Self Hypnosis for Smoking- Your Questions Answered

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

You have probably heard about self hypnosis for smoking, but you don’t know much about it.

self hypnosis for smoking

On this page, I want to answer the following questions for you.

  • What is self hypnosis?
  • Why is it useful when you want to quit smoking?
  • Can you really do this on your own? Will self hypnosis work for smoking?
  • How much time will you have to invest?
  • What benefits can you expect from self hypnosis to stop smoking?

What is Self Hypnosis?

Self hypnosis, also called self-help hypnosis essentially means using hypnotherapy techniques on yourself, on your own, without consulting a therapist.

These self hypnosis techniques involve techniques you can use in a waking state, and techniques that guide you into hypnosis and work on your mind in this state of deep relaxation. When working with this relaxed state, you will act as both the hypnotist and the client.

But Wait, Does Stop Smoking Hypnosis Really Work?

best free stop smoking hypnosis

Why is Self Hypnosis Useful When You Want to Quit Smoking?

The difficulty in quitting smoking lies in overcoming a complex psychological addiction to smoking.

This started when you originally conditioned yourself to like smoking. 

Let me explain how. Remember your first cigarette? I bet you didn’t enjoy that in any way. If you are like me, you felt nauseous after the first few puffs, could barely suppress wanting to cough, and couldn’t wait to put it out.

But maybe there was social pressure that kept you smoking. For me, at 14, I wanted to be accepted by the ‘cool’ group of peers in my school. So, I continued to smoke whenever I was around them, although I hated the taste and effect of cigarettes. I learned to suppress my body's natural response to smoking.

Most smoking stories start in a similar way. I bet yours did, too.

self hypnosis smokingConquer the habit for good with self hypnosis for smoking

The time came when you conditioned your mind to accept smoking:

  • The rising and falling nicotine levels became part of life.
  • You learned to manage those by topping up toxins at the right point, before nicotine levels fall too low, so that you could avoid feeling unsettled.
  • Then, it seemed to you that smoking kept you calm.

The truth is that of course it doesn’t. While you are a smoker you will never ever feel as calm as any non-smoker would. But now, you have conditioned your body and mind otherwise. You may have been told by other smokers, too, that smoking helps keep the weight down, and you readily accepted that. In this way, you quickly started believing that there are certain benefits in smoking.

In this way, you conditioned yourself to be a smoker. And now that you want to quit smoking, the challenge you face is how to overcome that conditioning.

This process of putting together your own program does involve some work, but once you are set up the process is easy to follow.

Using a mixture of self hypnosis techniques, you can re-educate your mind to stop the attachment to smoking. For example you will tell your mind that there are no benefits to smoking, and that smoking is undesirable for you.

Will Self Hypnosis Work for Smoking?

Yes, just like stop smoking hypnosis with a hypnotist works (check out the scientific evidence), self hypnosis for smoking works, too, with a couple of caveats.

  • You will have to practice it regularly.
  • You will need to have some patience with the process.
  • Everybody is different, so it will take different amounts of time for everyone until you start noticing results. On average, I would advise to give it a month of regular practice and you will start seeing changes.

If you want to get more clarity on what quit smoking hypnotism can and cannot do for you, check out this article.

At that stage, your thinking about smoking will start to change.  You might notice any of the following changes:

  • You don’t enjoy cigarettes any longer.
  • You start to dislike the taste of tobacco.
  • Smoking doesn’t seem as attractive any longer.
  • You feel nauseous when you smoke.
  • You feel ill after smoking.
  • Smoking is becoming a bit of a to-do.
  • You want to stop smoking.You stop desiring tobacco.
  • You are repulsed by tobacco.
  • You are able to delay smoking the next cigarette.
  • You smoke a lot less in a day than you used to.

When quit day comes, you will be well prepared:

  • You will have cut ties with your personal emotional and situational smoking triggers.
  • You will have put new habits in place, such as exercising or knitting, to replace the smoking habit.
  • Your mind will be ready to let go of the psychological addiction to smoking.
  • You will look forward to the future and you will be proud of what you have achieved.

self hypnosis smokingYour questions answered about self hypnosis for smoking.

Can I Really do This on my own?

Yes you can practice self hypnosis for smoking on your own.

You decide where and when to practice and how to fit the practice into your life. This high level of flexibility is the real beauty of self hypnosis.

On the other hand, some people prefer to have company or support. If that is your preference, you may want to use self hypnosis for smoking alongside a friend who is also interested in quitting smoking. You can each practice on your own, but you can be a support for each other along the way. You can develop your program together, share how you are getting on, motivate each other, and celebrate together when you reach your goal of making this big change in your lives.

Or, you may chose the supported environment of a self hypnosis course where you work alongside other, like-minded people.

How Much Time Will I Have to Invest in Self Hypnosis for Smoking?

You can invest as much or as little time in self hypnosis to quit smoking as you have available. When you follow the techniques in my free self hypnosis guide (grab it below by subscribing to my newsletter) you will learn to master self hypnosis to make it fit into even the busiest lifestyle.

When you use self hypnosis for smoking, there are some techniques that you can practice even as you are commuting to work, during a break or while you are performing monotonous tasks. There are others that will require being undisturbed in a quiet space, but you can make that part fit in with bedtime.

Twenty minutes a day of undisturbed time, plus small chunks of time here and there while multitasking will go a long way to help you take advantage of hypnotherapy for change.

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self hypnosis smokingSelf hypnosis for smoking, become your own stop smoking coach.

I hope you have found your questions about self hypnosis to stop smoking answered on this page.

In the comments underneath let our community know if you will give self hypnosis for smoking a go?

In the meantime, here is to your health and well being!



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