Quit Smoking Through Hypnosis- 7 Common Misconceptions Exploded

You have heard people can quit smoking through hypnosis, and you have certain ideas of what hypnosis is. But you don’t really know for sure. This article is written for you.

quit smoking through hypnosisConsumer warning about smoking- quit smoking through hypnosis

I will dispel the seven most common hypnosis myths that are prevalent when you quit smoking with hypnosis.  Why are misconceptions important?

Misconceptions like these stop people from accessing hypnosis, and they can thwart their expectations of hypnosis into something very unrealistic.

My hope is that clarifying them might make it easier for you to decide to see whether quitting through hypnosis may be for you.

As a practicing hypnotherapist, of course, I am a big fan of hypnotherapy, and I see in my clinical practice the benefit it makes helping people change their lives. 

Hypnotherapy to quit smoking has many benefits to offer. Hypnosis a gentle and all natural smoking cessation technique chosen by many smokers to make this permanent change in their lives.

So now, let's look at the seven hypnosis myths for hypnosis for smoking.

1. Are you reluctant to quit smoking through hypnosis because you are afraid the hypnotist might control your mind?

If so, you are not alone. Practically everyone has this fear, and it makes many reluctant to quit smoking through hypnosis. Yet, these ideas are nothing but hypnosis myths. Where did they come from?

The idea that hypnosis involves mind control has been promoted through novels and Hollywood movies such as ‘Svengali’. In my opinion this myth has not been helped either by the carry-on of stage hypnotists who act like they do have power over people.

In reality they don’t. Hypnosis performances are carefully staged. Stage hypnotists will pick only those people that they identify as highly susceptible to hypnosis, or who are willing to play along.

best free stop smoking hypnosis

But Wait, Does Stop Smoking Hypnosis Really Work?

The reality:

There is no need to be afraid. When hypnosis is used therapeutically, as it is when you quit smoking through hypnosis, you are fully in control of the session. You can decide, or your subconscious mind will decide for you, how deep you go into trance.

The depth of trance will vary throughout the session. But for most of the session you will usually be very alert, even more alert than in everyday life.  Although you are very relaxed, your antennas are switched on.

Therefore, if you disagree with a suggestion or simply dislike it, you can decide, and your subconscious mind will decide for you, to ignore that part. The quit smoking hypnotist cannot make you do anything you don’t want to do. You will only let in the messages that feel right for you.

And because you will only let in the suggestions that feel right for you, my advice is to you is to make sure you have a good rapport with the quit smoking hypnotist you are planning to attend, so that you can embrace all the messaging and get the best out of your sessions.

2. Do you believe that you can’t quit smoking through hypnosis because you are not hypnotizable?

Really? Are you sure you are not hypnotizable? Really, really sure?

Think again.

Most people believe that they are not hypnotizable. This is not helped by claims by large publications (see for example Quitza here) that you find over and over online which claim that 25 percent of people cannot be hypnotized.
Those claims are not backed up by research findings of any kind. Yet, once online, they spread like wildfire. Just to get this straight, these claims are completely unfounded.

Recent research from Stanford using a large sample found that only 5% of participants were hard to hypnotize. And because this study required a comparison group that would not be hypnotized, the researchers made no attempt to teach participants how to go into trance.

In reality, everyone is hypnotizable, and going into trance is a teachable skill.

Of course there are individual differences in how susceptible people are to suggestion. But everyone IS hypnotizable. It’s like everyone can be taught to read and write- to a level where they can enjoy this useful skill to their advantage throughout life, but not everyone will end up making a living from writing.

So that means you, too, are hypnotizable. You don’t believe me?

Think about a popular form of waking hypnosis we are all familiar with and exposed to daily- advertising.

  • Have you ever become aware of a product through advertising?
  • Started to like a product because of advertising?
  • Have you ever bought a product because of advertising?

I believe it would be hard for you to answer truthfully and answer with no. And if you have let your attitudes, beliefs and mindset be influenced by advertising that means you are suggestible and hypnotizable.

Some people find it easier to let go into hypnotic trance than others. But where you are right now in terms of susceptibility is not static. I have already mentioned that going into trance is a learned skill. Going into trance becomes easier with practice.

Try it out. You can even practice this at home- by listening to a hypnosis recording. You will find that the more you practice, the more your body and mind will learn how to relax.

The final point to make here is about the nature of hypnotic trance.

Some people reinforce their belief that they cannot be hypnotized with another hypnosis myth- that hypnosis is like sleep. They expect to be asleep or unaware of their surroundings during hypnosis. And because they weren’t, they conclude that they were not hypnotized at all.

For a classic example of the effects of this belief, see how Alan Carr interpreted his successful session of hypnosis for smoking cessation because of this myth.

Typically, for the largest part of a hypnosis session, you will be fully aware and will know exactly what is going on. This is natural. The depth of trance will vary throughout a hypnosis session. There will be deeper moments, and there will be shallower moments of trance. And you will remember a lot.

This is an important point to remember. Expect to be fully aware during your session when you quit smoking through hypnosis. At the same time, you can enjoy very deep physical and mental relaxation.

You can practice going into trance at home, either with a recording of a relaxation hypnosis session, or by practicing self hypnosis for smoking.

quit smoking through hypnosisFind out 7 misconceptions when you quit smoking through hypnosis.

3. Do you want to quit smoking through hypnosis but believe there is no scientific evidence that hypnosis for smoking works?

I have written a comprehensive article on the scientific evidence on stop smoking hypnosis to help you form your own opinion...

4. Do you expect the hypnotist to ‘Make You Stop Smoking’?

I personally don’t believe it is good to engage with the idea that a hypnotist has the power to ‘make you’ quit smoking through hypnosis, and here’s why.

Some quit smoking hypnotists advertise their services with a line similar to this ‘I will make you stop smoking’. This idea is attributing a lot of power to them. The reality is that the power to make changes in your life is all yours.

In truth, nobody can make you do anything that you don’t want to do during hypnosis. This includes making you quit smoking through hypnosis.

Say for example your partner sent you to see a quit smoking hypnotist, but you are not really ready to stop smoking. If you don’t want to quit smoking, there is nothing the therapist can do to make you stop. You will most likely leave the program continuing to smoke.

When you really want to quit, a hypnotherapist can help you change your beliefs, mindset and attitudes to smoking. Find out here what happens exactly when you quit smoking with hypnosis, what to expect from a program of hypnosis for smoking, and how to get the best out of your treatment when you stop smoking by hypnosis.

Once that treatment is over, you will be back to your own life- where only you have the power to maintain changes you want to make in your life. Nobody else can do this part for you.

There is nothing the hypnotist can do to make you mind yourself. They can help by giving you suggestions to mind yourself, and they can help by giving you a recorded self-hypnosis session to work with. But they cannot make you exercise good self care. You will have to nurture the changes you want to make in your life and you will have to take action in order to take full advantage of hypnotherapy for change.

5. Do you secretly believe that hypnotherapy to quit smoking is a silver bullet and will make you stop smoking without you having to do anything?

While thousands each year quit smoking through hypnosis, for the treatment to work, you must be on board with the process fully.

If, for example, your partner is sending you to quit smoking through hypnosis but you are not ready to quit- hypnosis won't work for you. Nothing will.

If, for example, you quit for a short time and then believe you can go back to smoking tobacco because you believe that after hypnosis treatment you will not become addicted any longer, you are fooling yourself. Hypnosis cannot do that for you, nothing can.

Some people expect there to be magic when you quit smoking through hypnosis- and for those who succeed immediately it may indeed feel like magic. But a quit smoking hypnotist is not a magician.

You are going to have to participate in the process. For example, you will need to exercise good self-care and you will have to do some work to maintain your newly found changes in attitudes, beliefs and mindset so that you can stay quit.

Read more here on how you can support your treatment when you quit smoking by hypnosis.

quit smoking through hypnosisQuit smoking through hypnosis today!

6. Do you believe you must see a hypnotist face to face for hypnosis to work?

When you want to quit smoking with hypnosis, the hypnotist will work with what is called suggestion hypnosis. The good news is that you don’t have to attend a hypnotist when you work with suggestion hypnosis.

You can use self hypnosis and get the same benefits. In fact, in some ways you may be at an advantage when you use self hypnosis to stop smoking.

In the end, you can make your decision on whether or not to attend a quit smoking hypnotist face to face based on your personal preferences.

7. Are you concerned that hypnosis might set off past trauma when you
quit smoking through hypnosis?

Again, this is a common concern, fueled in part by media misrepresentations of hypnosis..

There is one way of working in hypnosis called regression hypnosis which locates the cause of current emotional problems in events from the past. This method is used to resolve very deep issues such as depression, trauma and anxiety as well as fears and phobias. You may have heard about this and you may wonder if the hypnotist will bring you back into the past when you quit smoking through hypnosis.

Do check with the hypnotist you are planning to visit. However, usually life regression hypnosis is not part of the program when you quit smoking through hypnosis. It is not required, and, in fact, I believe, should not be mixed in with a quit smoking session. In reality, professionally conducted stop smoking hypnosis is usually very contained. It is designed to help you quit smoking. To do just that and nothing more.

Hypnotherapy students are typically given a specific warning about this during their training that hypnosis to quit smoking must stick to the one treatment issue only. And when hypnotists follow this guideline, there will be no side effects when you quit smoking through hypnosis.

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I hope this article, by dispelling the myths surrounding hypnosis, has helped you to clarify what hypnosis is and what it is not.

Did you learn anything new about hypnosis here? Did anything surprise you? Will you give stop smoking hypnosis a go?

Let our community know in the comments underneath.

Here is to your health and well being.


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