Weight Loss Hypnotists- 11 Tips for Finding the Best one for You

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

Among a long list of weight loss hypnotists in your area, find the best one for you with the help of this article so that you can lose weight for good with hypnosis.

weight loss hypnotistsFind the right weight loss hypnotist with these 11 tips.

1.    Recommendations by Friends

If you get a recommendation for weight loss hypnotists from someone you know, great. But don’t rely on their word alone. Ask them a few questions to find out more, for example:

  • Was there a thorough consultation?
  • Was the program adjusted to their individual needs?
  • What was the most helpful thing the practitioner(s) did?
  • Did the hypnotist(s) allow them to space their sessions out over a period of time?

2.    Disregard all Advertising

I will always advise people to disregard advertising because advertising can be very misleading. You are much better advised to do your own research. If you have no recommendations from anyone in your circle, make up a list of hypnotherapists in your area. You can find their contact details online, or in local publications. 

Research them online first. You might be able to establish their training and qualifications and professional memberships from that before you talk to them.

3.    Training, Qualifications, Experience and Membership of Professional Associations.

A good place to start your inquiry is with the basics.

You want to know that the weight loss hypnotists you are considering have undergone solid training that involved case studies, that they hold a valid qualification (and license, depending on local regulations).  You also want to make sure they adhere to the ethical standards of a professional body.

Also see this:

Check out the 3 worst mistakes hypnotists make so you can avoid exposure to them and find the right hypnotist for you.

4.    Talk to all Prospective Weight Loss Hypnotists on the Phone

Following up on your online research with phone calls to each weight loss hypnotist will take a little bit of effort. 

But seeing that you are about to invest a good chunk of money into your future, this effort will be worth it, I promise. One or two people will stand out from the crowd. Ask them the issue specific questions below, but all the while also listen out for other things, for example:

  • How is the hypnotist relating to you?
  • Are they listening to your concerns?
  • Are they personable?
  • Are they accommodating?
  • Are they professional?
  • Do their answers to your questions make sense to you?

5.    Beware of Promises that Sound too Good to be True

I have heard of the odd unethical hypnotist who will promise quick weight loss through hypnosis. Beware. In reality, losing weight the natural way with hypnosis will take time. Your body and mind will both have to adjust step by step. This is not a bad thing, remember, you are changing your life rather than going for a quick fix. There are no overnight miracles, not even with a powerful therapy like hypnosis.

One personal pet peeve of mine is the phrase ‘I will make you lose weight’. This phrase implies that they will do all the work and you will have to do none. Well, even with a powerful therapy like hypnosis that is simply not how it works.

Expect to take responsibility. Nobody can MAKE you lose weight. A hypnotherapist can help you bring your subconscious mind on board with your weight loss plan, but you will have to put in some effort into making your weight loss plan become a reality.

See my article ‘Hypnotic Weight Loss- How to get the Best from your Treatment’ for some pointers as to a useful mind set to adopt, for what you must be prepared to do, and what you can do at home to help the process.

weight loss hypnotistsHow to check out weight loss hypnotists for the best one for you.

6.    Do They Have any Other Qualification That Helps Them to Help Their Clients?

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool. It addresses the weight loss issue through the mind and changes your brain to embrace losing weight.

If you want to improve on that and get the best possible treatment outcomes, check with the weight loss hypnotists on your list if they have any additional skills such as a coaching or psychotherapy qualification, a qualification as a dietician or nutritionist, or training in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). 

  • Additional skills can help you better integrate the changes you make during hypnotherapy sessions.
  • They can help you establish new habits.
  • They can help you gain a deeper understanding of your own process.

In short, these additional skills can complement and greatly enhance your weight loss journey. Find out what the weight loss hypnotists on your list have to offer and don’t be shy asking your questions.

7.    Can I Spread my Program Over Time?

This is an important question to ask.

Weight loss hypnosis can be costly. It is certainly more expensive than any of the standard weight loss programs. The way many clients make hypnosis affordable is by spreading out the work over a period of time.

Hypnotherapy works very well this way and taking breaks between sessions makes sense anyway because your body and mind have a lot of adjusting to do as you are changing old habits and losing weight.

8.    Can you Provide me With a Maintenance Session I can use at Home?

Having a maintenance hypnosis recording to work with at home is particularly important when you spread the sessions over time. Listening to a weight loss hypnosis recording every day will keep you on track, to stay highly motivated and focused on your goal.

weight loss hypnotistsYou are worth the best of a long list of weight loss hypnotists in your area.

9.    Can you Tailor Make a Weight Loss Hypnosis Program for me?

There is research evidence that shows that individualized hypnosis treatments work better than generic ones.

This makes a lot of sense because, of course, everyone is unique. Check with the weight loss hypnotists on your list if they are open to adjust their program so it will be the exact right plan for you.

10.    Does your Program Start With an In-depth Consultation?

Designing individualized programs for people, of course, will require an in-depth consultation at the start of your program, so make sure they provide this before ever working with hypnotherapy. I would say the first hour should be spent simply talking with you, establishing your needs, your concerns, finding out your history, what your issues and triggers are, how much weight you want to lose, any weight loss programs you have tried etc.

To me, it is a shame you should have to ask this question at all. An in-depth consultation should be a natural start to any treatment.

Unfortunately, however, not all weight loss hypnotists work in the same way. I have heard of some that simply place clients in a ‘treatment’ room listening to a hypnosis CD. (This, of course, helps them to ‘treat’ multiple clients at once.) I have heard of others who claim to ‘make you lose weight’ in less than 30 minutes, which also means there is no consultation involved.

Unfortunately, these few bad apples make life hard for the solid core of the profession by giving it a bad reputation. So, to cut a long story short, do shop around. Make sure you will get a thorough consultation at the start of your program. The effort you put in at this stage will pay off in securing you get the best service possible.

11.    How Much do you Charge per Session? 

Of course you will need to check the cost of the program, and the per-session cost.

Do put that cost in context though:

  • Firstly, a thorough overview of how weight loss hypnosis compares to other weight loss programs and a delve into the benefits of weight loss by hypnosis may be helpful to understand what you are investing in by choosing hypnosis.
  • Secondly, weigh up the cost involved against the quality of service you can expect based on your research.
  • Thirdly, please don’t look at the projected cost as frivolous expenditure. Instead, view it as an investment in yourself. You do want to shift that weight issue and change your life after all, am I right?
  • And, finally, do take into account that you can spread out your program over time which make weight loss hypnosis much more affordable.

12.    How Long Should Your Treatment be?

This question should be left until the end of your consultation when your weight loss hypnotist has a good idea of your particular situation.

It would be hard for me to pin down what they may suggest because everybody works in different ways. All I can do here is give you some pointers as in factors to take into account in the design of your weight loss hypnosis program.

Go over the set of 20 questions in my article ‘Could you Lose Weight by Hypnosis?’ to see where you are on the spectrum with regard to your weight issue- on the conscious eating side, or on the emotional eating side. My rule of thumb is that the more weight you want to lose, and the more you identify with the ‘emotional eating’ side of the spectrum, the longer you must plan for your weight loss hypnosis program.

If you identify as an emotional eater, your issues very likely started early in life. Therefore, if you find yourself on the emotional eating side of the spectrum, you will also be alerted to the necessity to do some regression work to look at food issues originating in your childhood.  If this sounds far-fetched to you, to find out what these issues may be, please check my article ‘Could you Lose Weight by Hypnosis?’ which goes into detail on this topic.

I hope you have found this article helpful and will have a better idea now how to reduce your list of weight loss hypnotists to the best few.


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