Client Testimonials for my 1-2-1 Neuroscience Based Transformative REPAIRenting® Program

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Niamh Overcame Lifelong Anxiety & Emotional Pain

Mark Overcame Lifelong Anxiety & Lack of Confidence

Helena Overcame Faulty Childhood Programming & Built Confidence

Andrea Cleared Childhood Trauma & Overcame People Pleasing

Lifelong Anxiety, Low Mood and Migraines Cleared 

John Overcame Intense Anxiety, Depression & Fear


Sean Cleared Lifelong Anxiety & Low Mood 

Therese Overcame Low Esteem & Relationship Problems

Sarah Overcame Anxiety & Stage Fright 

Kenny Cleared Lifelong Anxiety

Una Overcame Anxiety & Depression 

Mary Overcame Burnout Due to Chronic Stress 

Catherine Cleared Childhood Trauma & Reached Her Goals 

Caroline Overcame Longstanding Trauma

REPAIRenting® Program Details

What is Neuroscience Based Transformative REPAIRenting®?

Neuroscience Based Transformative REPAIRenting® is a groundbreaking method that helps people overcome complex, often disturbing feelings such as anxiety, low mood, fears & phobias (including public speaking), impostor syndrome, lack of esteem & confidence and many more replacing those with confidence, inner peace and a sense of well being in record time.

Most of my clients have tried many different things over the years including talk therapy, CBT, hypnosis, yoga, self help, meditation with limited results. REPAIRenting® finally helps them break through with life changing results.

How did the program come to be?

I have been working therapeutically in the trauma field for thirty plus years. You can find my qualifications on my About Me page.

Through the years, I have learned the hard way that in order to really, fully and permanently resolve complex symptoms like the disturbing feelings relating to anxiety, one has to resolve the root causes and more often than not, these are found in childhood- certainly for my client group.

Hence, I have drawn on my experience in trauma as well on the best of psychosensory work to bring you this cutting edge program that stands at the crossroads between coaching and therapy.

How long does the program take?

The program entails a commitment to a bundle of six initial sessions (with possible follow up only if required). About 3/4 of my clients have achieved their goals after six sessions. About one quarter of my clients come with a complex trauma history that requires a little more work.

Does the program suit everyone?

The program doesn't suit everyone, and I won't recommend it unless I feel it will make a substantial difference for you. That's why there is an application form to be filled in leading up to a FREE consultation.

What's entailed in the program?

The basic program includes the initial free consultation, a bundle of six 1-2-1 sessions, tailored homework between sessions, and a review coaching session at the end.

How do I proceed?

If interested, please watch at least two of the testimonials above and only then pop me an email via the contact form below requesting the form to be filled in.

You can Enquire About my Program Here

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Lifelong Anxiety released 
I have struggled with anxiety and self-confidence issues for as long as I can remember. I am an artist, therefore as creative person, I struggled with …

Stage Fright and Anxiety & No longer an Issue after five sessions! 
I have struggled with anxiety and fears for as long as I can remember. As a writer, actor and performer, I am extremely creative. However, in recent times, …

Anxiety Relief 
I came to Susanna looking for help with my Anxiety. This was having a severe impact on my life and my day-to-day activities. Working with Susanna was phenomenal …

Anxiety, Chronic Stress, Fatigue, Tension Headaches- Gone 
I first contacted Susanna to get help for physical symptoms related to chronic stress and anxiety. In particular I would experience frequent and severe …

Anxiety, chronic stress, fatigue, tension headaches 
I first contacted Susanna to get help for physical symptoms related to chronic stress and anxiety. In particular I would experience frequent and severe …

Anxiety Relief with Zoom sessions Testimonial-  
My name is Muireann Drennan. Before attending Susanna I was quite anxious about certain things in my life with feelings of sadness and low confidence. …

Ms C O'Sullivan 
I was suffering with anxiety and hyper vigilance as a result of a childhood trauma. The effects were affecting my day to day life and I knew I needed to …

Succesfully conquered gambling addiction 
I attended Susanna to get rid of a gambling addiction which consumed my emotions and wasted a lot of time. It also impacted relationships with friends …

Succesfully conquered gambling addiction 
I attended Susanna to get rid of a gambling addiction which consumed my emotions and wasted a lot of time. It also impacted relationships with friends …

Anxiety and fear of flying 
I've been flying since I was young and it had never been a problem. Every year I flew around 2 to 20 times and it was never a problem until two years ago …

My topic has already changed fundamentally after only one session 
Serenity in dealing with people who sometimes annoy me, was the issue I wanted to work on and the goal I wanted to achieve in working with Susanna. I …

Very Effective Treatment 
My treatment with Susanna was a novel experience. I found Havening to be an effective treatment, in which I felt well understood and well held. I attended …

Non Invasive, Gentle and Effective Therapy 
My experience of Havening with Susanna was very positive. It was my first session, so I felt quite nervous about how the sitting would go, but Susanna …

A fresh approach  
I found havening to be a fresh approach to dealing with lifelong difficulties with depression and anxiety. Susanna is professional and supportive. She …

Professional and Effective - highly recommended  
I find Susanna to be both professional, approachable and very effective in how she works. I wanted to work on some events that had caused me to carry a …

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