Self Hypnosis to Stop Smoking - 13 Benefits You Can Expect

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

You have heard about self hypnosis, but did you know you could use self hypnosis to stop smoking? You can.

self hypnosis stop smokingUse self hypnosis to stop smoking to change your mind

Self hypnosis to stop smoking is probably the best kept secret among self help tools. With a handful of easy self hypnosis techniques you can make this powerful change in your life- to quit smoking for good.

Using self hypnosis for smoking you can expect many benefits. These include both benefits over other cessation methods and benefits over attending a quit smoking hypnotist.

Expect These 13 Major Benefits and More From Self Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

1. Enjoy an Easy Quit Method

Self hypnosis to quit smoking is easy to learn. You can learn it, too!

Once learned, in turn, it makes your quitting journey easy.

2. Invest as Little as 20 Minutes a Day

You can quit smoking through self hypnosis successfully by investing as little as 20 minutes a day.

Practicing self hypnosis will not encroach on precious time with family and friends.

3. Save Money With Self Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

  • Self hypnosis is either free, if you design your own program, or inexpensive (if you get help designing a program for you, buy a download hypnosis session, and/ or learn self hypnosis in a supported environment). In this way you can save your hard earned cash.
  • Also, there is no need for any smoking cessation products such as patches, gums or medication. No regular purchases of any kind are required.

Wait a Minute... Isn't Stop Smoking Hypnosis Just one big Gimmick?

best free stop smoking hypnosis

4. Get the Same Benefits that Hypnosis Offers- Cheaper Than if you Attended a Hypnotist

With self hypnosis to stop smoking, experience all the same benefits you would get from attending someone for hypnotherapy to quit smoking- for free or at a fraction of the price depending on how exactly you go about self hypnosis.

  • My self hypnosis guide is free, and it's all yours today if you subscribe to my newsletter below.

5. Benefit from Reduced Cravings

You can benefit from reduced quit smoking cravings when you use self hypnosis.

In contrast, many people who use willpower alone to quit smoking will experience cravings and then end up relapsing.

6. Enjoy Going the Natural Route

Go the natural route with self hypnosis for smoking.

No need for any medications or aids. Hypnosis is a completely natural quit smoking technique. Most self hypnosis techniques are perfectly safe (see my free self hypnosis guide below), and hypnosis has no side effects.

self hypnosis stop smokingMotivational quote on smoking cessation- use self hypnosis to stop smoking to get you there.

7. Enjoy Being Independent

With self hypnosis you can be independent.

  • You can practice self hypnosis to stop smoking on your own and don’t need to attend a quit smoking hypnotist
  • You can decide where and when to practice.

8. Enjoy Being in Full Control

Using self hypnosis, you can enjoy being in control and as you see your achievements day by day you can be very proud of yourself.

This is because the method puts you in charge of designing your own program and plan as well as your own pace or schedule for quitting.

9. Benefit From Extreme Flexibility

Self hypnosis is very flexible and will easily fit into your busy life style.

When you use quit smoking self hypnosis you can work from the comfort of your own home.

You can even follow your program while you are at work or on the go, see more here about how that works when you use self hypnosis for smoking.

10. Enjoy Lasting Effects When You Re-Educate Your Brain

Using self hypnosis for smoking you will re-educate your brain which plays a major part in smoking addiction.With self hypnosis, you can dismantle your own psychological addiction when you quit smoking with hypnosis.

You will, for example, send it the message that there is nothing to be gained from smoking. Once your brain understands this on a deep level, your desire for tobacco will stop. In this way, make quitting both easy and make it last with self hypnosis.

self hypnosis stop smokingThe benefits of using self hypnosis to stop smoking.

11. Enjoy Becoming Determined

As a result of designing or customizing your own program, you will be much more invested in the process than you might be if you were going to see a quit smoking hypnotist. This means you will develop a lot of determination. And when you become very determined, you can see the program through until you succeed.

12. Enjoy Improved Health

When you quit using self hypnosis, experience all the usual health benefits of smoking cessation, such as:

  • improved heart and lung function
  • improved functioning of your taste buds
  • improved fertility
  • better looks and better quality hair
  • and the psychological benefit of increased confidence.

See a quit smoking benefits timeline in an info graphic on this page on stop smoking hypnosis.

13. Benefit From Learning a Self- Help Tool for Life

With self hypnosis, learn a self help tool for life.

Using self hypnosis for smoking you will design and use tools that you can later transfer to any other issue in your life that you might want to change, such as losing weight or improving relationships.

You can reprogram your mind in relation to many different issues, depending on your needs and wants.  The idea is to utilize self hypnotherapy  for the changes you desire in your life, for example:

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I hope this article has helped to open your eyes to the potential benefits of self hypnosis to stop smoking. Above I have linked to more articles on stop smoking hypnosis which I hope you will find helpful also.

In the comments underneath let our community know if you are ready to give self hypnosis a go.

In the meantime, here is to your health and well being.



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