Self-Hypnosis Relaxation Techniques for You

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

What are Self-Hypnosis Relaxation Techniques?

Self-hypnosis relaxation techniques are hypnotic techniques for the specific use of relaxation. 

Self-hypnosis relaxation techniquesSelf-hypnosis relaxation techniques for you.

The word self-hypnosis refers to techniques that you can use on yourself, in other words you become your own hypnosis practitioner as well as the client at the receiving end.

Doing this requires careful preparation. You must learn the instructions by heart. Alternatively, you can voice record them or, indeed, purchase a hypnosis relaxation audio.

Why use Self-Hypnosis Relaxation Techniques?

It is virtually impossible to navigate modern life without being exposed to serious stress. Just think of some of the triggers you are likely to come across probably daily:

  • Work pressure having to meet deadlines
  • High expectations of supervisors at work
  • Commuting on busy public transport
  • The stressful environment of busy shops
  • Being stuck in busy traffic
  • Conflicting demands between having to be on time for appointments versus the playful pace of children

As you can see from this list, the pressure is on all day long, often even at weekends. Pressure on its own is not the problem. Some people say they work well under pressure. But what does cause issues is chronic pressure, being in this state all the time without being able to relax and let go completely.

The absence of relaxation can lead to emotional problems like insomnia, and in the long run, to more serious physical problems such as stress related illness.
What does complete relaxation mean?

When you sit down for a cup of tea or coffee, you may think you are relaxing, but in truth your body is likely full of tension. Even when you lie in bed at night, your mind is likely busy working through the events of the day, causing tension in your body.

  • Complete relaxation means to truly let go in both body and mind.
  • Muscles become limp, and the mind calms down to a point where there isn’t as much thought going on.

Self-hypnosis relaxation techniques are an effective way of reaching this state.

Self-Hypnosis Relaxation Techniques for Everyday use

Introducing a daily relaxation slot into your life will be a really worthwhile addition to your schedule.

The most beneficial times for such relaxation slots are first thing in the morning before the day starts, at lunchtime if you can spare fifteen minutes, and when you come home from work. You will see benefits within a couple of days.

Among the myriad benefits of relaxation you can expect:

•    Improved sleep
•    Others to tell you that you are more relaxed
•    A calmer mind
•    Enjoying life more
•    Gratitude
•    Easier decision making
•    Feeling less angry
•    To be able to understand and appreciate others better
•    A more relaxed body

Self-hypnosis relaxation techniquesSelf-hypnosis relaxation techniques can help you keep the overview.

Here is one of my favorite Self-Hypnosis Relaxation Techniques:

This technique achieves relaxation through the use of a metaphor.

How will it work?

You will have to learn the wording by heart, or, even better, voice record yourself reading out the text, and then play this back to yourself while you lie down relaxing. Read out or recite the script very slowly, allowing for plenty of time for the words to take effect between sentences.

Imagine the following while lying down in a comfortable position:

  1. "You are going to attend a sauna. You are lying in a warm, comfortable sauna room relaxing all your muscles.
  2. You are lying stretched out on the comfortable bench, taking in the lovely comfortable heat of the sauna.
  3. You are letting the heat soften and relax your muscles.
  4. Imagine this heat passing through your body, starting with your head, neck and shoulders. Feel the muscles becoming warm, feel all tension disappearing and leaving your body.
  5. Now feel your back and abdomen becoming warm. Become aware of any tension held in this area, then feel heat softening the muscles and notice how the tension dissipates.
  6. Notice your buttocks and thighs warming up now. All that stiffness held in your buttocks and legs is softening with the heat and after a short while is leaving your body. Feel your body becoming much more supple and relaxed now.
  7. Now imagine your lower legs, ankles and feet being exposed to the wonderful nourishing heat of the sauna. Any tension held in this area is melting away.
  8. Notice how your entire body is warm and comfortable now, and much more relaxed than before. The warm sauna air is relaxing your entire body now from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. As the heat continues and as you enjoy it deeply, feel the relaxation deepening. Feel every part of you letting go even more deeply now.
  9. Notice how the heat is making your mind slow down now. The heat is melting away the concerns of the day. Let them pass before your mind’s eye and let them float off into the distance.
  10. Notice how, when you look at those concerns from afar, they don’t seem quite as pressing, not quite as important. What other people think about you is not important.
  11. Whatever goals you might not have met today, you can meet tomorrow. What is important is that you are relaxing now, letting go deeply. Enjoying the deep level of relaxation and the heat melting away any remaining tension in your body.”

Feel free to elaborate on this scenario as much as you wish. You can repeat certain parts. Your subconscious mind likes repetition and won’t mind what your conscious mind would judge to be a ‘lack of creativity’.

Self-hypnosis relaxation techniquesRegular relaxation is vital for optimal brain functioning. Self-hypnosis relaxation techniques can help.

At the end of the Session

At the very end of the session you will have to call yourself back to ordinary awareness in such a way that the transition happens slowly and gently.

You can use a very simple emerger like this one:

“You have now reached the end of this session. In a moment, on the count of three you will come back to ordinary awareness. But this deep level of relaxation will stay with you for the remainder of your day.

1-    Slowly and gently coming back to ordinary awareness, letting the images of the session fade away
2-    Feel your eyes clearing now and your eyelids becoming lighter
3-    Feeling positive and relaxed, opening your eyes and stretching. Looking forward to the rest of your day.”

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    I hope you have enjoyed this article on self-hypnosis relaxation techniques. Now it's your turn to use the techniques I have taught you. Let me know in the comments below how you are getting on. I look forward to hearing from you.


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