Insomnia Self Hypnosis - 7 Tremendous Benefits for You

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

You want to know if insomnia self hypnosis may be for you.

insomnia self hypnosis

I have put together a series of articles on insomnia self help and insomnia and hypnosis to give you a clearer picture on how hypnosis works for sleep issues, what to expect, what the science is behind it, how you can get the best from your treatment, and finally what the benefits are for you. 

This article focuses on the benefits of insomnia self hypnosis. At the bottom of this article you will find links to the other articles in this series. But first things first, so, let's get started.

1. Be in Full Control of Your Treatment with Insomnia Self Hypnosis

For many people, the most prominent benefit of self hypnosis probably is in the fact that with self hypnosis you are in complete control of your treatment. 

  • You don't have to research which practitioner you can trust. 
  • You do not have to hand yourself over to anyone else. 
  • You don't have to build a rapport with a practitioner. 
  • You don't have to disclose any potentially sensitive personal issues to anyone.

Instead you can be in charge of when, how and how often to practice self hypnosis. If this prospect appeals to you, self hypnosis will be right down your alley way.

2. Independence

Being in complete control of your treatment with insomnia self hypnosis goes hand in hand with the independence this gives you. You can make self hypnosis fit into your life style easily, working around your commitments. You don't have to attend any appointments, or consider anyone else's diary. You can completely suit yourself. You can even start practicing insomnia self hypnosis today.

A potential downside here is, of course that you will have to be self motivated to practice self hypnosis daily. Self hypnosis techniques rely on regular practice. You can use your calendar or app to schedule your sessions, if you find it hard to remember them daily.

insomnia self hypnosis

3. Insomnia Self Hypnosis is Cost Effective

You can save a whole lot of money when you use insomnia self hypnosis instead of attending a hypnotist.

  • You will spend only a fraction of what a professional hypnotherapy  service would cost, while being able to achieve quite a bit- with a quality pre-recorded insomnia self hypnosis session that is.
  • You won't spend money on sleep medication.
  • The transport cost to and from appointments falls away.

If you feel stuck at any point, or are not getting the results you desire, you can still top up your self hypnosis program with a couple of sessions of regression hypnosis to get at underlying causes of your insomnia and remove same.

4. Work from the Comfort of Your own Home with Insomnia Self Hypnosis

Working from the comfort of your own home will be a very attractive benefit for you if you live far from the next town or city, or if mobility is an issue for you for any reason. No need to attend appointments with insomnia self hypnosis! Simply find a quiet room where you can close your door for the duration of your insomnia self hypnosis session.

Does Insomnia Hypnosis Really Work?

5. Self Hypnosis for Sleep is Easy to Learn and Do

Self hypnosis is very easy for you to learn and practice and once you get in the swing of things it will become second nature. The easiest way, of course is to work with a self hypnosis recording. If you do go that route, do invest in a good quality one by a professional hypnotherapist to make sure you are on the right track. 

insomnia self hypnosis

6. See a Difference with as Little as 20 Minutes a Day

How much time should you invest in insomnia self hypnosis every day? Investing only 20 minutes will already make a difference. You can set aside a 20 minute time slot as part of your wind down routine in the evenings when your commitments are finished and you are relaxing. 

7. Learn a Self Help Tool for Life

Last but not least, if you take to self hypnosis for sleep, you can make self hypnosis your personal growth tool of choice. There is no limit to what you can achieve with self hypnosis- change your life in any way you wish with a new self help tool for life.

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I hope my article on insomnia self hypnosis has helped you to see how you could benefit from this wonderfully nourishing work. In the comments underneath, let our community know how you are getting on.

Here is to your restful sleep and well being.



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