Confidence Hypnosis- Could You Benefit?

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

Confidence hypnosis is where hypnosis really comes into its own. 

hypnosis for confidenceConfidence hypnosis can help if you want to change your life.

Building confidence requires developing a good self image, an unshakable belief that you can master whatever it is you need to tackle and determination to be able to see each task through to its successful conclusion- changing your life for the better in the process.

The area of confidence in particular is where our minds- the minds of most people- just have not received the nurturing they require. Most likely- from early on in life you picked up on negative messaging from the adults around us who- mostly- also suffer from a lack of self esteem or self confidence.

See a confidence hypnosis success story here from Hello Giggles.

This article is designed to help you understand what self confidence hypnosis is, what it is working to achieve, how it works and how it may be able to help you. So let's start from the beginning.

What is Self Esteem and What is Confidence?

Self esteem and confidence are linked but they aren't the same thing.

Self Esteem

Self esteem refers to how you feel about yourself deep inside. Do you like yourself? Do you appreciate yourself? Do you love yourself? How you feel about yourself will determine, among other things, your level of confidence in mastering life's challenges or tasks and consequently, your level of success.

In other words, self esteem underlies confidence as well as success in life which is why I recommend most people include self esteem hypnosis in their hypnotherapy program. 


Confidence refers to how confident you feel about mastering challenges or tasks. This is where many people underestimate the role that your mind plays in creating success. Hypnotherapists know that if you have an unshakable belief in yourself, you are much more likely to succeed than someone who doubts himself or herself at every corner.

A good example here is the story of Mohammed Ali. Was he the greatest at boxing to start with? Of course not.  It takes a long time to build success. Yet, he told everyone he was the greatest.

Why? Much of it was him performing self help hypnosis. He was letting the world know, as well as himself, that he was confident and set to become the greatest. Eventually he did succeed. Of course, training, skill building and much hard work was required as well- but his self belief was what gave him the cutting edge to push him over the line to massive success.

In other words, if you have confidence- if you believe in yourself and your abilities to master whatever challenges come your way, achieving success will become a whole lot easier.

hypnosis for confidenceConfidence hypnosis can help you get rid of the hurtful imprint of the past so you can build your confidence.

Negative Messages That May Have Knocked Your Confidence

At some point, most people have been subject to negative messages that knocked their confidence. These negative messages could be what was said to you- but it's not exclusively in words. We pick up much more than just words. 

You may have witnessed these or similar scenarios that impacted on your self confidence:

  • Somebody in your life was an outright bully, maybe a teacher, maybe a coach, maybe a parent. They knocked your confidence wherever they could. You were 'good for nothing', 'too stupid to spill a bucket of water' or simply 'no good at this'...
  • Dad had a dream of becoming an architect but had given up on this during his last year in school for lack of self esteem and confidence. He never told you this story. But his negative relationship with himself comes across in how critical he is towards you- most of what you say and do is commented on negatively.
  • Mum encouraged you to pursue your dreams, but when it came to actual practical steps put the brakes on and was not available to support you- her own lack of self belief stopped her...
  • When it comes to choosing a career, nobody ever asked you what you would like to do- it becomes all about how you scored in tests and what they think is feasible for you to work at- but you have this dream, this little flame burning inside you with a desire to become an actor, writer, painter- whatever it may be. But you have no confidence because nobody seems to believe in you- it feels like you are up against the 'whole world'...
  • Your teacher compliments your drawing while following on in the next sentence with a long list of other things you would need to be able to demonstrate if you want to succeed as an artist. You feel good briefly, then your confidence crumbles. Maybe you are not cut out to become an artist after all...
  • Your alcoholic uncle once worked as a script writer. In his ten years in the film industry, he even had a certain amount of success. Unfortunately he started drinking after a relationship breakup. He has told you this story in person. However, your family point him out as an example for what happens to people who pursue their dreams rather than choosing a 'realistic career'. This is very confusing and makes you doubt yourself...
  • Your emotionally abusive partner finds sneaky ways of playing with your mind and knocking your confidence, twisting reality and making it look like you are to blame for everything. Each time he does this, you end up doubting yourself...
  • Your boss places unrealistic demands on what you should deliver. There's never any positive feedback from him/ her. Everything you do deliver is taken for granted and you are expected to push yourself harder and harder. You don't enjoy your job anymore and start doubting your abilities...
  • You want to become a medical doctor. Your grades are good enough but you failed the entry exam. You know you could repeat it next year, but your confidence takes a serious knock and negative messages from the past now raise their voice internally: "Maybe I am not really good enough. Maybe I should do something else."

In reality, unless you have grown up in an exceptional environment, you are bound to have come in contact with negative messages like these somewhere in your life. These negative messages imprint themselves on your subconscious mind- some more so than others depending on how much of a charge they carried for you. 

Going forward, your sense of confidence becomes diminished and in turn, mastering tasks will become more difficult because self doubt now interferes. You may lose confidence to the point where you won't even tackle a challenge at all- believing that you are not able for it.

In reality, there is no actual reason why you wouldn't be able to get that degree, improve your income substantially, or tackle whatever else you dream about. All the 'realistic' and 'practical' reasons brought forward by others do not have to be a limit for you at all, as long as you develop and manage to hold onto complete unshakable confidence- no matter what.

If you have that level of confidence:

  • No challenge will be too big for you. 
  • You will have the determination and strength to see it through.
  • You can achieve success in any area you choose.

What About Psychotherapy, Counselling and Coaching to Build Confidence?

I have already made the point above that your inner sense of confidence is largely held in your subconscious mind and is underpinned by the childhood nurturing (or lack thereof) you have received.

Neither counselling, nor psychotherapy or coaching are particularly well equipped to work with the subconscious mind. While you may experience a certain amount of improvement when you talk to a professional about the things that are bothering you in your life, or are setting goals and following prescribed steps working towards them, in my professional opinion and based on long years of experience, there will be a limit to how far you can push the boat out with any of these methods.

Of the three methods mentioned, psychotherapy is the only one where you are in with a chance of dismantling at least some of the past programming that is holding you back. However, once you remove some of these blocks, what does psychotherapy do to nurture your sense of self confidence? Usually nothing much. Confidence hypnosis can fill this gap.

In both counselling and psychotherapy it is usually assumed that talking about issues in your life and doing some work on feelings that may come up for you in the counselling relationship, is enough to change your life. furthermore consider that if you choose to attend psychotherapy, you are looking at a time commitment of weekly sessions for at least two years before you will see any substantial change.

In contrast, hypnotherapy never usually involves long term work. You are looking at short stints of work. They will shift whatever is uppermost for you at that moment in time and will bring you to the next level, shedding a layer of baggage from subconscious mind programming.

The following year, or the year after, you may decide to do more work, on a different issue that, again, will bring you to the next level. When you work with hypnotherapy, change usually happens quite fast.

What Confidence Hypnosis Can Do for You

Your sense of self confidence is anchored deeply in your subconscious mind. Much of how confident you feel in general was set during childhood with subconscious mind programming.  It follows that if you want to improve your confidence, you are best advised to make changes at the very core of the issue- in your subconscious mind- and self confidence hypnosis is ideal for this. 

hypnosis for confidenceConfidence makes you shine and brings out the beauty from within.

Confidence hypnosis can help you in two ways:

Firstly, confidence hypnosis can help you to clear out the imprint of the past through regression hypnosis. How will you know if you need to undertake confidence hypnosis with a professional hypnotherapist?

I will usually recommend to include some regression work if:

  • Your issue is deeply ingrained
  • Your issue is chronic and has been there for a long time
  • You believe or know that there your confidence was impacted in childhood

Regression hypnosis for confidence will help you clear out the imprint of the past so that you can then rebuild your confidence from that new foundation. If you choose to go that route, find some tips on how to find the best hypnotherapist for you in my article on "Life Regression Hypnosis".

If your issue is in the low to mid range which means you are generally quite confident, self hypnosis for confidence may be all you need.

Confidence hypnosis through suggestion hypnosis will help you nurture your mind so that you can withstand the onslaught of negative messages facing you probably daily. You can strengthen your self image and your self belief until you truly feel you can tackle anything.

Imagine the prospect of really feeling in charge of your life. Of being able to make your own decisions entirely without past programming holding you back. How would that change your life? What would you do? How would that feel?

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I hope this article on confidence hypnosis has helped you to understand a bit more about what hypnosis could do for you.

There are more articles in this series on confidence hypnosis, find links below. 

In the comments underneath, let our community know how you are getting on.

Here is to your inner sense of well being and to your success in life!



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