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    Sep 02, 20 07:08 AM

    Curious about hypnosis? Watch interviews with famous hypnotists and well known hypnotherapists. Find out what you can do with hypnosis, what makes them tick and learn what it takes to succeed in the h…

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    Aug 28, 20 06:59 AM

    Does Havening Work? Havening is one of the modalities I use in my therapy work. I use it a lot. watch a client testimonial, and see research on Havening. Find out for yourself how well it works and se…

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  3. Master Hypnotists UK- Carol Robertson PhD

    Jul 28, 20 09:39 AM

    Master Hypnotists UK- Carol Robertson PhD in conversation with Susanna Sweeney talking her life being infused with NLP and hypnosis

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