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By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

Welcome to the Online Hypnotherapy Clinic

Using Online Hypnosis for Change Can Help you if you are:

  • Eager for change but feeling stuck
  • Tired of repeating the same patterns in your life over and over
  • Forever waiting for success and it hasn’t come
  • Looking for an easy, fast, effective and safe method to make the changes you want to make
  • Want a one-to-one hypnosis program that is accessible from the comfort of your home
  • Most people have heard about hypnosis being used for smoking cessation or weight loss. 

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But few realize that hypnotherapy offers a complete system for personal growth that covers a diverse range of issues, and even fewer people realize you can have online hypnosis done and this will be just as effective as face to face.

Or- were you aware that hypnotherapy can help you develop a mindset that will support you in acquiring and holding onto wealth?

I bet that at least one of these uses of hypnosis was unfamiliar to you. And, if so, I bet that your sense of surprise at this came combined with a doubtful sense of wonder. "Really? How can one therapy cover such vast ground? I am not sure how credible these claims are..."

Hypnosis Offers Answers for lots of Different Problems

Did you know, for example that people use hypnotherapy to increase their chances of conceiving a baby? Did you know that you can build self esteem with hypnosis? 

And- granted, looking at these three examples I named, it can be hard to see how hypnosis fits the bill for helping people with these seemingly unrelated issues.

From physical health issues like pain and addictions to emotional issues like trauma, depression and anxiety, to issues like business success, sports hypnosis and creativity- hypnotherapy is used to help with them all.

How come? In short, any issue that your subconscious mind plays a significant role in can be impacted by hypnotherapy. With hypnotherapy, you clear blocks in your mind, and you can create the mindset, attitudes, beliefs and feelings that will support you in resolving the issue at hand.

Find out more about the uses of hypnotherapy in my article "How Hypnosis Can Help You".

Online Hypnosis

Hypnosis is as effective done online as it is face to face. Especially since the onset of Covid-19 in early 2020, more and more hypnotherapy has moved online. Because clients are somewhat unfamiliar with the concept of doing hypnosis therapy online, I have dedicated an article to this subject: "Online Hypnotherapy" to help you find out how it works and what to expect.

online hypnosis

We Tend to Neglect our Minds

In Western culture we are brought up to neglect our minds.

  • We do not give them credit for being the super computer they are that controls- basically- everything from bodily functions to emotions and beliefs.
  • We see physical ailments as purely physical, although research is mounting that shows that mental attitudes have a major impact on health.
  • We attribute success to either luck or privilege, or to hard work to the point of exhaustion, omitting the possibility that success could be driven by mental attitudes, too.

Overall, we are brought up to take our minds for granted.

The education system does not teach us that our minds must be nourished. We just expect them to function. And, we tend to believe that our conscious minds, the mind that is active when you are awake going through your day to day activities- is all there is to our mental capacity. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Our conscious minds make up only a small percentage of our minds- possibly no more than ten percent. The rest is run by the unconscious and subconscious systems.

Unbeknownst to us, this overall attitude of denial of the impact of the subconscious on our well being creates a big problem. Allow me to stick with the analogy of our brains being like computers for a moment. We all know that computers can only function well if we maintain them and regularly upgrade the software we run.

And this attitude of outright neglect of our super computers prevents us from ever looking at whether we are running the right software, or whether we should upgrade and update in order to get where we want to get in life. Imagine how powerful your computer-brain could be with an upgrade to the most recent and most efficient software.

And this is where you can use hypnotherapy for change.

Face to face or online hypnosis is a powerful tool for sorting through your software, keeping what's good and upgrading the rest, so that you can start to function to your own personal highest potential. Using hypnotherapy, you can invite and achieve change in pretty much any area of your life you wish.

The first info graphic on this page illustrates how hypnotherapy can help you develop through four levels of personal growth. I have created this model to explain how all the seemingly unrelated issues hypnotherapy can help with are, in fact, all related.

online hypnosis

Four Levels to Personal Growth With Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy can help upgrade your brain through four levels of personal growth:

  1. Healing the Physical Body. Many people start using hypnotherapy for change when they are struggling with issues that concern the physical body such as smoking addiction or excessive weight. Hypnotherapists work from the premise that your mind plays a major role with these issues and that if you can harness your mind you will be able to master them much easier.
  2. Healing Mind and Emotions. Once you have used hypnotherapy to make changes in these areas you will realize that harnessing your mind will make a big difference in other areas, too. If you can 'hack' your mind, healing from trauma, depression and anxiety becomes so much easier. By healing these issues you remove major blocks to both happiness and success in life.
  3. Reprogramming for Success. If you want to program yourself for success you can remove any remaining blocks to that at the next level. Whatever these blocks are will be different for each individual. Having said that,I recommend working on self esteem at this level because your level of self esteem will define how much you can achieve in life.
  4. Reprogramming for Your Mission and Purpose. To truly live an unlimited life full of joy and happiness where you feel fully supported by the world around you, you also need to make changes at the last level where you find your mission and purpose in this life and put yourself on a path to living them. At this last level, hypnotherapy can help you find meaning, fulfillment and true happiness. 

How Personal Growth Happens

In chronological order. For some people, issues at the four levels of personal growth arise in chronological order- they come in first to stop smoking (level one), sometime later may seek to shift anxiety (level two) and then find success, meaning and purpose (level three and four).

In non chronological order. Other people may start their personal growth journey at level four when they have achieved much business success but later find there is something missing in their lives. And others again may access hypnotherapy for help at level four with meaning and purpose and may discover that the blocks they have to remove relate to healing childhood trauma (level two).

What is right for you? You can start your personal growth journey at whichever level is right for you at this moment in time, and- once you have dealt with the current issues and have removed the blocks, continue your journey in whatever way feels right for you. Whatever you feel drawn to is the right issue to work on right now.

Stop Reading for a Moment and Reflect on These two Questions:

  • What are the most pressing issues in your life right now?
  • In which areas could hypnotherapy help you to make a change?
  • Share your thoughts with our community in the comments underneath.
online hypnosis

My Mission

Hypnosis is still shrouded in much mystery.

My mission is to make hypnotherapy more accessible to the public and to present it as the powerful personal growth tool that it is..

The Online Hypnotherapy Clinic aims to demystify hypnosis and hypnotherapy, provide sound information on what hypnosis is and what it is not, and finally to highlight the benefits of hypnotherapy as a tool for changing your life.

Let the Online Hypnotherapy Clinic answer your questions.

Let it also be your one-stop guide to changing your life by harnessing the power of your subconscious mind. 

Who am I? 

I am Susanna Sweeney. I have been working as a psychotherapist for 25+ years helping people shift trauma issues that were holding them back. A few years ago, I discovered hypnotherapy.

Find out more about my story here.

I quickly discovered how using hypnotherapy leads to outcomes that are:

  • Faster
  • Deeper
  • More effective
  • More profound

than any outcomes I had seen before from any other type of therapy I am familiar with (and that’s a good few).

I have been using hypnotherapy extensively ever since, both for myself, and with my clients. I have created the Online Hypnotherapy Clinic for you to share my passion for hypnosis and to help you to reach your ultimate potential.

I look forward to helping you to unleash your inner power!

The Online Hypnotherapy Clinic is Here for You:

  • To answer your questions about hypnotherapy
  • To help you reach your goals
  • To help you reach your full potential

Get an Answer to Your Questions About Online Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Right here, you will find all the information you have been looking for about hypnosis and hypnotherapy 

General questions:

  • My article What is Hypnosis? leads to a series of articles that are designed to explain hypnosis and hypnotherapy basics. These may come in useful if you are new to the topic.

Questions on the therapeutic use of hypnosis:

Helping You Reach Your Goals

Furthermore, I have made a lot of comprehensive self help articles available for you that you can use to start off your personal growth journey independently at home. By using the top menu, you will find self help articles on depression, on self esteem, on anxiety , on mastering your mind power, using auto suggestions and more.

When using these comprehensive articles, do take your time working through the exercises I have provided.

Bookmark the page and come back to it again and again until you have worked through all the steps. It's not possible to achieve that in one sitting, it will likely take you some weeks. If you use the self help articles in this way, I promise you will see changes unfold in your life. 

Every article has social comments at the bottom and I would love if you let our community know what you have achieved working through the exercises- what insights you have had and how your life has started to change as a result.

Imagine this Vision

Imagine tapping into the underutilized 90 percent of your mind the subconscious, and tapping the power therein.  Showing the subconscious the way, nurturing it and getting its cooperation so it will support you in your plans for change.

By working with the subconscious, hypnosis can change your life. If you have never worked with your subconscious before, most likely so far, you have no idea of your true potential.

online hypnosis

Online Hypnosis for Change Programs

I am now offering a dedicated one-to-one  online hypnosis anxiety program online. My clients achieve major change in only a handful of sessions.


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