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I am Susanna Sweeney, MSc Work and Organisational Behavior (University of Limerick, Ireland), accredited psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist. This page is where I get to tell you my own story and why I do what I do. I am glad you are here and are giving me the opportunity to connect with you on that level.

I have been helping people to overcome their blocks and move forward for 25+ years.  Along the way, I have fallen in love with hypnotherapy. I use hypnotherapy extensively on myself as well as in client work, so all advice here is tried and tested, rather than from text books. But I didn't get here over night...

Using sensorimotor psychotherapy, I have been helping my clients transform their lives for many years. I have always been fascinated by the moment of transformation. It is a beautiful and awe inspiring moment to witness. All resistance is suddenly gone and change becomes effortless. Every time I was part of someone's transformation I felt honored and blessed, and it kept me going in my work.

Clients would come to me to relieve and release the impact of past trauma. They would change their lives and usually left therapy feeling happier, stronger, more fulfilled and more positive.

Yet, the time came when- in my own life, I saw myself doing the same, unsatisfactory things all over. I was not content. I was restless. Unfulfilled. Then, I was stopped short by a car accident that put me out of work for over a year. This moment was to become a life changer in many ways, but of course I didn't know or appreciate that back then.

All I knew then was, that I was now questioning everything. And because of the severity of the injuries, I had a lot of time for some serious reflection and re-evaluation. I knew I had the potential to do and achieve so much more in life than I already had, but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted, never mind how to get there. Furthermore, I didn't know how to stop myself from reenacting old patterns that I knew already were holding me back.

In other words, I was properly stuck.

I knew well it was the inside that needed changing so that the outside world could align itself for me once again. I tried hard to get to the bottom of things. However, all the methods of personal work I was familiar with and that had worked for me when I was younger, had stopped working for me now. I didn't know why. I was growing frustrated and disillusioned...

Then, one day- completely by accident, I stumbled upon hypnosis. In the spirit of Western World rational left brain thinking, my first two responses were suspicion and doubt. Thankfully, my third response was curiosity.
So, reluctantly, I gave it a go...

And I have never looked back.

I experienced my first session as the flicking of a switch. A new, creative force and a clear focus were switched on for me. This was followed by an unprecedented rate of change in the months and years that followed.

Why? When you use hypnotherapy for change you learn to harness your subconscious mind. This was a complete revelation to me. I had neglected bringing my subconscious mind on board when I was looking to make changes! Now that I was tapping into it, things were moving.

  • I started to feel better.
  • I started doing things differently.
  • I  opened up to trying out new approaches.
  • I became very focused on the changes I was looking to make.

After seeing the first few dramatic changes, I fell in love with hypnotherapy. To me, hypnotherapy is the Rolls Royce of therapies, turbo-charging the pace of change, making for a  safe and effective change process.

That doesn't mean that life is all smooth sailing. I have been presented with various complex challenges since. However, using hypnotherapy has helped me to navigate these challenges in a much more focused way.

Using hypnotherapy for change has helped me to:

  • improve my relationships
  • love and value myself properly
  • let go of some very old and stuck feelings so I could start moving on with my life
  • break through those familiar and frustrating patterns
  • have the courage to try out new ways of being
  • be happier and more fulfilled
  • see and strive towards reaching my full potential
  • be open to getting paid well and to building wealth

Hypnotherapy can do the same for you, too. The first step for you to take is to educate yourself, using the resources presented here- on everything hypnosis is and is not, on how it works and on what it could do for you.

More recently, I have added Havening Techniques® to my toolbox and find this novel neuroscience based treatment incredibly effective to clear anxiety, fears and phobias, trauma symptoms, toxic emotions, chronic pain and much more. I now offer Havening treatments online.

Enjoy the read. It is time well spent because it will prepare you to get the very best from a hypnotherapy treatment if or when you decide to go. And the very best is what you deserve. You are worth it.


Susanna Sweeney Professional Credentials

havening techniques certified practitioner
sensorimotor psychotherapist
kinetic shift practitioner
clinical hypnosis ireland
british psychological society registered test user
uk hypnosis academy registered practitioner
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