Hypnosis for Insomnia- 7 Wonderful Benefits for You

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

Do you want to find out if hypnosis for insomnia is for you? You have come to the right series of articles designed to educate you about the benefits and the science behind insomnia hypnotherapy.

hypnosis for insomniaSleep hypnosis can help you fix your insomnia.

This article is dedicated to the benefits of this treatment. Please find link below to the other parts of this series.

You might want to take a look at this success story reported in the Daily Mail.

Does Hypnosis for Insomnia Work?

And now, let's get going with the benefits of sleep hypnosis for you.

7 Wonderful Benefits of Hypnosis for Insomnia

1. Take Advantage of a Natural Treatment for Insomnia

With hypnosis for insomnia, take advantage of a completely natural method that works only through your mind to re-calibrate your sleep patterns.

While sleep medication is always on option, doctors are becoming increasingly conservative about prescribing it. 

Typically sleep medication is only recommended for short term use these days. Long term usage carries the risk of your body becoming used to the drug which leads to having to take a higher dosage- but taking a higher and higher dosage can become life threatening because your breathing could stop while you sleep. 

To cut a long story short- while required in the short term to settle severe insomnia, sleeping pills are not a viable long term solution for insomnia.

If you do decide to take it you should also be aware that- like any other medication, sleep medication has side effects. Some of its side effects can interfere with your day to day life. For example, many people on sleep medication report day time drowsiness which may make it unsafe to drive or operate machinery safely. 

In contrast:

  • With hypnosis for insomnia, you are going the natural route avoiding dependency on medication.
  • Hypnosis for insomnia is free from side effects
  • With hypnosis for insomnia, your body gets a chance to recover naturally- in other words, to make a genuine full recovery.

hypnosis for insomniaHypnosis for insomnia- 7 wonderful benefits for you.

2. Hypnosis for Insomnia Helps You Improve Your Quality of Life

When your recovery happens naturally this will reflect in an improved quality of life.

Loss of sleep will affect all areas of your life. 

To name just a few:

  • Insomnia may put strain on your relationships. 
  • Your concentration will suffer.
  • It will be harder if not impossible to keep up performance levels at work.
  • Your overall sense of well being will suffer.

When you attend hypnosis for insomnia, you can expect positive changes in all of these areas. Insomnia hypnotherapy can help you get relief from insomnia and, as a result, put your life back together.

3. Insomnia Hypnotherapy is Flexible

You can easily combine hypnosis for insomnia with other methods to improve your sleep. 

  • Healthy sleep hygiene is vital and you can brush up on that in my article on self help for insomnia.
  • Hypnosis for insomnia combines well with cognitive behavioral treatment (1) if you feel you would like a dual approach to leave no stone unturned.

4. Sleep Hypnosis Helps You Get to the Root Cause

When you use self hypnosis you typically work only with suggestion hypnosis. While suggestion hypnosis is powerful and can make all the difference with insomnia, when you attend a hypnotist you have more choices of how to get at the issue. 

For long lasting or medium to severe insomnia I recommend giving regression hypnosis a go. You may be surprised to find what deeper issue may be driving the insomnia from deep inside. 

Our subconscious mind programming can be elusive to spot in everyday consciousness. But with hypnotherapy, you can get to the source and dismantle the issue at the source. Once the underlying cause is removed, the path is clear for a full recovery. 

5. Lasting Change

Any changes you achieve when you include regression work with your treatment of hypnosis for insomnia, are lasting changes that will stand by you in the years to come. This is because you will have removed the root cause, not just the symptoms. 

Examples for potential root causes behind insomnia could be underlying anxiety issues, or varying degrees of childhood trauma. Over time if not dealt with, these can impact your resilience to stress and make you susceptible to stress symptoms such as insomnia.

Once the root cause is removed, your nervous system can relax once more and re-balance itself. 

This means that the changes you make using sleep hypnosis are here to stay. They will likely stand by you in other ways, too. You rarely remove just one issue when you work with regression hypnosis. When you dismantle anxiety, for example, this will have a knock on effect on self esteem and confidence also.

6. Hypnosis for Insomnia is a Positive Experience

See some recommendations for choosing the best hypnosis practitioner for you in my article on life regression hypnosis. Choosing the right practitioner is important so that you can make sure that your treatment experience is an overall positive one.

When you have chosen the right practitioner, you should feel a good rapport with the person from the start. Your hypnosis treatment should be enjoyable and relaxing, allowing you to fully let go. Typically, attending hypnosis is a nurturing and empowering experience and you will come away feeling good about yourself and your life as well as about the changes you have achieved.

hypnosis for insomniaHypnosis for insomnia will help you catch up on sleep.

7. Hypnosis for Insomnia Saves You Time

Last but not least sleep hypnosis will save you a whole lot of time because healing with hypnotherapy typically happens fast. You have only one life, so time is precious. And you deserve to feel better- fast.

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I hope my article on hypnosis for insomnia has helped you to see what you could gain from this safe and non-invasive form of treatment. You can read more about the topic in the articles linked to above.

In the comments underneath, let our community know how you are getting on.

Here is to your restful sleep.


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(1) Kirsch, 1996. Hypnotic enhancement of cognitive-behavioral weight loss treatments—Another meta-reanalysis. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 64(3), 517-519.

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