Self Hypnosis for Anxiety- 8 Wonderful Benefits for You

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

Self hypnosis for anxiety has many benefits to offer for you. in this article I want to fill you in on the eight most prominent ones.

self hypnosis anxietyLearn to stop letting your thoughts control you with self hypnosis for anxiety.

1.    Working from the Comfort of Your own Home

When you suffer from anxiety, perhaps even social anxiety- having to arrange and attend appointments can be an overwhelming task.

Just some of the potential challenges:

  • How to go about researching suitable hypnotists
  • Which practitioner to pick
  • How to know if what they offer is right for you
  • How to distinguish empty promises from fact
  • Making your way to the appointment
  • Interacting with the hypnotist who will essentially be a stranger

You can avoid these types of challenges when you choose to work with self hypnosis for anxiety when you can experience hypnosis in the comfort of your own home. This can be tremendous relief when your system is already physiologically overstimulated.

self hypnosis anxietySelf hypnosis for anxiety- 8 wonderful benefits for you.

2.    Save a Whole Lot of Your Precious Cash

There are two basic ways of working in hypnosis- suggestion hypnosis which re-educates your brain with new and nourishing messaging, and regression hypnosis which allows you to dismantle the causes of the presenting problem which are often in early childhood.

When you are dealing with deep seated personal issues such as anxiety, you are well advised to include some regression hypnosis in your treatment plan. I have written an article on how to get the best from life regression hypnosis. One of my recommendations is not to attempt this work on your own. For this part of the work you would be much better of working with a qualified and licensed hypnotherapist who has plenty of experience with regression work.

Having said that, regression work is only a small part of the work on reducing the symptoms of anxiety.

You can do an awful lot with suggestion hypnosis alone, for example:

  • You can teach your body and mind to relax
  • You can change underlying negative thinking
  • You can instill positive thinking and positive emotions

And suggestion hypnosis can be done using self help hypnosis. See what you, too could achieve in this success story in Romper of someone who worked with suggestion hypnosis alone.

Doing that large chunk of work on your own, at home, can save you a substantial sum of cash compared to working with a hypnotherapist for the entire treatment. That’s a nice benefit of self hypnosis for anxiety.

3.    Self Hypnosis for Anxiety is Easy to Learn and do

With the right methods, self hypnosis is very easy to learn use and simple to use. Should I say, self hypnosis is very user friendly.

All you really need is a place to relax where you can close the door behind you. You may want use an MP3 player if your program entails a hypnosis recording, but that's about the height of the technology involved.

Compare that to other methods, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) where your therapist will give you many different tools and exercises for you to do in the sessions and then to practice at home.

These can really feel like a chore compared to lying back and relaxing and letting self hypnosis melt anxiety away.

4.    Self Hypnosis for Anxiety Allows you to be Independent

Anxiety is closely linked with a sense of a loss of control. When you feel a lack of control in your life, the last thing you likely feel comfortable with is the idea of handing your mind over to a hypnotherapist.

The thing is, suggestion hypnosis works best if you can really let go and suspend the censors that guard your subconscious mind. Typically, anxiety clients find this very hard to do. Often, there is a part of them that remains highly alert causing the body to tense up and the mind to run overtime .

That’s where the independence that self hypnosis for anxiety offers comes in as a real blessing because letting go can be much easier when you are on your own. Plus, you can take all the time in the world to get there because you are not paying someone by the hour.

self hypnosis anxietySelf hypnosis can help you to start living in the moment.

5.    You can Easily fit Self Hypnosis into Your Busy Lifestyle

The way I will answer the question is this: You can work with self hypnosis as much as you like. Some self hypnosis techniques can be done while multi tasking.  Others require a dedicated time slot when you won’t be disturbed. For this part, even 20 minutes a day are going to make a big difference.

If part of your program involves listening to a hypnosis recording, a handy way to schedule this into your busy life style is just before bed time. That way, you can have all your chores done first, and if you have kids, you can make sure they won’t disturb you.

6.    Be in Complete Control of Your Program

You are your own hypnotherapist with self hypnosis for anxiety- no dependency on any practitioner.

Self hypnosis for anxiety allows you to decide where and when to work and what the content of your program will be.

This ability to be in complete control of your self hypnosis program is a big bonus when you suffer from anxiety.

self hypnosis anxietySelf hypnosis for anxiety can help you deal with stress and reduce anxiety symptoms.

7.    Self Hypnosis for Anxiety Allows You to go the Natural Route

Working with self hypnosis allows you to go the natural route and stay free from anxiety medication.  This is a big bonus because going down the medication route is

  1. expensive in the long run and
  2. doesn’t work for everyone and
  3. can have many side effects.

Equally, you can use self hypnosis to reduce symptoms the natural way so that you no longer have to rely on medication. You should consult with your doctor if that is what you are planning to do.

8.    Self Hypnosis is a Self Help Tool for Life

If you are investing in a self hypnosis program, you will learn various self hypnosis techniques that, once mastered can become your best companions throughout life. These easy-to -earn tools are immensely powerful and can help you to make any other changes in your life that you would like to make in future.

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I hope this article on self hypnosis for anxiety has inspired you to find out more about hypnosis and self hypnosis. Please do follow up with the articles I linked to. They will help you both broaden and deepen your understanding of hypnosis which in turn will help you to get the best from your treatment.

In the comments below, let our community know what you have learned.

Here's to your well being.


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