Hypnosis for Stress- Get Your Equilibrium Back

This article is designed to introduce you to hypnosis for stress relief, to what it is, why it is a suitable tool for overcoming toxic stress and on what it can do for you.

hypnosis for stressHypnosis for stress can change how you experience stressful situations.

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

The Nature of Stress

The research on stress is clear- we are built to endure time limited periods of stress. These can often be experienced as positive. When you are working towards a particular goal for example you mobilize all your energy and focus on just that one thing, holding the tension until you get there. 

Once you have reached that goal however, your body and brain need a break. Periods of stress need to be broken by periods of relaxation, otherwise your body will start to suffer (1):

  • Your heart and circulation will suffer when you experience prolonged periods of high blood pressure.
  • Your brain needs to relax also as cognitive functioning becomes impaired with chronic stress (2). Research shows that chronic stress can result in a loss of neurons.
  • Paradoxically, you also become less productive when in a state of chronic stress. This is an important point: chronic stress does not make you more productive! Relaxation through activities such as hypnosis and meditation will. Such activities that give the brain a break contribute greatly to developing resilience and mastering your mind power, along with exercise and the right nutrition.

The Consequences of Chronic Stress

When stress persists and body and brain do not get a break, stress becomes toxic potentially causing many serious health issues. Find a comprehensive list here on WebMD.

hypnosis for stressHypnosis for stress can help you shed the symptoms of toxic stress.

The Chronic Stress Culture we Live in

Unfortunately chronic or toxic stress seems almost natural to most people these days as the culture around us promotes it:

  • Work environments often demand an unrelenting, fast pace.
  • Many people are working two, if not three jobs with hardly any time left in the day to relax.
  • The 'coffee culture' encourages us to keep going on caffeine.
  • Fast paced exercise is promoted for relaxation. While exercise is certainly useful for your body, exercise alone does not meet your body's and brain's need for relaxation.
  • In a world dominated by social media, there's hardly any silence. There's always another product to try, another activity to catch up on another email or social media message to read and to respond to. Communication and information input go on 24 hours a day. You will probably recognize this: checking your smart phone before going to sleep, and checking it again first thing you wake up in the morning.

Why Hypnosis for Stress Relief ?

Hypnosis continues to be a much underrated personal development tool. This is reflected in a lack of interest in the world of research in the clinical applications of hypnosis. However, many people who have attended hypnosis to stop smoking, lose weight, deal with childhood trauma or shed anxiety or depression will testify to the powerful change tool hypnotherapy is. 

The same holds true for the area of stress.

Once stressful habits are wired into your physiology it is very hard to overcome them. You cannot 'reason' your way out of stress using conscious thought. Once wired into your system, stress is held in your subconscious mind which includes physical and emotional responses.

To dismantle stress, what follows is that you would have to work with the subconscious mind-directly at the source of the issue. Hypnotherapy is a great tool for this because hypnotherapy by its very nature focuses on working in the realm of the subconscious mind.


Take out pen and paper and, for a few minutes, write lists answering these two questions:

What in your life do you experience as stressful?

How could you better support yourself in this situation?

hypnosis for stressMake time for yourself with hypnosis for stress.

The Benefits Hypnosis for Stress Holds for You

  • The main benefit for you in choosing hypnosis for stress reduction is that working with hypnosis is fast and effective compared to working on stress with other methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy which has been shown to help stress but could take a long time. This saves you precious time and helps you to get your life back as fast as possible.
  • Hypnosis for stress works with your subconscious mind. Using hypnosis for stress management can affect changes in:
  • Rewiring your mind from being in a mode of constant toxic stress back to feeling relaxed and calm.
  • Making you more resilient in your experience of stress and in how you deal with stressful situations. 
  • Building healthier self care involving habits that promote resilience rather than toxic stress. 

See an example here of stress reduction work with my client Jeffrey- who attended me for hypnotherapy for stress.

How Hypnosis for Stress Works and What it Can do for You

Building Resilience

Working with a practitioner using relaxation hypnosis you can get your body back to a place of physiological relaxation which is so important for recovery from stress. Using relaxation self hypnosis you can achieve relaxation at home, by yourself, daily. Both of these methods are great tools for building resilience.

Dismantling Underlying Causes

Using regression hypnosis, hypnosis for stress can help you dismantle any underlying issues that block you from being fully resourced in the face of stress.

hypnosis for stressHypnosis for stress can help you build resilience.

These are some examples of issues underlying stress that I have seen in my client work:

  • Childhood bullying led to low self esteem which led to exposing self to excessive stress.
  • Trauma as a young adult led to an attempt to suppress trauma symptoms by keeping extremely busy, which in turn led to toxic stress.
  • Anxiety issues led to staying in the comfort zone at work- however the 'comfort zone' had become excessively stressful.

With hypnosis for stress you can overcome these issues playfully and easily. Once the underlying causes are removed you can then learn to replace unhealthy habits that are no longer serving you with healthy ones that will support you. 

Installing New Healthful Habits that Promote Resilience

The method used for this part of the work is suggestion hypnosis for nurturing your mind with positive messages. These positive messages fed directly to your subconscious can change your physiology, mindset and behavior when it comes to stress. 

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Hypnosis for Stress- Get Your Equilibrium Back

This article is designed to introduce you to hypnosis for stress relief, to what it is, why it is a suitable tool for overcoming toxic stress and on what it can do for you.

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I hope this article on hypnosis for stress has been helpful for you.

In the comments underneath let our community know what you have learned.

There are other articles listed above to help you understand the field of hypnosis better- please do follow up and find out more.

Here is to your health and well being- all free from stress.




(1) McEwan, Bruce et. al. 2015. Mechanisms of Stress in the Brain. Nature Neuroscience, Volume 18, pages 1353–1363

(2) McEwan & Sapolsky, 1995. Current Opinion in Neurobiology, Vol. 5, Iss. 2, Pages 205-216

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