Self Hypnosis for Self Esteem- 6 Huge Benefits for You

In this article, find out the benefits for you of using self hypnosis for self esteem.

self hypnosis self esteemSelf hypnosis for self esteem can give you a deep appreciation of your own uniqueness, talents and strengths.

1. Practicing Self Hypnosis for Self Esteem will Save You a Whole lot of Money

If you came to me in my role as a psychotherapist a few years ago, asking to improve your self esteem, and you asked me how long would this process take, I would have had to answer that you should prepare for weekly sessions with me for at least a year, possibly longer.

I consider myself to have very good training in psychotherapy and I work in a process oriented way which is focused on helping people to move through their material - and yet I found that working psychotherapeutically on its own will always take a good bit of time. And time, of course is money- when you pay professional rates weekly.

When I discovered hypnosis I realized quickly I had found a superior means of accessing the mind which could really speed things up. With self esteem hypnosis, you don't have to spend a year or two in therapy. In other words, my contention is that attending a hypnotherapist will save you money over relying solely on counseling or psychotherapy. That's a saving on professional rates.

But what if you could save even more of your hard earned cash and still get amazing results?

Self hypnosis for self esteem enables you to achieve just that. You can write you own session protocol and spend no money at all. Or you can purchase a hypnosis based self esteem course or a spend even less on a ready made professionally recorded self hypnosis session that you can work with at home for a fraction of what you would spend on professional fees.

Working with self hypnosis represents another cost saving- your transport cost for attending appointments. This cost can be substantial enough- and can be a major obstacle for many people in accessing services. Working from home you can substract this cost from your bill, too.

self hypnosis self esteemFind out the six most prominent benefits that self hypnosis for self esteem has on offer for you.

Does Self Hypnosis Work for Self Esteem?

What Results Can You Expect From Self Hypnosis for Self Esteem?

I would always recommend- that in an ideal world you should make your hypnosis therapy as thorough as possible by combining suggestion hypnosis and regression hypnosis. This combination would enable you to

  1. feed your mind nourishing messages with suggestion hypnosis and
  2. to upgrade the imprint your distant past has had on your self esteem with regression hypnosis.

However, having said that- for building self esteem, suggestion hypnosis used on its own (remember that all self hypnosis is suggestion hypnosis), can produce fantastic results (see an example here). On the other end of the spectrum, at minimum, you will get started with improving your self esteem- again, for a mere fraction of the money you would spend on professional fees.

2. Save Time With Self Hypnosis for Self Esteem

Along with saving a tidy sum of your hard earned cash, self hypnosis for self esteem will also save you a lot of time- in two different ways:

First of all and most importantly, self hypnosis for self esteem saves you a whole lot of precious life time.

What do I mean?

Rather than spending months or even years working hard in psychotherapy or counselling, you can work with your subconscious mind directly- and see results pretty fast. Once your self esteem improves you will see your life change before your eyes- without having to invest months or years of your precious life time waiting for change.

Secondly, self hypnosis is very economical in terms of the time investment that is required of you.

All that is required for self hypnosis to work effectively is an investment of 20 minutes of your precious time every day. You can slot these 20 minutes into your day just before bedtime, as you are settling down after your day. This timing is ideal because your chores are done and you can let go.  

For many people, this time slot is what I refer to as 'lost time'- a time slot when they scroll through social media or watch TV- activities that can easily be replaced with nurturing self hypnosis. Practicing self hypnosis for self esteem this way, it won't interfere with anything important in your life.

This is where self hypnosis represents a time saver, compared to going other routes for improving your self esteem. If you undertake CBT, for example, you will be required to do exercises at home- and these will require a dedicated time slot during the day.

3. Self Hypnosis for Self Esteem is Easy to Learn

There are no complicated skill sets required when you work with a professionally recorded self hypnosis session. All you have to do is commit to the daily time slot and play your session while you relax. Having tried many different methods myself over the years, I can promise you that you won't find an easier method for self improvement anywhere.

4. Be Independent and Work Flexibly With Self Hypnosis for Self Esteem

When you work with self hypnosis:

  • There is no need to attend appointments 
  • You can work from the comfort of your own home
  • You do not have to work around anyone else's schedule
  • You can practice self hypnosis whenever suits you best

For these reasons, self hypnosis offers you the ultimate level of both independence and flexibility for doing personal work and changing your life.

self hypnosis self esteemThe science behind hypnosis for self esteem.

5. Be in Full Control of Transforming Your Life When You Use Self Hypnosis

When you build self esteem with self hypnosis, you do not have to rely on any professional. 

This means: 

  • You save time on doing your research for the best practitioner for you.
  • You do not have to spend energy on building a relationship with any professional
  • You do not have to hand your mind over to anyone, trusting them to do the right thing

These issues can create major blocks for some people and can keep them away from accessing the services they need and deserve. If this is you- self hypnosis offers an easy way around these issues because you can be in full control of your process yourself- no need to involve any professional.

6. Learn a Precious Self Help Tool for Life

Once you start seeing results with self hypnosis for self esteem, start feeling better about yourself and see the first changes taking place in your life- you will start seeing what self hypnosis can do for you from more of a bird's eye perspective- you will then realize that what you have discovered here is, in fact, a precious self help tool for life that you can then use to change many other issues in your life. 

Just to quote a few examples:

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How You Can Use Self Hypnosis to Change Your Life

I hope this brief article has helped you to see what self hypnosis for self esteem may be able to do for you and how it could fit into your life.


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