The 3 Worst Mistakes Hypnotists Make

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

This article is devoted to uncovering the 3 worst mistakes hypnotists make, according to my observation within the profession. 

3 worst mistakes hypnotists make

My insights here may come in useful for you when you are looking for a quit smoking hypnotist, or are narrowing down the list of the many weight loss hypnotists out there to find the right one for you. Let’s get right to it. 

The 3 Worst Mistakes Hypnotists Make are:

1. Hypnotists not Modelling the Change they Want their Client to Achieve

Imagine you want to lose weight and you are working with a hypnotist who is noticeably overweight. Or you want to quit smoking, and the hypnotist smells of cigarette smoke! How do you think this would affect you as a client?

  • Very likely you would lose faith straightaway that this treatment is going to be successful.
  • Very likely you would- consciously or unconsciously, become somewhat cynical.
  • And very likely also, you would regret spending your hard earned cash on hypnosis.

There is an unspoken and largely ignored rule that applies throughout the entire therapy world, be it in hypnosis or elsewhere- and that rule is that you as a therapist can only bring your client as far as you have traveled yourself. 

When looking for the right hypnotist for you, keep this rule in mind:

  • If you want confidence, look for someone who embodies not only confidence, but the right type of confidence that appeals to you.
  • When you want success, see someone whose message you resonate with as to what success means to you.
  • In other words, look for a hypnotist who embodies the change that you desire to make.

Being a therapist and being a hypnotist- and again this is something that’s often ignored and a point I like to push home as often as I get the opportunity- comes with a responsibility to commit to personal development.

Therapists and hypnotists need to grow as people. In my opinion this commitment to personal growth should not stop ever. But at the very least hypnotists who genuinely want to help their clients should commit to clearing the issues they want to support clients with in their niche.

3 worst mistakes hypnotists make

2. Putting Ethics Last

It pains me to have to mention ethics which should be the golden goose of any helping profession. Yet in the hypnosis world- maybe because it is unregulated, or maybe because some hypnotists just fall in love with the sense of power they develop in the profession- I have unfortunately been witness to some who don't take ethics all that seriously.

Of course you are going to have some bad apples in almost any barrel- there are also rogue medical doctors, rogue nurses and psychotherapists who break the prescribed ethical codes of their profession. Yet in the hypnosis world the damage can be immense because already, there are so many hypnosis myths

As a client, always trust your intuition when choosing the right hypnotist for you, and do your research beforehand also. In an ideal world, get reports or recommendations from someone who has attended the hypnotists on your list.

And if you are a hypnotist, please listen to my appeal to put ethics first- never last:

  • Make sure your boundaries with clients are professional.
  • Never ever use hypnosis to take advantage of anyone, be it through your use of language, with an actual induction, by using confusion or any other hypnotic technique.
  • Hypnosis has to be consensual always, whether you are a therapist, or stage or street hypnotist. Make sure it is. That means- to be super clear, make sure the person you are planning to hypnotize gives you informed consent, don't just assume they will be okay with what you are planning to do.

3 worst mistakes hypnotists make

3. Working Predominantly with Scripts

If you have been to see a hypnotherapist before, chances are you have experiences suggestion hypnosis that was largely based on the reading out of a script. This script may have been personalized to some extent to your particular circumstances, but by enlarge it will have been pre-written. The hypnotist will have brought you into trance and then will have ‘talked’ to you for the duration of the session- basically reading this pre-written text to you.

Suggestion hypnosis can certainly be very nourishing for your mind and I have no objection to it as such. However, when a client comes to me and pays me for a treatment, suggestion hypnosis will only ever be a minor part of the program I offer. Why?

Simple. You can experience suggestion hypnosis at home if you purchase a self hypnosis CD inexpensively for the fraction of the price of a live hypnosis session.

My hypnosis work focuses on removing underlying traumatic encoding in the brain that stops clients from living their full potential. I use different hypnosis protocols and processes for this, including regression hypnosis. What all of these have in common is that I use them according to what is unfolding in the session step by step. Nothing is pre-planned. I work with live issues that show up in the present moment. I have come to the conclusion that working with live issues is the only way to get really strong results.

So when you are looking for the right hypnotist for you, make sure to ask them if they use scripts extensively- and if that’s all they do, think twice.

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I hope my summary of these 3 worst mistakes hypnotists make will be helpful for you both as a client in becoming clear on what you are looking for, and as a developing hypnotist in understanding what you must focus on.

Let our community know in the comments underneath what strikes you about these 3 worst mistakes hypnotists make.


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