Millionaire Mind Power- Your Guide on the Inner Road to Wealth

Plus 18 Quotes to Keep You on Track

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

The idea of developing millionaire mind power to become rich has been around since the days of Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich". Many books have been published on this topic and certainly since the release of the movie 'The Secret' , millionaire mind secrets are secrets no more. 

millionaire mind powerDean Graziosi on millionaire mind power.

This brief article is designed as a guide for you to accompany you on this inner journey to wealth and riches.  I have picked 18 memorable quotes on the main ideas I will put across to help you stay focused.

Of course many millionaires and billionaires receive their fortune by way of marriage or inheritance. But there is another way, and many self made millionaires will attest to this. They describe going through a series of internal changes as they were working their way up towards riches. In other words, this other way involves a lot of inner work.

millionaire mind powerT. Harv Eker on millionaire mind power.

The underlying idea of developing millionaire mind power is that your thinking, your belief system and your emotions have to make the leap to a new way of being first, before you could hope to attract or retain a vast fortune. So, what does it take to become a millionaire?

This brief article will only be able to capture a small overview of millionaire mind power techniques. At the end, I will recommend books that can bring you further on the journey of acquiring millionaire mind secrets.

Your Beliefs About Money and Wealth Matter

The first obstacle to overcome are deeply held negative beliefs most people have internalized about money and wealth. I have written about these in my article on hypnosis for wealth

Before you can take any further action and develop millionaire mind power you need to shed these negative beliefs- on a deep level, in such a way that you associate nothing but positive feelings with the idea of being wealthy, or someone else being wealthy, for how can you embrace something that you- on some level- resent? This is where your inner work starts.

millionaire mind power

Think about it- in any population there is a wide variety of people. Among the poor, you will find both good and bad people. The same is true of the rich- a lot of good and some bad people as well. It's not money that makes the bad people bad- it's their character. 

The point here is that you can be both rich, and a good person. 

For you that means, you can make your own decision on how you will be once you have wealth to invest. One could argue that a good person with money can have a far greater positive impact than a good person with no money. 

You then have the choice to invest in such a way that it will benefit the future of mankind in some way or another. You have the choice to leave a legacy. You also then have the choice to help friends and relations in significant ways. Isn't that a nice vision?

Anyone can Develop Millionaire Mind Power

The first rule of this way of thinking about wealth is that really most anyone can develop millionaire power. Really?

There is no denying that your journey will be harder and you will have more obstacles to overcome the further down the ladder you start. However, everything is possible. Think of stories like those of Chris Gardner which became a Hollywood movie in 2006, starring Will Smith. Chris Gardner and his young son were homeless- yet, through developing millionaire mind power, he worked his way up to the top becoming a Wall Street trader.

You must break through this first obstacle our belief systems pose for us- if we don't believe something is possible- it won't be possible. If you believe it is possible, you have opened a door. If you have an unshakable belief that you can do it, you will find a way to make it work.

millionaire mind power

What will Make you Rich?

Having opened a door however does not mean that becoming rich will happen all by itself. You will have to take action.

In order to take action, you will first have to become clear on what it is you want to do, or are meant to do, or feel drawn to doing to become wealthy.

Don't count on winning the lottery. The odds are very slim. Buy your lottery tickets by all means, but also, if you want to travel the journey of developing millionaire mind power- think about what your talents are, and how you can get there on your own steam.

You don't have to figure it all out in one go. You don't need the complete picture. Much of it will fall into place later as you are well on the journey. What you need though is a clear overall vision on where you want to go. You need to know what you want. Without that, your energies will not be focused enough to fully support you.

It is this vision which will propel you along, over and over again- when you meet obstacles, when you are struggling to believe it is possible, when there is no support.

millionaire mind power

Your Vision

Developing your vision is a whole piece of work on its own.

This is probably THE most important part of the journey. You are well advised to get this piece right. It can take some time to get it right, a few trial and error experiences until you have it perfect. That's all part of your learning, so don't despair.

Every one of the experiences you encounter, good or bad, will bring you a step closer to your destination.

Here are three tips to consider to help you get your focus right from the start.

millionaire mind power

Consider the following points:

  • You are well advised to pick a vision, mission and purpose of something you feel deeply attracted to, something you love. Why? It's so much easier to devote your energy to something you love. Work won't feel like work if you love what you do. You will get up in the morning looking forward to your day.
  • Make sure the vision really is YOUR vision. Sometimes, we are so well conditioned that we take on other people's ideas, for example our parents' ideas, and never dare to dream beyond those. But if you want to become wildly successful, your vision must be your own. it must fully align with who you are, so that you can fully lean into it and give it all you've got.
millionaire mind power
  • You are also well advised to tune into yourself deeply to see if your vision is aligned with your soul purpose. This means, looking at what you love about this vision that emerges. Do you love it only as a hobby, or is there something deeper connecting you to the idea. Why is this important? 
  • While it is not an absolute must to pick your soul purpose and include it in your vision, it does make things a lot easier. if you are fully aligned with what you do, you can rely on yourself to keep at it and to never give up.
millionaire mind power

If your vision is strong and fully aligned with who you are, you should feel a strong desire in relation to working on realizing it.

This is not a small little bit of desire. I am talking about a strong, slow burning desire that sustains you through thick and thin, that keeps you going even when times are tough. When you can sense that level of desire- it is then that you can be sure you are onto something.


From this starting point of a burning desire, you are now in a position to start taking practical action towards your vision or goal. if you don't know where to start, just start anywhere. lean into it. The universe likes action and will support those who act. Doors will open for you that you did not even know existed. 

millionaire mind power

It's important at this stage to nurture the desire that drives you, to keep it burning.

Resistance may now emerge based on subconscious mind programming. Auto suggestions can help you overcome this resistance. If you need more help, consider some regression hypnosis on an issue that is helpful in your situation, for example self esteem hypnosis. 

This determination has to last, even in the face of failure. your attitude to failure has to become one where you accept what we commonly call failure as a learning experience every time, learn from it and move on- clearly focusing on your goal once more. You have to keep believing in your vision at all times and be undeterred no matter what.

millionaire mind power

Developing Skills

Millionaire mind power also requires developing a whole lot of practical skills. You will be on a steep learning curve. 

Financial Skills

One of these skill sets is financial skills. If you are like most people you dislike figures. But here is the thing. Money actually likes attention. If you give attention to money, money will start working much better for you. 

Start taking notes on everything sum that comes in and goes out. Become clear on your outgoings and your income each month, each week. (Your income is your profit, not your turnover.) 

Start thinking about how you can increase what is coming in, and how you can reduce what is going out.

Eventually, you will become more comfortable with the idea of managing any sum of money, and that is what you need if you want to be able to hold on to wealth.

millionaire mind power

Business and Career Skills

Using your vision for guidance, you will then be looking for your place in the world, be it in employment or business. Think about what the next step is for you. This may be learning a skill or college level learning- whatever is required for you. Or it may be market research, or simply applying for more suitable jobs that can lead you towards your goal.

Dare to leave your comfort zone behind and venture out into new territory. it is here that new learning and new ideas will come always leading you on to the next step on your journey.


In everything you do while working towards realizing your vision, strive for excellence. Carefully research what competitors are doing. Think about it deeply from the customers' point of view.

  • Can you think of any improvements you could make that would improve the customers' experience?
  • Any gaps in the market you can spot?
  • Any ideas as to novel ways of solving a problem?
  • Any ideas for improvements in the industry in question?
  • Ideas for cost savings?
  • Ideas that would increase profit margins?

Then use your ideas to your advantage. When you put them in practice, make sure to do so with excellence. Look at what your competitors are doing- analyze it, then go and do a better job.

Make sure you stand out. Use your passion to fuel excellence.

millionaire mind power

Asking for and Accepting Help

Going through school, college and career, more often than not, we are told we must work on our own, our future is dependent only on us, and it's all up to us. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Asking for and accepting help with grace is another important component of your inner work. Whatever your goal- the truth is you won't get there in isolation. We are social beings, embedded in society. 

  • You can get help from a coach or hypnotist to help you remove any inner blocks you may have. (You can read more about hypnosis for success here.)
  • You can ask someone who has traveled the road before you to become your mentor.
  • You can ask people in crucial positions to make an introduction, or to put your name forward on your behalf.

Very often, it is not talent or hard work alone that decides someone's fate- it's social connections.

You can interpret that with a negative connotation if you believe this to be an unfair disadvantage- but here is the thing. You can be ethical about your social connections. You can ask for help with grace. You can give back. You can ask while remaining faithful to yourself and your bottom line. You do not have to sell your vision down the river and in fact you never should. 

But you will have to ask for help or build social networks at some point because the time will come when you have to bring your gift to the world. You will get stuck without social connections. Find your own way, your own style of going about that task. Own it. Later on, once you have been blessed by success, pay it forward.

Overcoming Negative Emotions

Along your journey of developing millionaire mind power, negative emotions are bound to come up.

Fear will surface whenever you are stretching your comfort zone- that which your subconscious mind has been conditioned to accept as the norm, as your reality. You cannot get around feeling fear when you are looking to redefine your reality. 

The natural response to fear is to retreat, to withdraw and refrain from taking further action. You will now have to redefine what you think and believe about fear because the only way to harness your millionaire mind power is by going through the fear until you come out the other end. 

This does not mean taking risks or acting without due diligence.

You should always get advice and also listen to your intuition to make doubly sure you are taking the right course of action towards your goal. But even after taking all those action steps there will still be residual fear present. Mind power techniques for mastering emotions can help you harness and overcome this fear.

millionaire mind power

At some point, you are also likely to struggle with anger. You may be angry with yourself or someone else. Business dealings can go wrong, you may have made an expensive mistake, somebody may have let you down. 

Everyone who puts himself or herself on the road of acquiring millionaire mind power has to go through these kinds of negative experiences and has to negotiate the negative emotions that emerge. It is vitally important not to allow anger to dominate your reality. 

Continuing to be preoccupied with anger would hold back you energy for starters, and secondly would bring more negative energy into your life. You need to find a way back to baseline as soon as possible. Anger hypnosis can help pave the way to forgiveness- not for the sake of the other party, but for yours.

You can be sure that other deep seated personal issues will come up, too on your journey towards success- simply because you are moving out of your comfort zone and are stretching yourself. Outdated subconscious mind programming from childhood will always try to hold you back.

Be sure you take all necessary steps you need to take to master your subconscious mind power.

You can use hypnosis to help you shift internal issues once and for all, for example:

Find more issues hypnosis can help you with in my article: "Healing with Hypnotherapy".

millionaire mind power

Cultivating Positive Emotions

"What you focus on expands." means that if you feel positive, you will attract more positivity. If you feel a lot of negative feelings and give into them, spending much time with them, you will attract more of that. that's why it is important for you to be in charge of your reality and consciously cultivate positive emotions.

Cultivating positive emotions is possibly one of the most difficult steps on the journey to developing millionaire mind power. Why? We are brought up in a culture that is obsessed with negative emotions, with anger and fear in particular.

  • Look at the amount of war and struggle all around us.
  • Look at the amount of fear conditioned into you on television alone- every day. Tearing yourself away from that is quite a challenge.

Tearing yourself away from that without dissociating away from reality is an even harder challenge. And you must stay connected to the reality you live in in order to realize your vision. How do you master that? You must do everything you can to counteract the power of negative emotions by consciously cultivating positive ones.

Auto suggestions can help keep you on track with what you want to focus on.

Cultivating gratitude is something I highly recommend. Build a moment of gratitude into every day- be it by journaling or in your morning or evening meditation, or in some other way. Gratitude opens the heart. It allows us to appreciate what we already have, materially and in other ways.

Asking for more from a place of gratitude and appreciation is very different to asking from a place of desperation or fear.

millionaire mind power

If you can muster to cultivate positive emotions such as love, calm, peace, joy, lightheartedness, gratitude  and compassion these will help to hold you in a matrix where your energy remains focused on your goal at all times. Hypnosis and meditation can help with this.

The People Around You

If you look at the stories of highly successful people you will often find that in order to get there, they surrounded themselves with a sort of force field that is completely focused on their vision.

Successful people do this internally by cultivating positive emotions as described above. Externally, they surround themselves with people who are on a similar path, at a similar stage or further on than they are themselves, or people are wholly supportive of their chosen path.

millionaire mind power

Again, the rule applies that whatever you focus on will expand, and if you are surrounded by people who are very critical or stimulate your doubt in some other way, things will be made even harder for you than they already are.

Imagine yourself surrounded by like minded people who understand what you are doing- who might even be one step ahead of you and might be able to guide you or help in some way. Doesn't that feel a lot lighter and much more hopeful?

Make sure you find your support, your tribe somewhere- if not in the real world, find it online. It will make all the difference in the context of doubters and naysayers who are all around us. It will help you to trust yourself, to continue to believe in your vision and to keep moving towards it putting your best foot forward. 

Think About Your End Goal

Once wealth starts arriving at your doorstep there are more questions to be asked about meaning.

Specifically, what is your end goal in acquiring millionaire mind power? Is it to buy more riches? security? the freedoms money can buy? These motivations are all okay, but there are two factors to consider.

Firstly, there is a limit to how much owning money can impact your happiness. The day will come when you will have bought most everything you once desired. 

millionaire mind power

Ultimately, happiness has to come from the inside. Money alone won't get you there. So you need to figure out what it is that will bring you to a place of contentment, that will make you feel happy and fulfilled.

Secondly, there is a feedback loop, a hack that can make things happen for even faster- when you are in service of a bigger cause, when you are set on genuinely helping others from the start- the universe will repay you by delivering the wealth you desire even faster.

Think about your bigger WHY. Why do you want to pursue the vision you picked at the start of this article? Is there deeper meaning hidden in it for you? Or else, how can you give back and make a contribution? 

Can you help people in some way by doing what you do? Can you help them solve a problem? Can you inspire them, teach them?

The point when wealth starts arriving at your door step  will be the point where you vision becomes a full blown mission. This point might be a good while away but there is no harm in starting to think ahead already.

millionaire mind power

Millionaire Mind Power Books I Recommend

These are the books I have quoted from in the artcle above. If you are serious about developing your millionaire mind power, I recommend you get hold of these to push your knowledge and skills as far as you can!

  • Dean Graziosi: Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway To Wealth & Prosperity
  • Napoleon Hill: Think and Grow Rich
  • Jack Canfield: The Success Principles
  • Suze Ormond: The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke
  • T. Harv Eker: Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth
  • Oprah Winfrey: The Life, Lessons & Rules for Success

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I hope you have enjoyed this brief guide to millionaire mind power.  Do continue with the book recommendations. Connect with our community by leaving a comment underneath, i look forward to hearing from you.



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