Life Regression Hypnosis- 5 Tips to Help You Get Maximum Benefit

By Susanna Sweeney, MSc, MBACP, CHT

This article focuses on how you can get the best out of life regression hypnosis which is a useful treatment to include when you are using hypnotherapy for healing from any deep personal issues such as anxiety, depression, low confidence and self-esteem.

life regression hypnosisThe benefit of life regression hypnosis- change your heart and then your life will change.

I have previously written an article about the basics of regression hypnosis- what it is, why it can help you to access much deeper material than psychotherapy can; if it is safe or not; and my take on past life regression. You may choose to read that article first.

Here, I will follow on with four major points I would like to make to you on how to maximize treatment benefits from life regression hypnosis.

1.    Don’t  Attempt Life Regression Hypnosis on Your Own

I am aware that some people sell recorded life regression hypnosis sessions for home use. While recorded sessions are fantastic for suggestion hypnosis, I strongly advise against them in the context of regression.

I believe that regression work needs proper holding. It needs a facilitator and a witness, and someone who can help you maneuver the challenges and to put the pieces of the puzzle together in such a way that you get the results you want.

This requires the help of a qualified and licensed practitioner who is experienced with this work.

Remember, you are not doing this work for the sake of a sensational experience. You are not doing this for home entertainment.  You are not trying to test whether or not hypnotherapy works.

If you are not sure if it does, any of the following articles may help:

The point I am making here is that I assume you are reading this article because you want to heal some deep issue in order to improve your quality of life. And for this, you deserve to work with the best practitioner you can find and afford.

life regression hypnosisQuote by Alice Miller on Regression Work.

2.    Find the Best Regression Hypnotist for You

Of course you are well advised to check out hypnotists carefully before embarking on regression hypnosis.

I have given some pointers on what to look out for in other articles related to weight loss hypnotists and quit smoking hypnotists. In my article on regression hypnosis I gave additional tips. These articles will get you started on compiling a list of questions to ask before you book a regression session.

  • For regression hypnosis I recommend putting the emphasis on the practitioners experience in holding people in these kinds of deep processes that I outlined above.

  • Additional qualifications, for example in coaching or psychotherapy, would be very helpful here.

  • If your issue is quite severe, I would recommend working with a trained and licensed psychotherapist who also practices hypnotherapy.

3.    The Best Mindset for Approaching Life Regression Hypnosis

When you embark on regression hypnosis, I recommend you approach this with complete openness as to what to expect:

  • Be open minded as to what memories may surface and as to how you may feel. Your conscious mind may have certain ideas. But your subconscious mind will have its own ideas and logic. Trust your subconscious to lead the way.
  • Trust your subconscious mind to bring forward whatever memories are ready to come forward. And trust yourself to be able for the emotions that may come alongside. All you have to do is let them pass through you. They will come to an end, and you will feel much better then.
  • If memories don’t come, trust your subconscious mind, too. There will be a reason for that. Perhaps you are not ready, or you don’t feel safe enough in the context. Or, you don’t need the memories that you think you need. Your subconscious mind is so much more powerful than your conscious mind. Trust it to know what is right for you. It will know.

life regression hypnosis5 Tips on Getting the Best from Life Regression Hypnosis.

4.    Preparation Will Improve the Outcome

You would be well advised to bust some hypnosis myths before you get started, so that you get an understanding of what hypnosis is and what it is not.

Also, educate yourself about what to expect from hypnosis trance, so that you are not ‘underwhelmed’ during your first session thinking that ‘you weren’t really hypnotized’ as many newcomers do.

This kind of reading about hypnosis basics before your first session will help you settle into your treatment more easily and shed some (or hopefully all) of the cultural mistrust that still exists about hypnosis.

Educating yourself beforehand will result in you skipping the awkward stage many newcomers to hypnotherapy go through initially where they spend their precious time in their session questioning everything that is going on rather than embracing the treatment.

5.    Less is More

I recommend you limit the amount of life regression hypnosis you do at any one time. Do no more than a handful of sessions in a row, then take a good long break and see how things settle down.

It can take a few weeks until you really know what results you have and until you have integrated the changes made in your subconscious mind into your life. Some suggestion hypnosis, coaching, cognitive behavioural therapy or psychotherapy can help with integration of the hypnotherapy work into your life at that stage.

If you feel you need to do more work later because you are not yet entirely symptom free, only go back doing regression hypnosis after you take a good long break of at least six months.

Why am I recommending this? Sometimes, less is more. 

Regression hypnotherapy is a tool for changing your life. Genuine, lasting change should be your goal. Not temporary relief, not a momentary peak experience.

Life regression hypnosis is powerful stuff.  And powerful stuff needs to be used with care. There would be no point in having life regression hypnosis every week, with peak experiences at the end of those sessions if your life did not change. If your overall quality of life does not improve, there is something wrong.

Always remember that improving your quality of life is what it’s all about. Therefore, as a practitioner, I put a lot of emphasis on integration, both in hypnosis sessions themselves and afterwards when you have to integrate the changes into your life.

What do I mean by integration?

Following the old adage "Better the devil you know" people sometimes hold on to their old habits even when there is no longer a need to. The block may have actually been removed, but the old habit can be so strong that it keeps you in your comfort zone at all cost. Trying out new ways of being after regression hypnosis is a whole other piece of work. 

In my client work, I use coaching sessions to integrate regression work. 

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Examples for how Hypnosis can Help You

I hope this article has helped you to understand life regression hypnosis a little bit better. Do follow up with the links to other articles I provided.


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