Hypnosis Treatment for Anxiety

Hypnosis treatment for anxiety is becoming popular these days as anxiety levels are on the rise and people want fast, effective and permanent solutions for anxiety. 

hypnosis treatment for anxiety

I have written a series of articles to help you understand more about hypnosis and anxiety because the area remains a mystery for many.

When you present to your GP with anxiety, their first suggestion will likely medication, followed, perhaps by a referral for cognitive behavioral therapy. 

Medication for Anxiety

I am a psychotherapist and as such not part of the medical system. My views on medication are based on clinical observation and reports from clients.

My view on medication is that it can be useful support when someone is in an acute crisis. However, I also see medication being prescribed very widely, while many people report that it’s not actually helping them, or that they experience severe side effects. Very often, doctors don’t have the time to monitor in detail how medications are performing for their patients. Their role often boils down to simply writing repeat prescriptions.

I will refer you back to yourself on this. Is medication the solution for your anxiety issues? Become your own best health advocate, listen to your body, listen to your own feelings and make your own decisions as to how you want to proceed in the long run.

One distinct disadvantage of remaining on medication long term is that you will always be dependent on it. Once you stop medication, the symptoms will return, sooner or later. This may be fine for you.

On the other hand there are those who prefer to resolve their anxiety issues once and for all so that they will not require medication to keep symptoms in check. If you express that to your doctor, he or she will typically refer you for counselling or cognitive behavioral therapy.

hypnosis treatment for anxiety

Counselling and CBT for Anxiety

Time and again throughout these articles you will read my opinion on the limitations of talk therapy. I started my career this way, and my own personal work, too. I started out believing that psychotherapy could solve anything. Only to discover soon enough that this wasn't true.

My discovery was largely thanks to the client group I worked with, trauma survivors who often presented with extreme symptoms. I started seeing quite soon into my career that talk therapy was not suited to reducing their symptoms.

Clients often found the weekly appointments useful as a routine, and liked having a professional to confide in. Telling clients that their extreme symptoms were a natural response to trauma was helpful because it made them feel a little less ‘crazy’. It didn’t help to resolve their symptoms though.

Both counselling and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) are confined to talk therapy methods. This means they work through the conscious mind. Both are good for helping you gain an understanding of your symptoms. Perhaps you have never thought about the possible origins of your anxiety before. And if there is underlying childhood trauma, bringing this to conscious awareness and understanding that this is linked to your presenting symptoms of anxiety can be very helpful indeed.

On the other hand, when it comes to finding solutions for anxiety, both counselling and CBT work on the assumption that you can control your emotions with your mind. Say there is a particular trigger that keeps causing you anxiety attacks. The CBT approach to that is to get you to evaluate if your extreme emotional response is to that trigger is warranted or not. Does the trigger represent a real danger or not?

But many people with anxiety understand very well that their responses are exaggerated and often out of proportion. That understanding however often doesn’t help them change those responses. Talking oneself out of extreme emotion requires massive capacity for emotional management , and often that ability is exactly what is missing when you suffer from anxiety.

hypnosis treatment for anxiety

Hypnosis Treatment for Anxiety- The Trauma Approach

My approach to anxiety treatment rests on the assumption that underlying all anxiety issues is material that has been traumatically encoded in the amygdala. 

It doesn’t matter to your brain whether the trauma you experienced is ‘big’ or relatively ‘small’- once certain conditions are present the brain will assume that encoding this event permanently is necessary for your survival and what follows is traumatic encoding. 

And once you’ve had an enough of an accumulation of events that were encoded in this way- that now exceed your individual zone of tolerance for stress- that’s when you start becoming symptomatic.

This understanding changed how I work. Once I saw that we were looking at encoding in a sub-cortical part of the brain (the cortex and neo-cortex are where rational and logical thinking takes place), I knew I had to work with methods that reach straight for the subconscious in order to resolve this encoding. 

Hypnosis treatment for anxiety works very well for this. The articles in my series on anxiety hypnosis will help you understand what the benefits of hypnotherapy for anxiety are, what you can achieve with self hypnosis, where you need a practitioner’s help to change your life, and how dismantling anxiety with hypnosis works.

hypnosis treatment for anxietyHypnosis treatment for anxiety helps you become your authentic self.

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I hope this article on hypnosis treatment for anxiety has inspired you to take action towards your recovery. In the comments below, let our community know what you've learned.


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