The Secret Language of Hypnotherapy

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

Five Lesser Known Language Secrets that can Help you Change Your Life

The secret language of hypnotherapy is geared towards the requirements of your subconscious mind to lower defenses and manipulate you gently into feeling better about yourself and acting in more resourceful and positive ways so that you can reach your goals more easily. This is the language I recommend you use for self hypnosis.

secret language of hypnotherapy

The Power of the Secret Language of Hypnotherapy

Humans have the ability to think conscious thoughts. We can reason, this sets us apart from animals. 

Unfortunately, we largely neglect cultivating the power of conscious thinking. We don’t harness even half the power of this facility given to us by nature.

  • We let our thoughts drift to negative thinking unchecked.
  • We automatically run programs based on negative beliefs without questioning them using conscious thought.

What is at the root of conscious thought? Language, of course. Therefore, language holds the key to becoming more conscious, more focused on the positive potential that you hold, and more in tune with your inner power.

In this article, I will show you five hypnotic language secrets that can help you tap into the power of your mind. Follow them, use them regularly, and you will have powerful tools at hand that can help you change your life.

If you don’t believe that language can have such a profound impact on you, please read my article “Does self hypnosis work?” before proceeding.

Secret #1: To Your Subconscious Mind, “no” is a Stop Word

Stop words are short words like “no” or “not” which the search engines will ignore when making sense of online content. Try it, open another browser tab there next to this article, and enter (just an example) the search phrase “no airline” into the search engine of your choice. What you will see in the search results will be articles about airlines. The word “no” was ignored.

In a very similar way, your subconscious mind will also ignore the words “no” and “not”. The secret language of hypnotherapy recognizes that you have to be extra careful in your choice of wording when addressing your subconscious mind. 

For example:

Hypnotherapists will formulate statements using a positive turn of phrase. Here, “I don’t want to be overweight any longer.” should then become something like: “My weight is stabilizing and reducing.” If you want to become your own hypnotist and change facilitator, it would be a good idea to follow suit.

Beware, too that your subconscious mind is always listening, even during your everyday conversations and self talk. Therefore, it would be ideal to extend your use of a positive turn of phrase to your conversations with others also.

secret language of hypnotherapy

Secret #2: Your Behaviors are one Thing, Your Identity is Another

I am sure you are familiar with teachers, parents and other authority figures dishing out statements like: “You are such a lazy boy/girl.” “You are ...such and such else...”, basically a negative judgement of the person delivered on an identity level. What could be more powerful in hypnotizing someone into harboring negative beliefs about themselves?

Here’s the thing: when a belief is anchored at identity level, it becomes very hard to shake. In contrast, behaviors are something we can change easily.

The secret language of hypnotherapy takes note of this and will deliver any identity related statements as positive. Hypnotherapists want to support  you in building and maintaining a positive relationship with yourself. If you were beating yourself up internally, change would become so much harder.

For example:

Therefore, any items you want to change are addressed as unhelpful behaviors, which you can now let go of or stop. For example: “I am a smoker.” Becomes “I am a worthwhile and confident person who has control over his/her choices and behaviors. I am choosing to quit smoking now.”

Secret #3: Always put the Focus on Your Potential

The purpose of hypnotherapy or self hypnosis is to achieve positive change in your life. In order for you to mobilize and access the inner resources required for change, you need to feel that you have the capacity to change. This is much more unlikely if you harbor negative beliefs about yourself.

The secret language of hypnotherapy takes care of this by always focusing on someone’s potential- avoiding any critical stance. Instead, hypnotherapists will choose to encourage and to make you feel that you can, indeed do this, you have the potential to meet your goals.

If you hear someone make a negative or critical statement about themselves, or if you catch yourself harboring such beliefs about yourself, turn this around immediately by putting the focus on the person’s potential.

For example:

“I can’t draw a straight line.” Becomes: “I am looking forward to discovering how far I can push my drawing skills because I know I have the potential to learn and develop.”

secret language of hypnotherapy

Secret #4: The Word “But” Raises People’s Defences

Have you ever noticed your response to the word “but”? Pay attention for a day or so to what happens for you whenever someone uses this word. 

If you are like most people, you will find that the word “but” raises you heckles. Just as you were relaxing into the conversation, starting to let go and trust its flow, along came this nasty word and put you on guard.

Whenever we hear the word “but” we expect that we will hear something negative, that something positive will be taken from us. The secret language of hypnotherapy takes care of this by replacing all “but’s” with the simple word “and”. This creates flow with a natural feel and avoids the subconscious mind being unsettled by anything objectionable.

Secret #5: How to Strengthen Positive Beliefs and Bend Negative Ones

Every time you repeat the same thought, neural pathways are strengthened. Therefore, constantly thinking the same negative thoughts will result in developing negative beliefs. And repeating those negative beliefs to oneself in self talk will strengthen them further to the point where they may become so familiar and feel so everyday that they start to feel like they are part of your identity.

Therefore, the secret language of hypnotherapy contains tools to examine those negative thoughts and beliefs and to start turning them around into positive ones.

How do you put this in practice? Focus on the positive meaning in everything, even in negative thoughts and beliefs. Always ask yourself, what is the positive implication of this? 

For example:

When you catch yourself thinking a negative thought, maybe along the lines of: "I am not sure if I can do this, I have been here before and I made huge mistakes."

Turn the statement around using a positive approach, while also replacing any potential "but's" with the word "and": "AND this previous experience gives me a huge advantage because I have already learned many lessons that I can now apply in a useful way to make great progress and succeed with my goal."

Or, a voice of fear may say: "I am terrified to move towards my goal." A well formulated reply would be: "AND that fear can help you to be very alert to any potential challenges while you take action and move towards your goal."

In this way you can master your conscious thinking and your use of language to help you improve how you feel about yourself and ultimately to improve your life.

secret language of hypnotherapy

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I hope this article on the secret language of hypnotherapy has helped you to identify some useful tools that aid self awareness and support your endless potential for development.

What difference are these language skills making in your life? Let our community know in the comments below.



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