What is Deep Relaxation Hypnosis and What are the Benefits for you?

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

deep relaxation hypnosisSee what deep relaxation hypnosis could do for you.

Should you use deep relaxation hypnosis for your daily relaxation routine, or should you use a guided meditation or simply relaxation music instead?

Much of that will boil down to personal preference, but I have compiled this article to give you an impression of similarities and differences between these methods as well as of the particular benefits of hypnosis for relaxation so that you will hopefully find it easier to make your decision of what is right for you.

Relaxation Music

Relaxation music is usually exactly just that- a recording of relaxing music designed to lift the spirits and calm your mood. There are many different types of relaxation music to choose from. It's a matter of listening into the tracks to see which ones you fancy.

For the purpose of this article I want to highlight two particular types of relaxation music- incidentally those that are not so melodious.

One interesting trend I have seen and personally like a lot are recordings of nature sounds such as rain falling on a roof, or waves rolling into a beach or even dolphins singing. These sounds can form a lovely background sound as you are falling asleep or during yoga practice,  meditation or similar.

Then there are specially designed rhythms or beats often said to change your brain waves. These are worth giving a go and seeing for yourself what you notice as you play these tracks- do they change how you feel or think? Some will be more powerful than others.

deep relaxation hypnosisDeep relaxation hypnosis can help you shift your mind set around life's stressors.

Guided Meditation for Relaxation

There is a lot of overlap between hypnosis and guided meditation:

In both cases the voice over offers a structure and guidance. 

  • Both will start with progressive relaxation of the body.
  • Both use visualization.
  • Both use suggestions.
  • A guided meditation usually has a goal in the same way as hypnosis sessions have a goal.

Guided meditation involves usually visualization and may bring you on an inward journey- in this case an inward journey that aids relaxation.

So why are guided meditations not called 'hypnosis'?

For some people, hypnosis is associated with negative notions such as mind control or other hypnosis myths which keep people from accessing hypnotherapy. People who don't like the idea of being hypnotized may choose guided meditations over hypnosis and hence guided meditations for relaxation are a lot more popular than hypnosis relaxation audios.

Mind you, the guided meditation recording could have well been produced by a qualified hypnotherapist. But most are not.

This makes guided meditations a sort of 'hypnosis light'. Often, they use only a few tools to relax people and bring them deeper. Relaxation hypnosis in comparison has a lot more tools at its disposal, and can help you reach a deeper state of trance.

deep relaxation hypnosisDeep relaxation hypnosis can help you change habits and emotions around stress.

Deep Relaxation Hypnosis

Why choose deep relaxation hypnosis? 

  • A hypnotherapist will give relaxation not only one shot, but several. Relaxation protocols in hypnosis do not contend themselves with relaxing your body alone- they will relax your mind as well. Therefore, if you have an overactive mind, hypnosis may just be for you.
  • For relaxing first your body followed by your mind, there are several stages for each. The tools used for deep relaxation hypnosis by hypnotherapists include both visualizations and mental exercises. All are designed to help you let go and relax. 
  • Visualizations in hypnotherapy can feel incredibly real when the hypnotherapist invites you to get your senses involved in imagining. For example, you may be invited to smell something, hear something or taste something, and you will be surprise how readily your subconscious mind will oblige and deliver real sound bites, tastes, smells and even physical sensations.
  • Even the most tense person who finds it difficult to relax and let go should experience some sense of relaxation at the end of this process. Overall, for those who want deep relaxation, hypnosis is the best choice.
  • The voice offers a structure that keeps you on track with the task at hand- relaxation. Like in a guided meditation, the hypnosis relaxation audio will start with a progressive relaxation that talks you through relaxing your body step by steps, typically either from the top down or from the bottom up. 
  • Should you have difficulties progressing using the hypnosis relaxation audio alone, you can top up this piece of personal work by booking a consultation with a professional hypnotherapist. Using regression hypnosis, they will be able to help you overcome any blocks you may come against so that you can change your life the way you want to.
  • Hypnosis has the power to change your emotions, habits, beliefs and your mind set- not only on a temporary basis but in a lasting way. Imagine negotiating life's stresses in a lighthearted and energetic way, while also practicing good self care- how do you think would that change your life?

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    I hope this brief article on the benefits deep relaxation hypnosis compared to other relaxation methods has been useful for you.

    In the comments underneath please let our community know what you have learned.

    Here is to your health, relaxation and overall well being.


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