Can Hypnosis Help With Anxiety

People often ask “Can hypnosis help with anxiety?” Not surprising because anxiety levels have been on the rise in recent years. People want solutions and I am sure you are no different.

can hypnosis help with anxiety

Of all the different approaches to anxiety in the therapy world that I have seen in my 25 plus years in the field, I can honestly say, hypnosis is one of the very best. If you have been following me for a while you will know that I, too had an anxiety story and shifted this for good with hypnotherapy, after years of trying out everything and anything with little results.

Why Can Hypnosis Help with Anxiety?

When I started working with people as a young counselor, for some years, I worked with talk psychotherapy tools alone. It didn’t take too long for me to discover their limitations. There is a big difference between talking about an issue and actually working with it.

Talking about the issue helps to understand and make sense, but it doesn’t help to change the program. In fact, talking about an issue, will allow the old program to be reinforced. Every time you talk about it you are strengthening the same old neural pathways. Every time you talk about the issue, you are putting fuel on the fire of your problem. 

Inevitably, after some time of repeatedly talking about the problem, you will perceive that maybe there is no other way, maybe anxiety is just part of life and you will have to accept it.

One cannot talk one’s way out of anxiety! To work with an issue and get access to the proverbial ‘engine room’ where one can affect change, one needs to switch off the incessant mind chatter. And switching off the chatter is something hypnosis happens to be very good for.

The way I work as a hypnotist, you don’t need a deep trance state to work with an issue. A superficial trance is enough. All you need to do is take the conscious mind offline for a while. And then, you can work directly with the subconscious mind to help people change their subconscious programming and their lives . That is one way working with hypnosis is good for anxiety.

Another area where anxiety hypnosis excels is in teaching your body how to relax and let go. Many people who are anxious are on high alert all the time. Stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, are flooding the blood stream. In the long run, his is very bad for your immune system. Practicing some deep relaxation with hypnosis will teach your body and brain that there are other, more relaxed ways of being.

can hypnosis help with anxiety

Will Hypnosis Cure my Anxiety?

I can confidently say that hypnosis helps many people become free from anxiety but there are a couple of caveats here:

  • Hypnosis will only work for you if you enjoy the process of working with it, or at least, are comfortable with it.
  • You need to work with a hypnotist who understands anxiety and who, preferably- understands how trauma works, too.
  • Do not rely on a hypnotherapist who will only use scripts, i.e. will read out a scripted text to you while putting you in a relaxing trance. While relaxation is beneficial for you if you suffer from anxiety, it is not enough to take it apart. You need to work with someone experienced who knows how to dismantle anxiety.
  • The longer you have had anxiety, the longer it will take to heal. If you have been anxious pretty much all your life, you cannot expect your anxiety to resolve in a handful of sessions. You are then looking at rewiring much of your nervous system away from a stress response to being able to tolerate feeling good, calm, centred and relaxed. This is not to say hypnotherapy treatment for anxiety will take years. Hypnosis therapy should always be short term and bring you great improvements fast. If this is not the case, or if a dependency is being set up, where you feel you need regular top-ups or you won’t be okay, review how useful your therapy really is. You may not be resolving the issues underlying your anxiety.
  • Note also, that the more complex your anxiety is, the longer it will take to heal. 

What I mean by complex is that anxiety often comes with other associated issues in tow, for example:

Lack of Self Esteem

Something I observe with most anxiety clients is that anxiety seems to go hand in hand with self doubt. Many anxious people question themselves incessantly. They question their ability to do things. They question their behaviour. They question if they are good enough...good enough for anything really.

If your anxiety comes hand in hand with low self esteem it will likely have impacted your education and/or career. You may feel stuck. You may have given up on your dreams. Once anxiety levels are reduced and you start feeling better, your self esteem will improve alongside.

can hypnosis help with anxiety


Different fears and phobias can present hand in hand with anxiety. Thankfully, no matter what the nature of the phobia- phobias can be resolved quickly with hypnotherapy.

Depression or Low Mood

When you’ve been feeling anxious for a long time and anxiety has impacted your life- your career prospects, your relationships, your level of enjoyment and fun, it’s not surprising that some people will start feeling low moods, and the longer this goes on for, the worse it can get. Thankfully, hypnosis is very helpful for both anxiety and depression.


When you suffer from anxiety and want to control symptoms, it’s easy to develop some form of over reliance on a substance or particular behavior.

Many people with anxiety have developed some kind of addiction. The psychological addiction to smoking, for example, is very common among anxiety clients. But any other substance can be used to cope, too- alcohol, cannabis, or even more addictive substances.

If you are currently using a substance to cope (other than tobacco), you may be well advised to seek help for that addiction before attending hypnotherapy for anxiety. You will get better benefits from the treatment once you are addiction free.

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I hope this article has helped you understand more about hypnosis and anxiety and helped you find an answer to your question: "Can hypnosis help with anxiety?"

In the comments below, let our community know what you have learned.



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