How Relaxation Hypnosis Can Help You Change Your Life

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

This article is designed to introduce you to relaxation hypnosis, its benefits, how it works and why it may be help you to change your life.

relaxation hypnosisHow relaxation hypnosis can help you change your life

How Relaxation Can Change Your Life

If you lead a very busy life, you will likely experience times when you feel under a lot of pressure. Practicing relaxation regularly is one skill that will help you build resilience against the pressures of work and life. 

Why is regular relaxation important? Good question. If those pressure in work and life become chronic, your body and mind start being exposed to the symptoms of chronic stress. You are then in danger of burn out.

Chronic stress and burnout affect your life on every level: 

  • Your heart rate and rate of breathing increase and this may become chronic, potentially causing serious health problems.
  • Your system will be chronically exposed to stress hormones, most notably to excess cortisol which can cause you to gain weight, develop high blood pressure and can even affect your mental health causing you to feel chronically angry and frustrated.
  • You can start to experience difficulties concentrating during the day, affecting your performance at work. 
  • You may start to experience insomnia. In my article on self help for insomnia I talk about a healthy sleep hygiene and suggest to include relaxation hypnosis in your daily wind down routine.

Very likely when you are in this state, you will feel like you want to keep going, thinking that if only you could solve this one problem, this next problem, things would start falling into place for you. But the opposite is true. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, relaxation is what you need. Not only will regular relaxation help you to regulate your physiology, it will also help you improve your performance by improving your concentration and focus.

You will find that the time spent practicing relaxation self hypnosis during the day will be easily made up because you will work much more efficiently after your daily relaxation session.

Why Use Hypnosis to Relax

Relaxation and hypnosis go hand in hand. Going into hypnosis or self hypnosis trance involves relaxation. For this very reason, hypnotherapists are the ideal professionals to teach you how to relax.

In my article on deep relaxation hypnosis find out what separates relaxation hypnosis from relaxation music and from guided meditation for relaxation.

relaxation hypnosisThe benefits of regular relaxation that you can achieve using relaxation hypnosis.

Two Major Benefits Relaxation Hypnosis Holds for You

  • You will like hypnosis if you like letting go. A hypnosis session is time spent on personal growth. Usually, personal growth methods involve a lot of activity on your part, such as  writing a diary, speaking to a coach or cognitive behavioral therapist, or taking initiative to and keeping the discipline of meditating. In a hypnosis session, in contrast- you can be passive and let the practitioner (or the hypnosis relaxation audio) do the heavy lifting. In fact, the more you can let go and hand yourself over, the better the results will be for you. So, if you like a space where you can let go of all doing and responsibilities, hypnosis is for you. 
  • Hypnosis works fast and is effective. If you like seeing results fast and want to use an effective therapy that works directly with your subconscious mind- the place where you can achieve true changes in habits, emotions and mind set- hypnosis is for you.

How Does Relaxation Hypnosis Work

Hypnotists use different types of induction, some of which are very quick and take barely a matter of seconds to bring you into a trance state. For the purposes of relaxation hypnosis however, I would use a slow protocol that starts with a progressive relaxation of your body.

During the progressive relaxation your hypnotherapist will talk you through a process of relaxing your body step by step, one section at a time. Guided meditations will often work similarly, but rarely get you to relax as deeply as relaxation hypnosis would. This is because in relaxation hypnosis, the hypnotist has many other tools at his or her disposal. 

For example, once your body is relax, I personally would then talk you through a protocol to help your mind relax. This is important because the conscious mind tends to be overactive and unless specifically targeted your relaxation session could be overshadowed by excessive thinking. Many guided meditations will miss out on this part.

After relaxing your mind, relaxation hypnosis can bring you several steps deeper, using various protocols. You can be led down stairwells, escalators, elevators- you can float in the ocean and be encouraged to relax in many more creative ways. At this stage, body and mind relax simultaneously, bringing you deeper and deeper. In the end you can get to a place so deep that you really have very few cares in the world.

Not only does relaxation hypnosis help your physiology to relax, it will also bring about a profound effect of well being. This is because your mind receives lots of positive nurturing during hypnosis- and nurturing our minds is something we usually forget about.

relaxation hypnosisReducing stress levels through regular relaxation is vital for building resilience.

Relaxation Self Hypnosis

If relaxation is your goal, you will likely be able to achieve a lot with relaxation self hypnosis working on your own at home.  I have put together some free self hypnosis relaxation techniques, but for ease of use many people prefer to use a pre-recorded hypnosis relaxation audio.

Going Deep During Relaxation Hypnosis is a Skill You Can Learn

While relaxation hypnosis has these tools at its disposal it is important to say that not everybody will go that deep in their first session.

If you have been very stressed, are prone to anxiety, or your body is new to relaxation, going deep during relaxation hypnosis is a skill you may have to practice a few times before your physiology accepts relaxation. Be patient with yourself and take it one step at a time.

  • You can help this process by practicing relaxation hypnosis regularly at home. 
  • You can also help it by practicing other ways to relax as described in the section. 

Relaxation Self Help

These other ways to relax include:

  • Streching routines- which help lengthen and relax muscles 
  • Exercise- exercise boosts your serotonin levels which helps you to feel good
  • Deep Breathing Exercises- which help your organs and your brain to top up on oxygen and can also help reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your blood
  • Hypnosis and meditation- find out how regular relaxation with these methods can aid your success in life
  • Taking a bath- especially when you add Epsom salts that supply vital magnesium to your nervous system, a bath can be very relaxing for both body and mind.
  • Having fun- having fun and a good old laugh releases endorphins and aids relaxation and a sense of well being

relaxation hypnosisBuild regular relaxation into your life with relaxation hypnosis and life style changes supporting relaxation and you will soon see the benefits.

When to Attend Professional Hypnotherapy

If, after practicing at home,  you still find you have difficulties relaxing like my client Jeffrey did who attended me for hypnotherapy for stress, do consider attending an experienced hypnotherapist who will be able to teach you to reprogram your physiology for relaxation. In my article on life regression hypnosis, find some tips on how to find the right practitioner for your needs.

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    I hope you have found my article on relaxation hypnosis helpful.

    In the comments underneath, let our community know what you have learned.

    I have linked to other articles on hypnosis above, please do follow up and find out more. Hypnotherapy is an exciting personal development tool and can help you change your life.

    Here is to your health, relaxation and well being.


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