How Hypnosis for Migraine Relief Can Benefit You In 5 Ways

Hypnosis for migraine relief is a novel migraine treatment that can help you navigate this chronic disorder. Let’s start with the basics and first look at what a migraine is so that you can be clear if your headaches fall into the migraine bracket.

hypnosis for migraine relief

When do you call Headaches a Migraine?

A migraine is not just the occasional headache. Migraines are much more severe attacks of headaches that occur frequently and can severely affect people’s lives.

Often, sufferers will feel a migraine come on for days beforehand. Symptoms may start with constipation and lack of sleep and lead up to feeling what is described as an ‘aura’ which precedes the actual headache. The headache phase alone can last from anything between three hours to three or four days, depending on severity.

In the US, migraines may affect as many as 20 percent of women and seven percent of men.

But before you self diagnose, it's always better to consult your doctor first. You should rule out anything more serious first and make a treatment plan with your doctor which may well include complementary medicine.

Does Hypnosis Help Migraines?

In general I think when faced with a complex medical issue like migraines it’s always best to draw on more than just one therapy or technique for management of the condition.

As part of a mixed migraine relief treatment kit, there are many ways in which migraine hypnosis can help migraine headaches. By drawing on some of these techniques that I will introduce you to in this article, hypnotherapy for migraines can aid both your healing and your personal growth.

How  Hypnosis for Migraine Relief can Benefit you in 5 Ways

1) Deep Relaxation Hypnosis

Deep Relaxation hypnosis, especially during the early stages of a migraine can help to take the focus away from the anticipation element, which many migraine sufferers report makes the experience worse. This is something you can do at home by simply purchasing a self hypnosis or guided meditation session.

hypnosis for migraine relief

2) Sleep Hypnosis

During the couple of days when you feel a migraine coming on, sleep hypnosis can also be very useful. Certain sleep phases help your body to recuperate and heal naturally. Good sleep during this time can help you lessen the severity of an attack, or to shorten it. Again, sleep hypnosis for your daily routine can be done by purchasing a self hypnosis recording that you play to yourself as you settle and before going to sleep.

3) Pain Hypnosis

Many migraine sufferers also use hypnosis for pain reduction. You would be well advised to find a hypnotist who specializes in chronic pain to teach you self hypnosis for pain which you can then use at home by yourself, once you have mastered them. Pain hypnosis techniques can take some time to learn and practice. Give them the time they deserve and practice daily.

Hypnosis for pain management can distract you or dissociate you from the experience of migraine pain so that your awareness shifts, and as a result pain levels drop or the pin disappears altogether. Other pain hypnosis techniques teach you how to relax particular muscle groups, especially around the neck and head which, when contracted, may play a role in bringing on a migraine attack. 

4) Hypnosis to Clear Underlying Emotional or Trauma Issues

Of course we now know that emotional issues can be a contributing factor in many health  and mental health conditions. Trauma held in the body can affect your health, too.

It might be surprising for you to hear that trauma can, in fact, manifest as chronic pain anywhere in the body.  (See my interview with Dr. Ronald Ruden on Trauma Science on this.) Migraines are one possible manifestation- back pain, and especially lower back pain, are also very common.

And while my main specialization is not in the chronic pain field, I have worked with chronic pain when it has presented itself and have been able to achieve significant improvements for clients as a "side effect" of the emotional clearing work we were doing.

My main specialization is in clearing the symptoms of anxiety and underlying trauma with my clients in one-to-one work. Some of my anxiety clients have also suffered from migraines which we have been able to improve also by releasing underlying trauma issues.

hypnosis for migraine relief

5) Havening Techniques® for Migraines

With those clients who presented with anxiety as well as migraines, I used Havening Techniques® and got very good results.

Havening is a method for the treatment of trauma that relies on producing delta brainwaves, through touch, which facilitate the resolution of traumatically encoded material in the amygdala. 

The results I had fusing Havening Techniques® that were specifically focused on migraines included:

  • Treating my teenage son who at this stage had had four severe migraine attacks that started out of nowhere. After one session of Havening Techniques® these attacks stopped.
  • Treating anxiety clients who also had migraines. When these migraines were present during the session, we were able to stop the attack. If we worked on the migraines in each session, they improved significantly over time, and the improvements were permanent.

Learn here how to use Havening for alternative headache relief at home by yourself!

I feel that Havening Techniques® are a promising technique for migraine relief. If you would like to discuss the possibility of working with me to improve your migraines, please drop me a message through the form below.

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I hope this article on hypnosis for migraine relief was helpful in giving you some pointers as to how hypnosis can benefit your migraine management or even better, your recovery from migraines.

In the comments underneath, let our community know what you have learned.


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