How Hypnosis Can Help You in 10 Ways

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

You want to know how hypnosis can help you. Maybe you want to change your life.

I have written this article so you can get an overview over the most common and popular uses of hypnosis- one of the most exciting therapies available today.

how hypnosis can help youDr. Andrew Weil on how hypnosis can help you.

However, this brief article can only focus only on the most popular uses of hypnosis. In reality there are many more. Any condition or situation the mind plays a substantial role in can be impacted through hypnosis.

In fact, I believe that hypnosis will be one of the big therapies of the future. We are only scratching the surface right now of what our minds are capable of and of what hypnosis can do for us.

If you don't believe me, see what a neuroscientist has to say in the Huff Post here.

1.    How Hypnosis Can Help You Stop Smoking

Stop smoking hypnosis is the most popular use of hypnosis.

Why choose hypnosis over other quit methods?

Good question.

The one element that is unique to hypnosis which no other quit smoking method offers in the same way is that it addresses the role your mind plays in addiction, in the psychological addiction to smoking in particular.

Most other approaches to smoking cessation emphasize the physical addiction to nicotine. Usually this will result in offering a replacement product of some kind, be it e-cigarettes, medication, patches or gums.

In reality, the physical addiction to nicotine is rather short lived. Nicotine leaves the body within a few days of you quitting smoking. 

But what is much more impactful on how the addiction plays out is the psychological element: the association between having your morning cup of coffee and smoking, the association between relaxing after dinner and smoking, the association between having a break at work and smoking- and so on.

Over the years of you smoking, these associations have been repeated many times. They can be linked to powerful emotions, too. 

Programs of hypnosis for smoking are designed to dismantle these psychological triggers which are stubborn and hard to shake using willpower alone. If you are looking to quit smoking, find out in detail how hypnosis can help you when you quit smoking with hypnosis. Also have a look at the benefits of hypnotherapy to quit smoking and see if it may be for you.

how hypnosis can help you

2.    How Hypnosis Can Help You Lose Weight

The second most popular use of hypnosis is weight loss hypnosis.

Many weight loss systems place a big emphasis on counting calories and diet plans. Measuring is thought to make weight loss goals tangible and concrete. In contrast, the hypnosis approach to weight loss recognizes that the issues involved in weight gain are much more complex than that.

In a similar way to smoking addiction, the mind plays a significant role in relation to eating habits, too. Emotions and deep seated beliefs which are located in the subconscious mind will dominate over any decisions you make in your conscious mind over dieting. Emotions and beliefs produce food cravings, and decisions to reduce portions size or to go on a diet,go out the window very quickly when cravings arise.

A typical hypnosis approach to weight loss will implant positive suggestions in the subconscious mind aimed at developing healthier eating habits. The hypnotist will also help you shed the imprint of early childhood conditioning or trauma which often impacts your relationship with food.

Hypnosis for weight loss is a gentle approach without weigh ins and without pressure. You are encouraged to find your own way through the nutritional maze leading to healthy and balanced food intake.

3.    How Hypnosis Can Help You Shed Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are two of the major ailments of our age.

Often kept in place by life style factors such as isolation, lack of meaning and even deficiency in certain nutritional elements, depression and anxiety often originate in various kinds of childhood trauma both big and small, such as bullying in school or overly critical parenting that doesn’t take care of the child’s need to feel loved and good about themselves.

The medical approach to depression and anxiety is to argue that they are caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain which can be corrected through medication.

In contrast, hypnosis approaches these issues through interventions that help rewire the brain at a subconscious level. These interventions can remove the huge impact a childhood event had on personality development, by going back to the event and reinterpreting it through the adult mind while also being connected to that small child who had to endure it.

This process is called regression. An experienced professional hypnotherapist can help you work through the process in a safe and supported environment. Your quality of life can improve dramatically as a result.

"Can’t I do the same with counseling?" you ask.

Good question. My answer is...well, not exactly.

Counseling or psychotherapy can offer a safe therapeutic relationship and many clients find they do need that for some time.Other people find coaching useful. But these approaches differ widely from what hypnotherapy can do. I have written about this topic in detail in my article on regression hypnosis which I recommend you read if you are interested in healing with hypnotherapy.

If you suffer from anxiety, find out the benefits anxiety hypnosis has to offer you, and what the healing process is like with hypnosis for anxiety.

how hypnosis can help youHow hypnosis can help you in 10 ways.

4.    How Hypnosis Can Help You Grow in Confidence and Self- Esteem

Another popular reason for people access hypnosis is around issues of confidence and self esteem.

Self hypnosis for confidence and self hypnosis for self esteem can help personal growth, especially when done in combination with some regression hypnosis. Confidence and esteem issues, more often than not, also have their roots in the past.

5.    How Hypnosis Can Help You Overcome Fears and Phobias

Fears and phobias also typically relate to events in the past. Very often, these events have been forgotten. They may have occurred before the age of three.

For example, one client who can to see me to overcome a fear of spiders, remembered under hypnosis that as a young baby her crib had been placed under a tree on a summer’s day- for fresh air. But from the tree, several spiders made it into her cot and crawled all over her.

Being too small at the time to run away from them or to take action to get rid of them, she ended up being terrified of spiders well into her adult years. Revisiting the event and being able to see it for what it was with conscious and subconscious minds cooperating in the session, liberated her from this fear. Just as well, because she was living in a wood land which was full of spiders in late summer every year.

There are many different types of fears and phobias, but the principle on how they were acquired is typically the same, and the cause can be removed successfully with hypnosis for fears and phobias. I don’t know of any other form of therapy that can do this with such precision.

6.    How Hypnosis Can Help You With Sports

Many successful athletes use the help of sports hypnosis as a secret tool to give them an extra edge when competing for success.

Sports hypnosis can help you become very focused on your goal and to develop an unshakable belief in yourself. It can also help to see your goal as if you had already reached it, making victory seem very plausible and almost natural.

7.    How Hypnosis Can Help You With Business

Many executives seek the help of business hypnosis to help them work more creatively, to make better decisions, or to develop that extra edge.

Business hypnosis can work in many ways, through suggestion, or through life regression. The hypnotist will use whatever tool is required for you to achieve your goal.

8.    How Hypnosis Can Help You With Pain

Working with pain is one of the most frequent, although not best publicized ways hypnosis is used.
This article written by a neuroscientist quotes the case of a man who had surgery using only hypnosis- no anesthesia.

This was by no means an isolated incident. In the past, before the use of anesthesia as we know them today, James Esdaile (1808-1859) conducted thousands of surgeries under hypnosis alone.

Today, childbirth hypnosis is a popular use of hypnosis and many women report hypnosis improves their experience of labor and birth.

9.    How Hypnosis Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

You can use self hypnosis for goal setting to help you with any goal you want to set yourself, or you can consult a professional to help you with hypnotherapy for change in your life.

10. How Hypnosis Can Help You Open up to Receiving Wealth

Wealth hypnosis is the latest addition to the hypnosis field.

Wealth hypnosis the logic used in many new age books and the movie "The Secret"- that if you subconsciously feel you do not deserve to be wealthy, the outside world will reflect this inner feeling state back to you which will result in not being able to acquire wealth, not being able to hold on to wealth, or possibly accumulating debt.

It is thought that by resolving the inner state and reprogramming the brain to have a better relationship towards money and wealth, things in the outside world will shift to your advantage also. Wealth hypnosis works with suggestion alone, but if you want to shift deep seated issues here, some life regression work with an experienced hypnotist would be beneficial alongside.

I want to issue a particular word of caution around wealth hypnosis which is usually sold as a self hypnosis program for home use. If you like the idea of it and are considering undergoing a course of it, please read my article "Self-Help Hypnosis- 7 Challenges and how to Overcome Them" with particular attention to point 1-3.

Go into the program being very clear as to what you can realistically expect of hypnosis, and where your own work starts.

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These are the most common ways how hypnosis can help you.

At the end of this article I would like to reiterate that these are only some of the ways. Hypnosis would be worth considering as an avenue for any issue which can be improved or resolved through working on your mind set, beliefs and attitudes.

Overall, I believe the sky is the limit as to how hypnosis can help you.


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