Self Hypnosis Vision Boards- Take Advantage of a Powerful Success Tool

In this article I want to introduce you to self hypnosis vision boards. You will learn what they are and how to use them to attract the kind of future and success level that you want so you can change your life.

self hypnosis vision boardA sample self hypnosis vision board.

What are Self Hypnosis Vision Boards? 

A self hypnosis vision board is, so to speak, like an ordinary vision board on steroids. You will be using altered states of mind created through self hypnosis while making your board and while working with your board daily thereafter. Why?

A large part of your neocortex is dedicated to visual functions. You can use these to implant ideas as to what you want to create in your life. When you work with the slightly altered state of hypnosis, your mind will be so much more receptive to visual stimuli. The messages you want your brain to adopt will sink in much more easily and will create powerful resonance.

Creating your Self Hypnosis Vision Board

Before you create your vision board,  use self hypnosis. You can use a simple process that calms and focuses the mind, or you can listen to an audio track that specifically focuses on a theme that resonates with you, such as hypnosis for success, improving your love life, or hypnosis for wealth.

Only when your mind is calm and centered, or as calm and centered as it will become, start jotting down ideas as to what you want on your vision board.

Once you have jotted down some ideas, you can start creating your vision board, using your chosen method.

How many images should you put on your board? again, that's an individual decision. Do what feels right for you. Some people prefer to limit their vision board to no more than three to five images or ideas at any one time because they want to avoid overwhelm. 

See for yourself how you feel when you look at your vision board. If you get a sense of overwhelm, scale it back. You want to avoid any negative emotions arising in relation to your board.

self hypnosis vision boardMake your self hypnosis vision board just the right size for you.

What Should Your Vision Board Look Like?

  • Find the right size of a board for your own preferences- you want to be able to take the whole board in its totality.
  • It doesn't matter whether you choose a square, portrait or landscape format- go with the shape you are attracted to most.
  • Some people like actual physical pin boards they can stick photos and text to.
  • Others like to work with scissors and glue and create a collage board.
  • Others again prefer to create a digital version.
  • Find the method that is right for you, you need to feel good about your vision board.
  • The same rule applies to the design and layout of the board- follow your intuition- your subconscious mind, once the conscious mind is calm and focused, will guide you and bring you the best results possible some of which may surprise you.

Where to Display the Vision Board?

Display your board in a prominent place where you will have easy access and where you will come across it frequently throughout your day.

Tip: Take a picture of the vision board with your phone. In this way, you can use any spare time during the day while queuing, while commuting or similar to look at your vision board and generate positive feelings.

self hypnosis vision boardTaking a photo of your self hypnosis vision board enables you to bring it anywhere and work with it multiple times throughout the day.

How to Work With Your Vision Board

Work with your self hypnosis vision board as often as you can throughout the day. Start immediately after waking in the morning, and finish last thing at night before you go to bed. In this way, you will keep the board's ideas fresh in your mind day and night.

Before focusing on your vision board, your mind should be calm and free from negative thought/ feelings.

This is so that you won't accidentally manifest anything negative. It will also help you get the very best out of your vision work.

Once or twice a day, have a longish session with your vision board where you use self hypnosis to prepare for the session.

Again, you can use a simple self hypnosis process just to calm your mind- for example self hypnosis relaxation techniques. Otherwise you could play a hypnosis mp3 for a specific subject area you are currently working on, for example, self hypnosis for anxietyself hypnosis for self esteemself hypnosis for weightloss or similar.

Calm your mind, and only when your mind is still look at your vision board, calling forth positive emotions.

How Long Should you Invest? Three to five minutes at a time of focusing and generating positive emotions is probably enough but observe your own process and see what is right for you.

Work with the current vision board until you have achieved the goals displayed, then create a new one.

What if my Self Hypnosis Vision Board is not Working for me?

If your vision board is not working for you, troubleshoot the process:

  • Is your vision board focusing on the goals you really want? If you are not sure, spend more time with self hypnosis, zooming in on the exact right goals for you at this moment in time. 
  • Goals can change over time, do regular reviews.
  • Regular practice is important.
  • Make sure you are indeed experiencing positive emotions while working with your vision board.
  • If you are experiencing negative emotions while working with your vision board, these can point you towards the blocks you need to remove before you are free to move towards your goals without being obstructed.
  • If you are having trouble staying with positive emotions, if self doubt and negative emotions creep in, remove your blocks first. Hypnosis and meditation can both be helpful here- else consider self esteem hypnosis, anger hypnosis, anxiety hypnosis or see my article on healing with hypnotherapy to pick another area that is right for you at this time.

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I hope you have found this brief article on self hypnosis vision boards useful. Are you going to give this process a go? Let our community know what you think in the comments underneath.



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