Weight Loss By Hypnosis- 7 Huge Benefits

Weight loss by hypnosis has become very popular over the last decade. You can tell from the number of celebrities who report success from weight loss hypnosis, and from success stories in the media such as this one from CNN.

In this article I have compiled the most prominent benefits of weight loss through hypnosis so that you may get an idea if you may want to give the treatment a go.

weight loss by hypnosisAchieve permanent weight loss by hypnosis.

1.    No Weigh-ins

Many of my weight loss clients have told me about negative experiences with other weight loss programs that used weigh-ins as a means of trying to motivate participants to lose weight. Often, stepping on the scales in front of a group can have the opposite effect to what program leaders intend.  

Weight loss clients have often been struggling with their weight issues for quite some time, and are acutely aware that they are overweight. Many may, in fact, weigh themselves at home regularly if not obsessively in an attempt to gain control over the situation.

Pointing out their exact weight to them in front of a group can, therefore, be a shaming experience rather than an encouraging one. This holds true especially if it is hard for them to follow the program at the prescribed pace.

Weight loss by hypnosis does not use weigh-ins. In the hypnosis world, we don’t believe weight loss is about the exact numbers. Rather, it is about an overall goal to re-gain control and to change direction in your life at your own pace while allowing you to keep your privacy about your exact weight. 

2.    No Calorie Counting, no Prescribed Diet Plans

Many weight loss clients who have tried other weight loss programs before they came for hypnosis describe feeling under pressure by diet plans and calorie counting. Some describe that they were not able to stick to those prescribed plan and ended up falling behind, resulting ultimately in feelings of shame and failure.

With weight loss by hypnosis, there is no counting of calories. There are no prescribed targets or diet plans, instead you are encouraged to put your own plan and targets in place.

The basic underlying premise in weight loss hypnosis is that your mind plays a very big role in the weight loss process. Therefore, your mind is supported in coming back to healthy eating patterns that sustain you, and at the same time allow excess weight to fall off.

What do those individual weight loss plans look like? People do this in different ways.  

  • Some people decide to educate their mind through hypnosis to eat more consciously. This means to chew slowly, to really notice the body’s signals as to when you are full and as a result they find themselves eating smaller portions. 
  • Other people decide on dietary changes- for example substituting processed foods with fruit and veg. 
  • Some people decide to educate their mind to ditch all sugar.

The choices people make will depend on how much weight they want to lose and on their own personal preferences.

3.    Hypnosis Caters for Individual Differences

Every hypnosis weight loss client is an individual with different needs, wants and preferences.

The weight loss solution looks slightly different for each person.

Being treated as an individual leaves you independence to lose weight at your own pace, the freedom to eat what you decide to eat and to make your own unique plan as to what is right for you to do to lose weight.

weight loss by hypnosisWeight loss by hypnosis helps you get mind and emotions on board to make your weight loss plan a success.

4.    Weight Loss by Hypnosis Does not Rely on Weight Loss Products

Clients who have attended other weight loss programs before hypnosis often talk to me about weight loss products that some other programs rely on. More often than not their experience is that a dependency on the product is being set up.

While they use the product, they do experience some weight loss and once they stop using it, they gain weight quite quickly and then they are back where they started. Some even gain more weight than they had previously.

There are no weight loss products involved in weight loss by hypnosis. Here, you can lose weight naturally, and at your own pace. This is an important benefit to you because it brings out your own internal resources for losing weight and step by step you will learn that ‘you can actually do this’, resulting in feelings of confidence and self worth.

5.    Motivation and Determination

Have you ever dieted and felt a sense of loss when you couldn't eat x, y or z? Have you ever felt resentment because your partner or friend could eat x, y or z? Or, have you felt like a true martyr, when it felt that your weight loss plan caused you to experience hardship?

When that happens, you are in a place of lack where you, very quickly, lose motivation and, in turn, determination to see your weight loss plan through. Many clients fail at that point.

Think about it. As long as you feel you are missing out on something or that you would rather do something else, following your weight loss plan is very hard.

In contrast, weight loss by hypnosis works through your mind and helps you to instill one important piece that many weight loss programs fail to instill- a genuine deep desire to lose weight. This desire automatically results in strong motivation and determination to do whatever you have to do to see your weight loss goals through.

Weight loss by hypnosis makes working towards your goal easy. By working on your mind, it creates a situation where you will want to follow your plan, and where you will feel good about following your plan. You can then enjoy getting results, and that in turn will boost the desire to keep going.

weight loss by hypnosisThe most important benefits of weight loss by hypnosis.

6.    Weight Loss by Hypnosis is Weight Loss Made Easy

When planning to lose weight, your first port of call is usually losing weight through willpower- setting up a diet plan and literally enforcing that plan every day- fighting against cravings, fighting against a growing sense of resentment.

Willpower usually will only last so long. After a bit of a struggle, many people give up and go back to their old eating habits because pushing through is just too hard.

With weight loss by hypnosis, you are bringing your mind and emotions, both, on board with the process. You will experience a reduction in food cravings along with a sense of purpose that losing weight is your number one goal.

  • In this way, weight loss by hypnosis can take the mental struggle out of the weight loss process.
  • No more giving into cravings and feeling ashamed afterwards.
  • No more struggle followed by a sense of failure.

Instead, losing weight happens almost without you noticing it, almost playfully, without any ‘efforting’ involved- very easily indeed. Imagine how much easier things could be without that constant mental struggle, and without negative feelings constantly bothering you, resulting in you feeling bad about yourself.

If you temporarily experience a glitch and fall back onto some old habits, weight loss by hypnosis encourages you to go easy on yourself, and to simply go back to your plan and continue as if nothing ever happened. No more giving up because you made one 'mistake'. Instead, we recognize that the weight loss journey is a process that does take some time and involves learning experiences.

In this way, with weight loss hypnosis, you are sort of ‘getting out of your own way’, putting a stop to the struggle, so that you are then able to ‘just get on’ with your weight loss plan.

7.    Weight Loss by Hypnosis Works for Permanent Change

Many weight loss clients who have experienced other weight loss programs are used to a quick fix approach. Most programs count pounds, count calories, and if you have met your target at the end of the program you are deemed to be a success story.

Well, some people are and some are not. Many people will regain the weight they lost quite quickly after the program ends. This is because their mind and emotions are in the same place they were before the weight loss program.

 As a result:

  • The same cravings are likely to kick in.
  • The same mental struggle can occupy the mind.
  • The same habits might well win over.

In contrast:

  • Weight loss by hypnosis is not a quick fix.
  • Weight loss hypnosis is not a miracle cure.
  • Instead, weight loss hypnosis has a goal of working towards permanent change.

This weight loss journey is not just about you losing x-amount of pounds. It’s about you gaining the weight, size and shape that is right for your unique body, and it is about being able to hold on to those changes in the long run.

Weight loss by hypnosis is also about you being happy with your body and feeling good about yourself. Because in the end of the day, life is about more than your weight. It is about enjoying your own very unique body and changing your life so that you can be happy with who you are.

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