Best Free Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session- Please Enjoy

Courtesy of the Online Hypnotherapy Clinic

The best free stop smoking hypnosis session on the internet today- for you to enjoy, courtesy of the Online Hypnotherapy Clinic. 

best free stop smoking hypnosisAn invitation to enjoy the best free stop smoking hypnosis session online.

The very first thing to do is to bookmark this page if you are on a computer, and if you are on a mobile device instead, save the link or at least take a screen shot so you will know where to find us next time you want to visit.

Before you press play, please take your time and prepare. Read the article and please follow the instructions and guidelines given here so that you can get the very best out of your free quit smoking hypnosis treatment.

Please Enjoy the Best Free Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session

Here are 10 tips and guidelines to help you get the very best out of this session:

  1. Never ever play a hypnosis recording when you are driving or operating machinery. Make sure you listen to the session when you are both safe and undisturbed. 
  2. If you have a concern about weight gain after quitting, please find out how to approach this issue in my article "Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight".
  3. Don't expect that listening to this session once will magically make your smoking habit disappear. Self hypnosis works best with repetition. In the hypnosis world we used to say that changing a habit takes 21 days. We now know that it can take longer than that and that change can be incremental. Give yourself time and keep at it.
  4. Set a quit date no more than a week into starting to listen to this recording daily. Get rid of all your smoking related gear on the morning of quit day and clean your house. Before quit date, decide on what positive behaviors you are going to replace the smoking habit with- for example drinking water, using fiddle toys, exercising, walking.
  5. I recommend you listen to this recording once a day for at least a month. If you find it hard to find a suitable time slot, simply listen while settling in bed at night. 
  6. If you fall asleep during the session, your subconscious is still listening and will absorb the positive and nurturing messages given in the session.
  7. Ideally, start self hypnosis only after educating yourself a bit more about the ins and outs of it. There are lots of articles here that can help you challenge your internalized hypnosis myths. Everybody has them, even though hypnosis is over 250 years old.
  8. There are lots of resource articles linked to underneath that can help you deepen your understanding of  stop smoking hypnosis.
  9. There are many myths that relate to the stop smoking niche in particular. Uproot them here in my article on how to quit smoking through hypnosis.
  10. Find out more about what you can do to get the very best out of this session in my article on self hypnosis for smoking.

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best free stop smoking hypnosisAn invitation to enjoy the best free stop smoking hypnosis session online.

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