Self Hypnosis for Depression- 7 Massive Benefits for You

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

Self hypnosis for depression is a much underrated self help tool. In this article I will make the case for seven major benefits for you if you decide to use this fantastic self help tool. 

You can use self hypnosis for depression on its own, or alongside other forms of depression intervention such as counselling or psychotherapy, or as part of a thorough depression hypnosis program.

self hypnosis for depressionSelf hypnosis for depression is a fantastic self help tool that can help you to bring out your strength.

Self hypnosis is always suggestion hypnosis. Throughout these articles I argue that the best and most thorough hypnosis programs will consist of both suggestion and regression hypnosis. However, see the story here of someone who recovered from depression completely, using only suggestion hypnosis

Of course this case presents a 'best case scenario' which will not apply to everyone. However, it does show what is possible with self hypnosis.

On the other end of the spectrum- the very least you will get from self hypnosis is a self help tool that will help you to relax. Learning how to relax is an important part of your recovery from depression.

Having outlined both ends of the spectrum of what outcomes you can expect to see when you use self hypnosis for depression, allow me now to talk you through the seven most prominent benefits that I see it holding for you.

1. Save Money With Self Hypnosis for Depression

The journey of recovery from depression is often a long road. At the start of this road, for many people, is an encounter with medication- which as we all know does not come cheap. 

The second stop, for many people, is to seek professional help, usually a couple of years down the line when they have come to the limit of what depression medication could do for them.  At this stage, many people become aware of underlying emotional or psychological issues and realize they need support around those. 

However, other than for a fortunate few who can access free or low cost services, counselling or psychotherapy comes at a steep professional fee to be paid each week. The work involved is long term with conditions such as depression. 

If I was asked how long you should plan to be in psychotherapy for to resolve depression, I would have to answer, a minimum of two years. That's right, two years at minimum. Everyone is different and everybody's circumstances and internal resources are different, so in reality it could be much longer until you see an improvement in the quality of your life. 

Calculate for a moment how much that would cost in your locality- private psychotherapy on a weekly basis for two years. Got your figure? Write it down.

Calculate the cost of medication over the period of a couple of years as well. Write the figure down.

Your other option, of course is to undertake a course of depression hypnosis. I have argued in that article that hypnotherapy represents a cost saving over both psychotherapy/ counselling and medication. But what if you just cannot afford the extra expenditure right now?

Your other option then is to start working with self hypnosis for depression at home.

Whether you write your own self hypnosis script, invest in purchasing a studio recorded self hypnosis session, or invest in a self hypnosis training, the cost of self hypnosis for depression won't set you back by more than the cost of one hour of psychotherapy and by the fraction of the cost of an hour's hypnotherapy.

This fact alone is a major benefit of self hypnosis as a form of depression self help.

self hypnosis for depressionSigmund Freud on the use of hypnosis for mental health.

2. Invest as Little as 20 Minutes a Day

I know your time is precious. People are becoming busier and busier every year in this complex world we live in. Don't worry! Self hypnosis has you covered. Practicing self hypnosis for depression once a day for twenty minutes is all it takes to start making a difference to your wellbeing.

You can easily fit in this practice around your daily chores and around your parenting if you have children. The best time to practice self hypnosis is either when you first wake up in the morning, or as you settle in bed at night before going to sleep.

You can build some other, simple exercises around the main part of your practice. These won't require dedicated time slots. They can be done while you are commuting or are doing repetitive menial chores such as washing the dishes.

3. Enjoy an Easy-to-learn Self Help Tool

Self hypnosis is easy to learn and practice. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Many so-called experts are promoting elaborate self hypnosis methods, especially online. In reality, you can achieve an awful lot with a simple skill set. 

I have been using self hypnosis daily now for a few years and am living proof for the difference self hypnosis can make in your life- using easy tools for no more than twenty minutes a day.

self hypnosis for depressionYou can develop a positive attitude to yourself and your life when you use self hypnosis for depression.

4. Enjoy Going the Natural Route

Going the natural route is one of the biggest benefits of self hypnosis for depression. I argue so because most doctor's visits where the patient discloses that he or she feels depressed will result in a prescription for medication. Self hypnosis offers a viable alternative here.

Don't get me wrong- I do believe that medication has its place when it comes to depression.

You may require medication if:

  • You need to get over a crisis period
  • If you feeling acutely suicidal
  • If your symptoms are severe

If these points don't apply to you, be your own best health advocate, doing your research as described in my article on depression self help. Only then make your decision which route to choose. 

As part of your research, also consider going the natural, chemical free route- where you can choose from counselling, coaching or psychotherapy which you can easily combine with self hypnosis for depression.

5. Enjoy Being Independent With Self Hypnosis

  • Some people just don't like consulting professionals.
  • Others may have mobility issues and find it hard to get to appointments.
  • Others again just cannot fit attending appointments into their busy days.

If this is you, self hypnosis for depression offers you independence and extreme flexibility when you practice. No need to attend appointments. You work when it best suits you.

self hypnosis for depressionSelf hypnosis for depression can help you to conquer depression and move forward with your life.

6. Enjoy Being in Full Control of Your Recovery Process

Self hypnosis for depression offers you full control over your recovery process. You are in charge. You are the boss, not any professional who you may or may not gel with.

Being in full control can put you miles ahead with your recovery from depression.


Using self hypnosis for depression:

  • You activate your motivation to get better
  • You become determined to recover
  • You are encouraged to be gentle and loving towards yourself, which is a major element in recovering from depression

7. Benefit From Learning a Self- Help Tool for Life

Last but not least- once you practice self hypnosis for depression, you will learn to use a self help tool that you can then use to make any other changes in your life that you may want to make.

For example, recovery from depression will include looking for meaning and purpose in your life once again. Many folks find their meaning and purpose in creative self expression and you can use self hypnosis to bring out your own creativity.

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I hope you have found this article helpful and have a better impression now of what self hypnosis for depression looks like and what it can do for you, and what other options you have of changing your life using hypnotherapy.

In the comments underneath, let our community know what you have learned and how you are getting on.

Here's to your well being.


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