The Benefits of Self Hypnosis for Your Life and Work

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

The benefits of self hypnosis stretch across a number of different areas, encompassing all aspects of your life and work. This article is designed to outline them in easily comprehensible form.

the benefits of self hypnosisThe benefits of self hypnosis for you and your life.

The Benefits of Self Hypnosis for Your Health

The pressures of everyday living

In today’s world, we are under constant pressure and stress. There is constant input from various sources, including television and smart phones. At any one time during the day, we have to digest a whole bulk of information. Virtually every job description these days comes with the expectation that the prospective employee must be good at working under pressure and to tight deadlines.

Often, this pressure extends into the family home. Even children have to live up to high expectations these days, with steep homework assignments and many after school activities.

And, with all of this going on, we don’t relax half as much as our forefathers would have done. Instead, we have another cup of coffee to be able to get through the day.

But our bodies aren’t made for constant pressure. Physiologically, our bodies expect periods of high performance and pressure to be balanced with periods of relaxation. If they don’t get that, over time, there will be implications. These can reach from a lack of a sense of well being and joy to physical issues such as heart problems or chronic illness.

The benefits of self hypnosisThe advantages self hypnosis could bring into your life.

Start relaxing with self hypnosis

See this page about self hypnosis relaxation techniques for more details and a sample relaxation you can start using at home today.

The Benefits of Self Hypnosis for Getting on Top of Addictions and Weight Loss

Many mental health practitioners recommend or even teach self hypnosis to those overcoming addictions, including heavy addictions to heroin and similar drugs. Addiction counselors find that self hypnosis helps people be more centered and more single minded about the quitting process.

In one academic paper I read, I found an account of a heavy cocaine addict who was using the extraordinary amount of five grams per day. She eventually weaned herself off the drug using a pre-recorded stop smoking hypnosis session she had found. She simply replaced the word ‘smoking’ with the word ‘cocaine’ in her mind and played the session back to herself extensively, until she was able to stop the addiction (1).

Self hypnosis to stop smoking is a powerful tool for those who want to quit tobacco but rather than attending a hypnotist, prefer to work in the comfort of their own home.

Self hypnosis for weight loss is a great support for many on the weight loss journey as in this example reported in the Daily Mail.

The Benefits of Self Hypnosis for Your Mental Health

Regaining that inner balance will also benefit your mental health. Using self hypnosis, with regular practice, one can move from feeling frazzled, overburdened and perhaps angry and frustrated all the time to feeling blissfully happy and relaxed all day.

  • Self hypnosis can help you to improve your concentration, helping you to work more efficiently and avoid needless, time consuming mistakes.
  • Self hypnosis can increase your inner sense of well being, making you appreciate the good things in your life and helping you to truly enjoy them. Check out self hypnosis for self esteem.
  • When you are more relaxed in yourself, being kind and caring towards others will come naturally to you, and you will have so much more to give without overstretching yourself.
  • Self hypnosis for depression can help you ease the disturbing symptoms of depression.
  • Self hypnosis for anxiety can help you find inner balance.

The benefits of self hypnosisThe benefits of self hypnosis for you and your life.

The Benefits of Self Hypnosis for Your Career

  • Being goal oriented, determined and highly motivated are qualities that are of huge benefit when it comes to your career. Using self hypnosis, you can harness your subconscious mind to help you improve your career. self hypnosis can help you become very clear about your goals, and it can help you to reach these goals.
  • Many actors use self hypnosis as a tool in their careers, helping them to improve their acting or public speaking skills, overcome stage fright, and to be able to easily, intuitively and naturally get into character.
  • Executives use self hypnosis for that extra edge and to help them work efficiently, with more foresight and more creativity.

You, too can enjoy the benefits of self hypnosis for your career.

Read more here on the benefits of self hypnosis in relation to achieving your goals.

The Benefits of Self Hypnosis for Motherhood

Childbirth hypnotherapy has been popularized in the media by some celebrities who have used it, such as Jessica Alba, Kate Middleton and Emily Deschanel. However, the use in no way restricted to celebrities, in fact the method has become quite wide spread and accepted by many midwives.

Many women attend childbirth hypnotherapy to learn self hypnosis skills that they can use in the labor ward.

Childbirth hypnotherapy has been shown to improve women’s experience during childbirth, for example in a recent Cochrane Review which found that the women in the hypnosis group requested less pain medication during labor (2).

Benefits of childbirth hypnotherapy include:

  • Feeling relaxed rather than fearful about the upcoming birth experience and being able to maintain this state throughout the birth.
  • Reduction in the intensity of labor pain with some women describing pain free births.

The Benefits of Self Hypnosis for Pain

James Esdaille (1808-1859), a British surgeon working in India, pioneered the use of hypnosis as anesthesia, reportedly performing thousands of surgeries safely in this way with very few complications.

One of the founders of modern hypnotherapy, Dave Elman (1900-1967), also worked with hypnosis for pain- with great success. He trained dental surgeons in hypnotic techniques to help their patients have a relaxed experience in the chair without the use of anesthesia.

If you want to use self hypnosis for pain, you can train yourself to block pain in particular parts of the body or overall. Usually this is done working with a hypnotist who will teach you the skills required.

Independence and Flexibility

Self hypnosis offers the additional benefit of being able to work independently, from the comfort of your own home, or, indeed from anywhere you want at any time that suits your busy schedule.

If you design your own program, you don't even have to go and see a professional hypnotherapist:

  • Be independent
  • Use empowering techniques
  • Work around your own schedule
  • Save your hard earned cash
  • No time spent traveling to appointments
  • No dependency on any practitioner

While these are great advantages, there are some challenges too when you use self help hypnosis.

Be sure to learn about potential challenges so that you can overcome them more easily.

Find Out More About Self Hypnosis

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I hope this article has helped you to see some of the benefits of self hypnosis. There are many more. Hypnosis and self hypnosis are very flexible skills that you can use for virtually any purpose.

Let the sky be your limit with self hypnosis. Let our community know how you are getting on- in the comments underneath.

Here is to your success and well being.


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(1)    Page, R.A. and Handley, G.W., 1993. The use of hypnosis in cocaine addiction. American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 36(2), pp.120-123.

(2)    Madden K, Middleton P, Cyna AM, Matthewson M, Jones L. 2016. Hypnosis for pain management during labour and childbirth., Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2016, Issue 5.

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