Anxiety Hypnosis- 7 Massive Benefits for You

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

This article is first in my series  on anxiety hypnosis.

anxiety hypnosisHypnosis for Anxiety- 7 Massive Benefits for You

A good introduction to the subject- I thought would be to introduce you to the benefits of hypnosis for anxiety.

1.    Save Your Precious Money

When you use anxiety hypnosis, you can expect to have no more than a handful of consultations with a hypnotherapist over the period of say, six months or a year. Hypnosis tends to involve no more than a short term commitment.

If you were to attend a psychotherapist for weekly sessions, you would have to give it at least two years until you could hope for any significant reduction of your symptoms. In fact, you would be lucky if they did reduce because they don’t always. Not every psychotherapist is trained to work with anxiety in a way that will genuinely reduce symptoms.

(You can read more about the strength and limitations of doing this work with psychotherapy in my article on regression hypnosis.)

  1. Calculate for yourself, using your local rates that psychotherapists will charge, how much you would spend over a period of two years.

  2. Now calculate how much you would spend on 6 hypnotherapy sessions over the period of a year at your local rate. (Six sessions of anxiety hypnosis will, at the very least, result in a substantial reduction of symptoms.)

I guarantee you that, though hypnotherapy can look expensive at first glance- when you look at the per-session cost, it will offer you a substantial saving in the overall picture. You can save your precious money when you do your work using anxiety hypnosis.

2.    Save Precious Time

We only have this one life. Your time on this planet is precious and you should be able to enjoy your life. Experiencing anxiety can interfere greatly with your enjoyment, and spending years in therapy or on medication can be real drudgery, too.

Anxiety hypnosis is a fast and effective method for resolving anxiety. You can reduce and eventually get rid of the anxiety symptoms altogether with hypnosis. Why is this?

In my article on hypnosis for anxiety I talk about what is required to heal anxiety. To cut a long story short, what needs to happen is that changes are made at the actual site of the problem: Anxiety is an issue that has arisen and is held in your subconscious mind. To resolve it, you need to work with your subconscious mind.

Working through the conscious mind (psychotherapy) might have some benefit, but it will be hit and miss. Anxiety hypnosis targets the subconscious mind and will make recovery much faster, simply by working at the source.

So, you can give yourself the gift of precious time by choosing anxiety hypnosis.

anxiety hypnosisAnxiety Hypnosis- 7 Massive Benefits for You

3.    Improve Your Quality of Life With Anxiety Hypnosis

With anxiety hypnosis, your symptoms will reduce gradually and eventually you will be rid of them altogether.

Imagine having the freedom to:

  • Think clearly
  • To have dreams once again
  • To make plans
  • To live a full life

Ultimately it’s all about improving your quality of life. It’s about genuinely improving it, not somewhat, not partly, not half way. You CAN become symptom free!

See here how social anxiety hypnosis helped my client Josephine improve her quality of life to become symptom free.

4.    Go the Natural Route and Be Free

Anxiety hypnosis allows you to go the natural route to free yourself from anxiety- no chemicals are required here to make you better.

My generation was brought up to try the natural route for health concerns first before using medication. This was especially true when it came to any emotional problems. These days, medication tends to be the first port of call for many. Anxiety medication in particular is prescribed widely.

If you tell your doctor you suffer from anxiety, they won’t ask many questions. They have more patients to see and often no time to have a chat to see what is best for you. Instead, more often than not, they will reach for their prescription pad.

Did you know that- for many medications, drug companies pay doctors a bonus on every prescription? How do you think that impacts on what a doctor will advise his patients?

I have spoken to many clients who used anxiety medication. Very often the reports are that the medication is not really solving the problem. Often, medication does not live up to expectations.

Plus, as with any medical intervention, anxiety medication comes with both benefits and risks or disadvantages:

  • All medications have side effects. (Make sure you read the leaflet.)
  • If you are taking other medications, there may be drug interactions. (Discuss this with your doctor.)
  • If the medication suppresses disturbing feelings, expect that it will also suppress other, more welcome feelings such as joy.
  • Many people report not feeling ‘like themselves’ when on anxiety medication.

As a psychotherapist I will say that anxiety medication has its place- for times of severe crisis when you need something to stabilize your symptoms.

As a hypnotherapist I will say, have a look at what hypnosis can do for you once your symptoms have stabilized and you are out of crisis. For most people, anxiety is reversible. You can reduce your symptoms using suggestion hypnosis and eventually get rid of them altogether with regression hypnosis.

5.    Freedom from Side Effects

Anxiety hypnosis- when done right, has no side effects.

I have already discussed the potential side effects of medication.

Now, let's look at other types of regression work:

  • I have seen other types of regression work in action in my time, including Rebirthing and Holotropic Breathwork.
  • Nowhere else have I seen regression work being able to laser target the source or origin of the issue in question.
  • With other forms of regression work, I have sometimes seen people becoming very ungrounded and shook in the aftermath. They had a difficulty integrating what they had experienced. This does not happen with hypnosis.

Hypnosis is powerful yet gentle and safe- a rare mix which makes it a superior tool for shedding anxiety.

6.    Change That is Here to Last

Anxiety hypnosis can do something for you that medication and psychotherapy cannot- it can give you lasting change- without long term dependency on any substance or person. Use hypnotherapy for that change and dare to smile again.

Medication suppresses the symptoms of anxiety. That’s if you are lucky enough for the medication to work well. But suppressing symptoms is the idea behind medication.

In other words, to suppress symptoms in the long term, you would have to continue taking the medication. You would be dependent on it.

If you came off it, the symptoms would return. Medication does not offer a cure for anxiety.

And psychotherapy? I have written in-depth about this in my article on regression hypnosis that I linked to above.

In short, psychotherapy offers a holding space in a secure therapeutic relationship. Sometimes anxiety symptoms decrease through psychotherapy. Sometimes they don’t. But in any case, you would, in all likelihood- never fully get to the bottom of the problem with psychotherapy alone.

In my article on hypnosis therapy for anxiety, read about what anxiety is, why it develops, and how you can heal from it using anxiety hypnosis.

Hypnosis is the only form of therapeutic work I am aware of that can help you to free yourself from anxiety altogether.

anxiety hypnosisAnxiety Hypnosis- 7 Massive Benefits for You

7.    Benefits for the Next Generation

How do you raise kids that are free from anxiety? Very difficult to do in today’s complex world.

Because anxiety has so much to do with a lack of control in someone’s life, as a parent you are well advised to let the kids have a good bit of control. Of course giving the children control does not mean not setting any boundaries. Healthy boundaries are important for kids for a sense of their world being contained and in order.

But, in an age appropriate way, you can give children control over certain choices. Feeding on demand is one such way for the baby age group- it gives babies an age appropriate choice where they can be in charge of their own physiology- rather than being fed on a schedule, they can let you know when they are hungry.

Children also love being physically close to their parents or caregivers. They want to be close to you so that they can let you know their needs. Being close to you gives them a sense of control.

As they get older, you can let the kids make other, age appropriate choices for themselves. This will help them develop a sense of control along with the confidence that they can do certain things for themselves, independently.

But here is another thing you can do for your children so that they can grow up free from anxiety. This is likely something that has not occurred to you before. Even science is only beginning to catch on to this phenomenon.

And that phenomenon is that anxiety can be inherited.

  • See this article here from Scientific American about a piece of research that found that fear was passed on from one generation of mice to the next!
  • Another piece of research presented here in the Guardian shows the same phenomenon occurring in humans where trauma symptoms were passed on from Holocaust survivors to their children.

In other words, to raise anxiety free kids, doing your own work shedding your own anxiety will be a big help. And that is one more reason to use anxiety hypnosis.

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I hope this article has helped you to see what anxiety hypnosis could do for you. Please check out the other articles in this series to find out more.


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