Hypnosis for Smoking-10 Things You Should Know About Your Program

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

You are curious about hypnosis for smoking. But you don’t quite know what it’s all about or what to expect.

Hypnosis for smokingMatt Damon on his experience with hypnosis for smoking.

Don't fret. You are about to understand a whole lot more. On this page I will talk you through ten things you should know about stop smoking hypnosis programs.

First Things First: Does Hypnosis for Smoking Really Work?

1. What is a Program of Hypnosis for Smoking and What Does it Look Like?

Stop smoking hypnosis is a specific hypnosis treatment which can help you quit cigarettes or tobacco.

The first thing you need to understand before you book a hypnotist is that there is no such thing as a standard program to quit smoking by hypnosis.

Therefore, I advise you to personally contact practitioners to ask them all the relevant questions that enable you to decide which quit smoking hypnotist offers the best program of hypnosis for smoking for you.

By now you have probably booked your first session, so let’s look at what to expect.

best free stop smoking hypnosis

2. The Design of Hypnosis for Smoking Programs

If your program contains more than one session of hypnosis for smoking, each session will likely deal with different aspects of overcoming the addiction to nicotine.

For example, in a four-session program:

  • Session one might deal with the remaining blocks to quitting, your triggers to smoking, and your beliefs about smoking.
  • Session two might follow this up with suggestion that support you to quit smoking without gaining weight.
  • Session three may take place after your quit date and may reinforce the work done before to make sure your desire to stay quit remains stronger than the impulse to slip back into the same old pattern of addiction.
  • And finally, session four may have a distinctive future focus and may zoom in on all the things you gain by quitting which would ensure you develop, and continue to maintain a positive attitude to quitting over time.

This is just an example off the top of my head.

In reality, there are multiple ways to design such a program. Each hypnotist will have a slightly different take on the topic. Many quit smoking hypnotist offer only one session of hypnosis for smoking.

If you have booked a one session program, all aspects of quitting will have to be dealt with in that one session. In that case, the session should be of substantial length, ideally no less than two hours, in my opinion. Simply put, you need the time to go deep and to allow for all the relevant messaging.

3. Your Hypnosis for Smoking Program Should Start With an in-depth Consultation

Whatever the exact structure and nature of the program of hypnosis for smoking that you have booked, your first session should start with an in-depth consultation of at least 30 minutes, ideally more.

The purpose of this consultation should be to establish:

  • Exactly what stage you are at in relation to quitting smoking
  • Which blocks to quitting remain in your case
  • To establish your exact triggers to smoking and any other information needed to be able to adjust the program to your particular needs. This is important because research has shown that personalized stop smoking hypnosis programs achieve higher quit rates (1). (Find out more here on the science behind stop smoking hypnosis.)

The consultation is a vital part of your program:

  • It establishes rapport.
  • It helps the hypnotist to adjust the program to your individual needs.
  • It also should help you to develop a good understanding of your smoking habit and of what exactly in your life has had you attached to smoking.

If a program was to not contain a consultation, I would say, steer well clear of it! You would be better off working with self-hypnosis for smoking.

4. Your Hypnotist Prepares you for Hypnosis

Once the consultation is over, the quit smoking hypnotist will prepare you for the actual hypnosis part of the program. Again, this can happen in different ways. Some hypnotists may use a recording, others will talk to you in person.

  • They are likely to explain to you what hypnosis is and what it is not.
  • They are also likely to explain the difference between stage hypnosis and hypnosis used as a therapy for making changes in your life.
  • The most important message your quit smoking hypnotist will want you to understand from this part of the session is that you are in full control of which messages or suggestions you will let in.

Of course, in order to get the best out of hypnosis for smoking, it makes sense to embrace all the positive and nurturing messaging coming your way. After all, this is an opportunity to make one of the best changes in your life yet, freeing you from smoking!

The practitioner may ask you to perform some simple tests such lifting your arms when instructed to do so, or bringing your hands together. The purpose of these tests is twofold- firstly it helps the quit smoking hypnotist see how ready you are for the session, and secondly these tests help you get ready to receive suggestions.

Don’t be put off by them, just accept them as a necessary part of the session.

Remember, you are doing this for yourself and you want to get the best out of it when you quit smoking by hypnosis.

hypnosis for smokingHypnosis for smoking programs- what to expect.

5. Starting the Hypnosis Session

If the quit smoking hypnotist has a recliner chair or sofa, at this stage, they will suggest you make yourself comfortable.

The actual hypnosis session usually starts with some form of progressive relaxation which instructs you to relax one body part after another. This is usually followed with instructions on how to relax your mind.

This part of the hypnosis for smoking is called the hypnosis induction. There are many different types of hypnosis, all using different hypnosis induction protocols. Follow the protocol your quit smoking hypnotist uses as best as you can, allowing your body and mind to relax.

  • Remember: The more relaxed you are, the more you will benefit from the program of hypnosis for smoking. You should get to a state where your body is heavy and limp, and you don’t have a care in the world.

If relaxing is difficult for you, you can practice this at home beforehand, using something like progressive relaxations available on You Tube. It does get easier every time you practice.

An important point to understand is that being hypnotized is not the same as being asleep, although it is often mistaken as such. So when you notice yourself being fully aware and alert, that is natural. For some parts of the session you may drift off into a very deep state, but that is not sleep.

Either way, you should be very relaxed. And being very relaxed means the door to your subconscious mind is wide open. And that, of course, is what you want, in order to get the best out of your session.

6. Hypnosis for Smoking Adapted to your Individual Needs

Next comes the main part of the session, where your quit smoking hypnotist delivers the right suggestions for you to get ready to quit smoking. These should be based on the preceding consultation that I talked about above.

Embrace these suggestions as much as you can. Your mind is in a very suggestible state right now and you want to use that opportunity to install the changes you want.

7. The Hypnotherapy Session Concludes

When the suggestion stage has concluded, the hypnotist will ‘emerge’ you, which simply means bringing you back to ordinary awareness.

This is usually done with a countdown process of some kind. You may be so relaxed that you don’t want to come back yet. Definitely take your time coming out of hypnosis. Coming out slowly ensures you don’t give yourself a shock which could result in being irritable or developing a headache later in the day.

8. The post session consultation

After each session of hypnosis for smoking, your quit smoking hypnotist should spend a few minutes talking to you to establish how the session went from your perspective.

For example, they may be interested in finding out what was easy and what was difficult for you, and how deep you were at different stages. This will already give them some pointers as to how to design the next session.

If this is the end of your program of hypnosis for smoking, the quit smoking hypnotist may ask you to get rid of all your smoking paraphernalia such as remaining packets of cigarettes, lighters, roll up machines, pipes, packets of tobacco and so on at this stage.

9. How should you feel after a hypnosis session?

I can give you a summary of how people may feel after a session of hypnosis for smoking, but do realize your experience will be unique. 

Some people describe feeling as if their brain has been "defragmented like a computer", others describe feeling like a "new version" of themselves. Emotions may range from feeling slightly dazed to feeling very positive and focused.

Some people, unfortunately, get stuck in doubt and judgement. This is bound to affect how much they will benefit from the suggestions delivered.  But that won't be you because you are here to educate yourself about what to expect and how hypnosis for smoking works.

Overall, how one feels after all depends, among other things, on how far you have come with the quitting process and how much work remains to be done.

10. After each hypnosis session comes your homework

Some people get stuck in questioning if the session did anything for them at all. My advice on this is to really open your mind to any changes at all that you observe, and to support and nurture those. 

You may not be ready to quit tobacco yet, but you may notice that you have stopped enjoying cigarettes or that you may have started feeling repulsed by them. They may not seem as attractive as before. There may be less of an urge to light up.

Follow up on the changes you perceive, lengthen the period between cigarettes, stub out cigarettes after a couple of puffs- or take that dive and quit smoking right now- whatever works for you.

Don’t drift back to same old same old. You do want to make the best use you can of hypnotherapy for change, right?

Your quit smoking hypnotist can make things easier for you by helping you change your beliefs, your mindset and attitudes in relation to smoking. But they cannot hold your hand when you return to your everyday life. You will have to nurture the changes you desire to make so that you can get the best out of hypnotherapy for making this change in your life.

To support this process, the quit smoking hypnotist may instruct you to do some homework.

If they don’t, take it from me that your homework is always to maintain the changes in beliefs, attitudes and mindset installed during the latest session of hypnosis for smoking.

How to do this?

If you receive a recording of your session, or a recording of a maintenance session, play this to yourself every day, at least once a day to keep up your motivation and focus.

If you don't receive a recording, write down some of the suggestions you received in relation to quitting smoking during the latest session and read through them every morning and evening.

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I hope my brief article on programs of hypnosis for smoking has helped you to understand a bit better what to look out for when you are shopping around for the best quit smoking hypnotist for you.

In the comments underneath let our community know what you have learned about hypnotherapy.

At the links above you can find out more on the fascinating topic of using hypnotherapy to change your life. I hope you'll enjoy the read, and I hope you will give hypnosis a go.

In the meantime, here is to your health and well being.


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