effectiveness and efficacy of Havening Techniques
  • You will be in a position to use these skills immediately with family and friends and after completing the training, in your client work.

Why Certification Matters

  • Completion of the basic Havening Training entitles you to use the techniques with your clients.
  • However, certification is a requirement if you want to advertise your services using the terms "Havening", "Havening Techniques" or similar
  • The basic training gives you an overview of all the techniques and an introduction to their use.
  • During certification you can deepen your knowledge and understanding of the techniques, to learn to optimise their use and to get optimal results in client work.
  • You will document 32 client sessions and will receive helpful feedback that enables you to grow and develop as a practitioner.
  • After certification you can call yourself "Certified Havening Practitioner" and have the option to use the term "Havening" in your promotional materials.
  • Please note that Havening HQ raise an annual fee of $99 for membership and upkeep of your certification which, among other things, entitles you to a listing in the practitioner directory on Havening.org.
  • Certification also entitles you to use Havening HQ advertising materials (that will be provided in the "Resource library" on the havening website).

What you can Expect from the Certification Process

  • The initial training will teach you the basic techniques.
  • During the certification process, you will complete 32 case studies including two on video, a science exam, and if you are based in the US- an ethics exam (which is charged for separately by Havening HQ).
  • The case studies and the detailed feedback you will receive on those will help you learn the techniques in-depth and integrate them into your practice to your and your client's best advantage.
  • For those going through certification with me, I will provide extra support via Zoom. (Not every trainer provides this extra support).
  • These extra sessions will focus on practice of the techniques,  a space for Q&A, case discussions and some extra curricular tuition as well as an opportunity to meet other students to exchange sessions with for your own personal development.
  • Upon completion of certification, you can call yourself a "Certified Havening Practitioner", (which is renewable annually at a fee of $99 which also gives you a practitioner listing on the official Havening.org website). You get access to promotional materials and can use the term "Havening" in your promotional materials.

havening training

Who is Havening Trainings Suitable for?

If you are already a  people practitioner, you can benefit from HT training in most roles where you either come in contact with either trauma, toxic emotions or chronic pain- or want to build resilience with your clients and prepare them for their ideal future.

The Havening community already has practitioners from the following professional groups who are all making active use of HT in their work:

  • Doctors, nurses, midwives, dentists, psychiatrists
  • Psychotherapists, counselors and psychologists
  • First responders such as paramedics and fire brigade and those supporting first responders
  • Social workers and foster parents, social care workers working with the homeless or vulnerable groups such as refugees
  • Hypnotherapists, NLP practitioners, alternative health practitioners of all persuasions
  • Coaches, such as life coaches, transformational coaches, trauma coaches, also performance and executive coaches
  • Teachers, child care workers and others working in the education space

At the moment, Havening Training is open to anyone with an interest in learning the modality.

The training weekend alone won't make you a therapist, but can provide you with a first stepping stone to becoming one.

Havening Training Online

I continue to provide Havening Training online.

You can expect the following benefits from training online:

  • Work from the comfort of your own home.
  • Learn experientially how to practice with clients online, opening up a whole new way of doing therapy. (I do all my therapeutic work online.)
  • Savings on travel expenses and accommodation cost.
  • You can fit the training into your life easily.
  • No need for cumbersome and costly PCR tests and mask wearing.
  • Stay 100 percent safe.
  • Your training will be recorded so that you can review the recording later.

About Me

If we haven't met yet, I am Susanna Sweeney, MSc, MBACP. My background is in a 25 year career in the trauma field.

I took my first Havening Training in April 2018 with Dr. Steven Ruden. I became certified the following month and since then have been working hard on mastering the techniques involved and integrating them with my existing skill set in psychotherapeutic trauma work.

Since qualifying as a Certified Havening Practitioner I have facilitated on five Havening Technique trainings, three with the founders of Havening, Dr. Ronald and Dr. Steven Ruden, and twice with Tony Burgess and Julie French. Assisting on these trainings has further enabled me to hone my skills.

I am super excited and proud to be able to now offer Havening training and share my passion for this amazing toolbox grounded in neuroscience!

If you cannot find any suitable dates listed, you can put your name on my mailing list for Havening Trainings using this form.

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Book an upcoming Havening Training today, watch your practice take off and never look back!

I look forward to accompanying you on this exciting journey.


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havening training
havening training
havening training
havening training
havening training
havening training
havening training
havening training

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