Self Hypnosis for Stress- 5 Major Gains for You

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

Curious about self hypnosis for stress?

self hypnosis for stressSelf hypnosis for stress can help you increase your sense of well being.

I am guessing you have arrived on this page because you have a lot of stress in your life and you are wondering what you can do to come to terms with it. The first thing I want to say to you is: You are so right to address stress and stop it in its tracks right now.

Stress has many serious health consequences as you can see here on WebMD. Addressing stress as early as possible can help you return to an equilibrium as soon as possible, preventing serious damage to your body along with the serious financial cost attached, such as the cost of medications, potential loss of income and so on. You are on the right track.

This article focuses on the benefits self hypnosis for stress has on offer for you. This article forms part of a series of articles on hypnosis for stress and relaxation. Below, you will find links to the other articles in this series.

1. Self Hypnosis for Stress Will Save You Money

How will self hypnosis for stress save you money? You can practice self hypnosis for free- getting all the benefits hypnosis has to offer- or invest in a once-off purchase of a self hypnosis product. You will find that the cost of such a product will be a small fraction of what a professional hypnotherapy consultation would cost. In that sense self hypnosis is a no-brainer. 

self hypnosis for stressKnow the symptoms of toxic stress. Self hypnosis for stress can help.

2. Get Results Fast With Self Hypnosis for Stress

When you reduce stress through self hypnosis you get results fast. This is in contrast to other methods for stress reduction, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, which can take three months to bear fruit.

3. Be Independent and Choose Your Own Schedule with Self Hypnosis for Stress

If you choose self hypnosis for stress reduction you won't have to attend any appointments, As well as saving you money, this also saves you precious time if your week is busy. Fit self hypnosis into your schedule suiting your own needs- nobody else's.

4. Be in Full Control and be Independent With Self Hypnosis

Not having to attend a hypnotist poses a major advantage for you if you simply don't like the idea of handing your process over in a hypnosis session. With self hypnosis for stress, you can be your own practitioner and the client at the same time. Where self help hypnosis poses some challenges, it's nothing you cannot overcome and make a success of for yourself.

You can work from the comfort of your own home with self hypnosis for stress, which is a big advantage if attending appointments would involve a long journey, is not possible for you for lack of transport or for any other reason.

5. Self Hypnosis for Stress is Easy to Learn and Do

Self hypnosis for stress is easy to learn and easy to do. Just one to three self hypnosis techniques used daily will be enough to make a substantial difference to your stress levels. Once you have mastered making this change in your life, you can apply the self hypnosis techniques you have learned to making any other change you wish to make in your life.

When is it Advisable for You to Attend a Professional?

Self Hypnosis for stress will always be suggestion hypnosis. Where working with suggestions and auto suggestions is powerful enough work for many people, some people have deeper issues underlying the chronic stress state they find themselves in. If this is your situation, I recommend you attend a professional hypnotherapist at that stage who will be able to help you overcome whatever is keeping you stuck using regression hypnosis.

In my article on life regression hypnosis find some tips on how to find a good hypnotherapist to work with. If you have an internal block about attending a hypnotherapist, also have a look at my article on hypnosis myths because I believe that these myths are very present in public consciousness and can often be the cause of such an aversion.

self hypnosis for stressSelf hypnosis for stress can help you overcome the symptoms of chronic stress.

How will you know if self hypnosis for stress is working for you? 

  • With self hypnosis for stress, you should see some level of change within a week or so of consistent practice.
  • If nothing happens for you at all in that time frame even though you have practiced every day, you would probably benefit from a professional consultation. The caveat here is that changes can be subtle, or easily missed if you don't have the time to reflect thoroughly on them. Therefore you are best advised to keep track of changes in relation to your stress symptoms in a notebook while going through the process. Record items such as your sleeping pattern, emotions, mind set, level of well being and physical symptoms every day, tracking any changes. 
  • If you find you are getting some positive change at the start, and nothing more after that- or if you have disturbing emotions and body sensations coming up during or after practice, these are also signs that you would benefit from a professional consultation.

Using regression hypnosis, these types of blocks can be easily overcome with an experienced hypnotherapist. In my article on life regression hypnosis find some tips on how to find the right hypnotherapist for you.

Self hypnosis can work hand in hand with such professional hypnotherapy sessions if they are required. For most people, suggestion hypnosis alone is enough to achieve changes in stress symptoms.

self hypnosis for stressSelf hypnosis for stress is a powerful self help tool.

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    I hope my article on self hypnosis for stress has shone a light on what self hypnosis could do for you in relation to recovering from the symptoms of toxic stress.

    In the comments below let our community know what you have learned.

    There are links above to other articles in this series on stress and relaxation with hypnosis as well as on other hypnosis and hypnotherapy topics. please do follow up and find out more on what is probably the most underrated personal development tool.

    Here is to your well being, free from stress.


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