Hypnosis for Self Esteem- Why Most People Should Consider It

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

This article looks at what hypnosis for self esteem can do for you, how exactly it works to upgrade your self esteem and why I recommend that most people should consider building self esteem with hypnosis.

hypnosis for self esteemWhy hypnosis for self esteem is so important.

Did you know that self esteem hypnosis  is much less popular than hypnosis for smoking or hypnosis for losing weight? 

I didn't know that previous to doing my research for the Online Hypnotherapy Clinic and it came as an unexpected surprise. The number of search queries for self esteem hypnosis is only a fraction of how often people look for stop smoking hypnosis or weight loss hypnosis. 

I was quite thrown by this. Why?

From my many years of working with people in a therapeutic context I know and I have seen that most people do have self esteem issues. In fact, very often, self esteem issues are at the root of other problems such as anxiety,  depression and addictions. Self esteem issues are also part of the deep imprint left by trauma.

Therefore I recommend that, when you are looking to change your life with hypnotherapy you include hypnosis for self esteem as one of your major building blocks. 

Does Hypnosis for Self Esteem Work?

How Self Esteem Issues Arise

Where do these self esteem issues originate?

The core of your self esteem develops early in life- long before the age of seven. Nature has left the minds of young children wide open to being impressionable and easily programmed.

At the same time, most adults are not aware of their strong impact on small children. Therefore, babysitters, teachers at nursery, at kindergarten and teachers during the early years in school who make critical remarks, however minor, can become a major influence on the young child's future, putting a dent in their self esteem.

Often, this happens because these adults have self esteem issues themselves. Even well meaning parents can inadvertently pass on their own self esteem issues to their children in this way.

Often, reprimands and critical remarks are well meaning in their origin- most parents want only the best for their kids. They just don't know any better. They themselves might have been brought up in this way, unaware of the negative impact it had on their deepest selves.

Yet, the results can run deep:

  • Children start doubting themselves.
  • Children start not quite feeling  okay about being who they are.
hypnosis for self esteemCould you do with hypnosis for self esteem?

The Impact of Low Self Esteem

Why is self esteem so crucial?

Self esteem is all about how much you like yourself. And you will end up treating yourself depending exactly on how much you like yourself. And that, in turn, will be reflected back to you in the outer world as well.

What do I mean?

  • Well, if you don't like and appreciate yourself very much, how then can you attract love and appreciation from the people around you?
  • If you don't like and appreciate yourself very much, how can you expect to be picked for that promotion?
  • If you don't like and appreciate yourself very much, how can you then spoil yourself to have that amazing holiday or adventure?

And even if you end up getting any of these things because the universe conspires to give them to you- how can you appreciate and enjoy them deeply, when deep down you feel that you do not deserve them? 

It's only when we come to a place where we truly love and appreciate ourselves that we become ready to truly receive and enjoy everything life has in store for us. Therefore, boosting your self esteem is one of the best things you can ever do for yourself.

How to Know if You Have Self Esteem Issues

To help you identify if you have self esteem issues, I have put together a simple test that measures you life satisfaction in different areas. The logic here is that the state of our self esteem will impact directly on how satisfied we will feel in life. 

Remember, the universal rule at play here is that how good we feel about ourselves will set the standard for what and how much we are ready to receive in life. The test will give you a good idea on where in your life you have room for improvement.

Can You Heal Self Esteem with Psychotherapy, Counselling or Coaching?

Good question.

Of course you can work on self esteem with any of the above three methods. But can they give you the same results hypnotherapy can? In my article on confidence hypnosis, find out my answer to this question.

Why use Hypnosis for Self Esteem?

Self esteem hypnosis is a powerful tool for improving your self esteem. Why?

How much we like and appreciate ourselves is often seeded very early in life, often even before we  develop any conscious memories. Some imprint will happen, such as a rejection by a parent or caregiver- which young children, naturally, perceive as life threatening and will internalize very deeply.

This imprint results in a belief that you are not worthy, if your parent or caregiver treated you that way. The child will reason that they will have had their reasons- and children will always see those reasons in their own behavior.

Children will then try to perform 'better' in an attempt to be loved and accepted. If they got a result, they'd feel empowered and the wound inflicted by rejection could now heal. Chances are, however, that the parent or caregiver continues to reject them. This is because the reasons for their rejecting behavior lie with themselves and their lives, never actually with the child. They will continue behaving in a rejecting way for their own reasons.

The end result is that the deep seated belief of having done wrong and the associated feelings of low self esteem will remain. 

hypnosis for self esteemWith its gentle yet powerful approach, hypnosis for self esteem makes the healing process child's play.

These self esteem issues will be brought into adulthood, safely locked in the subconscious mind:

  • Most people don't even know these self esteem issues exist.
  • Typically, even if people know their self worth has a dent, they will have no idea why this is so. Underlying early childhood memories are buried deep.
  • Those very few that associate certain life experiences with their feelings of low self esteem typically lack connection to emotions, body sensations and an understanding as to how this experience has shaped the story they tell themselves about who they are.
  • Because of how the conscious and subconscious minds are separated- once you are an adult, the underlying experiences from early childhood will be completely inaccessible in an ordinary state of consciousness.
  • Because of these dynamics, low self esteem and the beliefs that have caused it become a 'program' that runs silently in the background- just outside your awareness. This program will directly impact your well being and sense of happiness in life. If you don't upgrade these old, outdated beliefs, they are bound to limit you in  life.

Hypnosis for self esteem offers powerful tools for working directly with this subconsciously held material and for changing your beliefs and how you feel about yourself in an easy and efficient way.

hypnosis for self esteemDare be yourself when you clear your issues with self esteem hypnosis.

Does Self Esteem Hypnosis Work?

See an article here in Psychology Today and make up your mind.

What can Self Esteem Hypnosis do for you?

Fortunately hypnosis for self esteem can help you to upgrade such subconsciously held beliefs.

It can do so in two basic ways:

  1. Using suggestion hypnosis, you can feed your subconscious mind the nourishing messages it was lacking. You can undertake suggestion hypnosis working with a professional hypnotherapist, or using self hypnosis for self esteem.
  2. To truly uproot deep seated issues, I recommend incorporating regression hypnosis into the hypnosis therapy. Regression hypnosis helps you to go back in time and re-interpret meaning and emotions associated with memories held in the subconscious.

Just to be clear, regression hypnosis is in no way scary or unsafe. Much to the contrary, it is the safest way I know to work with deep issues in a contained and effective way- allowing the practitioner to laser target the origins of your issue.

Once you build self esteem with hypnosis you will be ready for true change in your life. I hope this article on hypnosis for self esteem has helped you to understand why this particular issue may be crucial to your emotional healing.

hypnosis for self esteemDiscover that you are free from the trap of seeking approval from others when you clear your issues with hypnosis for self esteem.

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Imagine this vision...

...truly and deeply believing in yourself and feeling motivated and able to go after your dreams. In fact, doors even opening for you without you doing anything much- simply because your energy is right on target.

This is not a made up vision. I have experienced this myself. And I wish the very same for you.


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