Quit Smoking Hypnotism- Find out the Truth

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

You are wondering if quit smoking hypnotism can help you make this big change in your life. You have heard conflicting reports and you are not sure.

Quit Smoking HypnotismQuit smoking hypnotism- Find out the truth about this form of smoking cessation treatment

Hypnosis in general and stop smoking hypnosis in particular are still surrounded by mystery. People generally don’t know much about what to expect from a program of hypnosis for smoking.

On this page I want to help you make sense of some of the sound bites you are likely to hear about how hypnosis for smoking worked for someone, either from the media or in your circle of friends.

The Nature of Anecdotal Reports on Quit Smoking Hypnotism

The difficulty with those anecdotal reports you will hear is that, very often, they give you exactly opposing opinions.

On one side, you will hear from people who have successfully quit smoking through hypnosis and swear by the method:

“I stopped smoking after quit smoking hypnotism and never had any cravings.”
“The hypnotist made me stop smoking.”
“Stop smoking hypnosis worked 100 percent for me. The hypnotist was brilliant. I didn’t have to do anything. I just stopped.”
“The quit smoking hypnotist replaced the smoking habit with exercising for me.”
“I have never touched another cigarette since I had quit smoking hypnotism and I really enjoyed the quitting process. It was easy.”

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On the other side, you will hear what at first glance seems to be the exact opposite:

“Quit smoking hypnotism did nothing for me at all.”
“I tried to quit smoking with hypnosis - I am still smoking so hypnosis doesn’t work”
“I tried hypnosis but I wasn’t hypnotizable.”
“The session was a lot of mumbo jumbo.”

Does Quit Smoking Hypnotism Work?

So, Which Side is Right? What to Believe? 

Let me tell you straight up. This is the truth about hypnosis to quit smoking: Hypnosis works, but it is not magic. It is not black and white after all.

But how do those opposing opinions make sense then?

Find out by following my argument here.

First, I will talk you through how to get to the bottom of what actually might have happened when you are faced with an anecdotal report by someone who had quit smoking hypnotism and claims nothing happened for them at all. I will give you the exact questions to ask yourself and them to find out.

After that I will talk you through my take on the ‘success reports’ above and why I am not a fan of statements along the lines of 'The hypnotist made me stop smoking'.

quit smoking hypnotismFind out the truth about quit smoking hypnotism.

Analyzing 'Failure' Reports

“Quit smoking hypnotism did nothing for me at all.”

If hypnosis ‘did absolutely nothing’ for someone, the first question that comes to my mind is: Did they actually attend a professional hypnotherapist?

Wait, no, you mean not all hypnotists are the same?

Unfortunately not. There are many professional hypnotherapists who are doing great work to help their clients. And then, as in most professions I suppose, there are a few bad apples.

I am thinking here of those quit smoking hypnotists who claim extraordinary success rates, typically in the region of 95 to 99 percent.

Often these hypnotists are the kind who travel around the country from hotel to hotel offering their services, never staying around for more than a day or two. They will take out big shiny ads in the local newspaper that sound all too impressive. These ads will lure people in. In reality, they are looking to make a lot of cash quickly and then to leave town.

Often, their programs of hypnosis for smoking consist of little of substance.

  • I have heard reports of once-off stop smoking hypnosis sessions of 45 minute length from start to finish which cost the equivalent of 400 Dollars.
  • I have heard of quit smoking hypnotists who have more than one treatment room on the go at any one time. They leave the client lying on a bed on their own while they put on a CD of a pre-recorded session. The cost for this was the equivalent of 250 Dollars.
  • I have even heard of one traveling quit smoking hypnotist who ‘treated’ (or rather cheated) large groups of people at once, for the equivalent of 100 Dollars per head. The length of his sessions was, wait for it, five minutes!

There is no doubt that these few bad apples have contributed greatly to casting doubt over the work of the entire hypnosis field. And because they do exist it is ever so important for you to do some thorough research before booking a quit smoking hypnotist. Get some guidance on how to go about that on this page and pay particular attention to question number 3...

Take it from me that what sounds too good to be true, such as success rates of 95 to 99 percent, more often than not, is exactly that....

No single smoking cessation method can deliver quit rates of that nature, including hypnosis. Don’t kid yourself with big colorful ads.

In reality, research has identified quit rates for stop smoking hypnosis of between 15% and 87%, depending, among other things, on the nature of the hypnosis program. This compares favorably to other quit smoking methods.

So when you hear from someone that “hypnosis did nothing at all” for them, the first things to establish are:

  • The nature of the program of hypnosis for smoking they attended
  • The length of the session(s) they had
  • Whether these were individual sessions or not

Answers to these three questions will clarify whether the person attended professional hypnosis sessions or fell prey to a crook.

If they did attend a professional hypnotherapist, what else could have gone wrong?

“I tried to quit smoking with hypnosis - I am still smoking so hypnosis doesn’t work.”

If they attended a professional hypnotherapist and claim nothing happened at all in their stop smoking hypnosis , continue the inquiry by asking yourself (and them):

1. Was the program of quit smoking hypnotism of substantial length?

It has become popular to offer hypnosis for smoking as a one session program. But often, one session is not enough for someone.

The rule of thumb is:

  • Multiple sessions are better than one.
  • Longer sessions are better than shorter ones.

2. Or did something in fact happen and they didn’t notice?

Some people approach quit smoking hypnotism with an expectation of a silver bullet to their smoking addiction. And when one has the expectation of a silver bullet, and the expected miracle does not come to pass, one can then easily miss out on the subtle things that may have changed, for example:

  • Not enjoying cigarettes any longer
  • Smoking less
  • Finding smoking less attractive than before
  • Starting to dislike the taste and smell of tobacco

So, they may still be smoking, but things may have started to move in the right direction. With a bit more work they could have quit smoking successfully.

3. Is perhaps their interpretation of what happened due to myths they believe about hypnosis?

“I tried hypnosis but I wasn’t hypnotizable.”

This story line is all about such hypnosis myths.

Most people believe the myth that a high percentage of people are not hypnotizable and decide that they personally are supposedly not hypnotizable. But research shows that most people ARE hypnotizable, and those that are not immediately hypnotizable can be taught how to go into hypnotic trance.

This person probably also believes the myth that being in hypnosis means that you will be asleep or unconscious. And because they weren’t asleep or unconscious they may assume they were not hypnotized

Which, of course, fits in very nicely with the belief that they were not hypnotizable to start with.

In reality, however, being in a hypnotic trance means that while you are very relaxed physically and mentally, you are usually very alert for most of the session.

There are other quit smoking hypnotism myths. If you want to quit smoking through hypnosis you are better off breaking down these types of myths from the start so you can understand how hypnosis works for smoking and get the best out of your program.

Being open minded

“The session was a lot of mumbo jumbo”.

This statement is also likely colored by misconceptions of what they believe hypnosis should and shouldn’t be like.

Or, alternatively, this statement may be due to plain prejudice. But what would be the point in approaching your quit smoking hypnotism treatment with prejudice?

I hope you’ll agree with me here that you would be much better off going into your program with an open mind, looking for what hypnosis can do for you.

I hope you are beginning to make sense of some of the 'failure reports' about quit smoking hypnotism that you have likely picked up in your circle.

And now, let’s spend a little bit of time talking about the ‘success stories’ mentioned above. There are indeed many of those that you will hear out there.

But, funny enough, I have a small gripe here, too- about how these are often told.

quit smoking hypnotismThe truth about quit smoking hypnotism.

The Notion of the All-Powerful Hypnotherapist

As I already mentioned earlier, I am not a fan of the use of phrases like:

“The hypnotist made me stop smoking.”
I didn’t have to do anything for it.”
“The hypnotist replaced the smoking habit for me and made me exercise instead.”

Some people believe hypnotherapy can do magic. They believe that once they go into hypnotic trance at all, that all their issues will be resolved in one session.

When they find out that they have a part to play in the treatment when they stop smoking by hypnosis, they are displeased to hear that this should be so. And when they hear the work will take more than one session, they almost go into shock. “Really?” They are thinking, “But that’s not REAL hypnosis, is it? If it was real hypnosis, the hypnotist would be able to make me stop smoking”.

I have bad news for you. The hypnotist is not all powerful.

A hypnotist is not a magician, despite how some hypnotherapists market their services. You will hear and see lines like: “I will make you stop smoking in one session.” or “I will make you lose weight.” And these sound bites have contributed greatly to this myth arising that hypnosis works like magic. That you, the client, don’t have to do anything, and the hypnotist will sort it all out.

Let’s get real, folks.

Stop smoking hypnotism is a very powerful form of therapy. But it ain’t magic.

Just in the same way as acupuncture, nicotine replacement therapy, e-cigarettes, vaping, and various other smoking cessation methods are not magic.

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I hope this page has helped you to understand the truth about quit smoking hypnotism. I have linked to other articles on stop smoking hypnosis that I have written to help you better understand how hypnosis can help you change your life and drop the awful 'habit'. I hope you will enjoy the read.

In the comments underneath let our community know what you think about hypnotherapy to quit smoking. Would you give it a go?

In the meantime, here is to your health and well being.


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