Mastering Your Mind Power- 9 Secrets to Improving Your Brain Function

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

What would mastering your mind power mean for you?

mastering your mind powerThe Romans knew what mastering your mind power means.
  • Would you like to be able to read faster, remember more?
  • Would you like to be more productive in a way where you work smarter instead of harder?
  • Would you like more control over your emotions?
  • Would you like to feel in charge of your life, being the master of your mind and body, deciding your own destiny?

All of these things are possible for you to achieve. In this article I will talk about how to lay the groundwork for mastering your mind power.

Mastering your mind power, first and foremost, means becoming more present to this very moment. It is only when your presence increases right here and right now that your brain can fire with more available neurons to boost your abilities or emotional capacity.

It is only with increased presence and attention combined with a state driven by positive emotions that your brain will be wide open for powerful mind power study techniques.

But how do you become fully present?

The nine secrets to improving your brain functioning that I present in this article represent more than half the battle on the road to becoming more present and unlocking your mind power.

Combine them with my tips on mastering your subconscious mind power, and you will be 80% of the way there. Then, and only then, move on to learning some mind power techniques.


It has been said that we are using no more than ten percent of our overall brain capacity. Think about what it would mean for you if you could use just a little bit more.

  • What would you do with it?
  • What would you like to achieve?

Write a list in your journal. Include what achieving each item would mean to you and how achieving it would make you feel.

1. Implementing These 9 Secrets is Key for Mastering Your Mind Power

Please don't rush through this article.

There may be items that you have heard before. Please evaluate yourself honestly for each of the nine secrets. Use a scale from zero to ten with ten being the best standard of implementation, and zero meaning that the item is not implemented at all. Look at your figures honestly, and make a plan for how you can improve.

There are no simple and easy answers to mastering your mind power.

If you want to become the master of your own mind, there is a journey ahead for you- and it starts with putting the foundations in place first. The foundations are in implementing the nine secrets in this article. All of them are based on the latest findings in the field of neuroscience.

The trick here is in actually implementing these secrets or strategies. It is only when you implement them that they will start working for you.  Rush through the article and don't implement - and you will very likely find that mind power techniques won't work for you or don't work as well as you were hoping.

So, please take my advice and work through this guide slowly, write a to-do list for yourself as you are reading and cross items off that list as you are putting them in practice in your life.

Your Brain's Biological Needs Must Come First

Laying the groundwork for mastering your mind power has to start with your brains biological needs. 

Think of your brain as the most important organ in your body. This super computer runs your entire body, your blood flow, heartbeat, body temperature, digestion, movement and balance and so much else, all without you having to think about it.

Unfortunately in the western world there is a tendency to neglect the brain and the mind overall. Our poor brains get little appreciation for the amazing job they do for us- and they receive little nourishment. In fact, as you will discover, many modern day habits undermine optimal brain functioning.

When you get on a plane and the flight attendants talk you through how to use oxygen masks in case of emergency, you will hear that you must put the oxygen mask on yourself first before you put it on your child. The same principle applies here- mastering your mind power has to start with nurturing your brain.

So, let's look now at what your brain needs for optimal functioning. I recommend you incorporate most of these secrets into your daily routine. Some will lend themselves to your morning routine, some for your bed time routine, and others will fit in in between times.

2. Sleep

The requirement for adequate sleep is a well known secret. But-be honest, do you actually implement it, rigorously?

Here is the thing, where your brain is concerned- in order to function well, your brain needs proper sleep. As simple as that. Depending on your age, you will need between six and eight hours sleep a night. Without adequate restful sleep mastering your mind power will become practically impossible.

This is the point where I recommend you critically examine your own sleep arrangements. 

Here are a few pointers to help you identify possible room for improvement:

  • Help yourself to get better rest by introducing a wind down routine before bed which ideally should include a cut off time for using devices of any kind. Screen emit blue light which over stimulates the brain.
  • Stay away from social media at least an hour before bed. The frequent changes of content when flicking through social media are over stimulating for the brain. Also, physiologically, they cause flight or fight responses, making you react with negative emotions, which does not help you when mastering your mind power is what you are after.
  • Keep devices out of the bedroom to promote better rest. Your organs including your brain can not regenerate properly when exposed to EMF's. Read here about the effects of blue light on your sleep cycle.
  • More insomnia self help includes supplementing with magnesium which supports the entire nervous system and brain. Magnesium promotes sleep and can help get rid of aches and pains.
  • Furthermore, if you have issues with insomnia or interrupted sleep, insomnia hypnotherapy can help. 

3.  Brain Food

The next secret to mastering your mind power is that your brain has nutritional requirements. 


Yes, your brain, too, has nutritional needs. We are not taught this in school, but we should be. Make sure you include at least some brain foods in your diet daily. Start consuming brain food at breakfast time which will help to prime your brain for the day ahead.

Here is a list of some brain foods I like and eat frequently:

  • blueberries
  • walnuts
  • avocado
  • broccoli
  • turmeric
  • extra virgin olive oil 
  • extra virgin coconut oil
  • gingko tea
  • greens such as spinach, kale, oriental greens and salad leaves

Remember that organic food will always be more nutritious- and choose organic where you can.

Also, consider supplementing with magnesium and DHA, both are vital for your brain.

mastering your mind powerMastering your mind power is a journey of personal growth.

4. Your Brain Needs Water


Start your day by drinking plenty of fresh clean water. Your brain, like the rest of your body, is made up of around 80% water. When you sleep you will sweat. Therefore, hydrate upon waking.

Notice how you will feel better straightaway.

5. Your Brain Likes Routine

Routine offers predictability. Predictability helps you be in a relaxed brain state which in turn is conducive to mastering your mind power. This is one of the reasons why a lot of successful people recommend starting your day with a morning routine.

With a focus on mastering your mind power and helping your brain to function optimally, this morning routine could include any of the following items:

  • Hypnosis and meditation
  • Subconcious mind power techniques for remembering your dreams
  • Cross lateral movement exercises or exercises using your non dominant hand to stimulate neurogenesis and neuroplasticity
  • A fast workout
  • Yoga

An evening routine helps you physiologically wind down before you go to rest. it helps you conclude your day and prepare for the night's rest. 

An evening routine before bedtime could include items such as:

6. Your Brain Needs Oxygen

If you are a smoker and you are interested in mastering your mind power, giving up smoking should be your first project. Stop smoking hypnosis can help make this process much easier.

Why should you give up smoking?

Your brain needs an adequate supply of oxygen at all times. When you smoke, your brain is exposed to hundreds of toxic chemicals contained in cigarette smoke. Quitting smoking will help your brain functioning. Concentration, focus and presence will all improve as a result.

How else to oxygenate your brain?

Use exercise or deep breathing exercises. Both will increase blood flow to the brain, and this fresh blood will supply oxygen. More oxygen means more brain power. 

Whenever you feel yourself 'fading' throughout the day, take a short break for exercise, which can be as simple as climbing up and down a few flights of stairs. If you cannot get away from your desk, you can practice deep breathing exercises with the same effect.

mastering your mind powerOnly you can master your own mind.

7. Devices and Social Media Can Harm Your Brain Function

This will likely be the most 'controversial' of my nine secrets to improving brain function.

If you find you are already going into reactive mode after reading the headline, think about this. When you were a child, were you taught tables in school? If you mastered your tables reasonably well you will have been able to do calculations in your head- even some involving double and more digits. Am I right? 

And now, answer this, truthfully.  These days, would you choose to calculate in your head, or would you pull out your smart phone? 

If my suspicion was right and you do use your phone for simple calculations, then think for a moment about the implications for your brain here. Where muscle strength is concerned, we all accept that regular training is required to keep your muscles fit and toned. We rarely consider this in relation to brain functioning, but the underlying principle is the same: use it or you'll lose it.

Therefore, next time you find yourself using your phone for simple actions like calculations or directions, think twice and consider doing it the 'old' way for the benefit of stimulating your brain.

Devices are meant to make our lives easier. But there is a fine balance to strike between using devices in a sensible way when we really need them, and not allowing your brain to become lazy

This is the first example for how devices can work against you in terms of mastering your mind power.

Social Media and its Impact on Your Brain

Also, I will argue that using social media other than in a specially designated time slot will also have a negative impact on your brain.

Firstly, social media usage means you are constantly flicking from one piece of content to another or from one platform to another- thereby over stimulating the brain causing what has been called 'Information Fatigue Syndrome' and/ or 'Digital Distraction'. 

The term 'Digital Distraction' refers to a loss of the ability to focus and concentrate on one single topic, where 'Information Fatigue Syndrome' refers to information overload causing so many disturbing emotions such as anger and anxiety that your emotions ultimately shut down, unable to process any more input. People can then become indifferent to what they are reading and seeing. Sound familiar?

Extensive use of social media will make you emotionally reactive on one end of the spectrum, and indifferent on the other. Neither state is useful when you are interested in mastering your mind power. Once you allow yourself to be impacted by social media in this way, you are no longer in control. Social media then is the master of your mind.

Playing computer and video games, and watching television for longer periods by the way, will have a similar effect. I strongly recommend you review all device/ digital usage and curb it to short enough, dedicated time slots.

mastering your mind powerMastering your mind power can help with improved learning,containment of emotions, as well as increased clarity and focus and much more.

8. Your Brain Likes Novelty

Constant engagement in challenging activities is vital for your brain to stay young and sharp. Learning something new is a great way of providing your brain with this vital stimulus.

You can learn anything to benefit your brain. It doesn't really matter what it is, as long as it grabs your interest:

  • You can learn to knit.
  • You can learn a new language.
  • Take up Sudoku or cross word puzzles
  • You can take up a hobby that requires a lot of attention and problem solving skills, such as painting, sowing, or model railway construction.

New learning will create new neural connections, thereby stimulating cell growth and neuroplasticity- your brain's ability to adapt and change.

9. The Power of Positive Thinking

Mastering your subconscious mind power and practicing positive thinking are two crucial items on the list of what makes you the master of your own mind. Both contribute to improving brain function by moving the brain's focus from negative emotions that stimulate a survival response (fight or flight) to positive emotions such as love, joy and peace which stimulate readiness for learning and top performance.

Hypnosis for positive thinking can help you turn around habits that undermine your mastery of your mind into habits that support you.

Learn Mind Power Techniques

Learn how to Change Your Life with Self Hypnosis

More About Self Hypnosis

I hope this article on mastering your mind power has helped you understand the foundations you must lay to succeed in the process. I believe in you and I know you can do this.



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