Hypnotherapy for Anxiety- Reduce Your Symptoms Fast

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

Find out how you can reclaim your life from anxiety with my dedicated anxiety clinic 


Today I want to talk to you about my program of hypnotherapy for anxiety.

I run a one to one clinic face to face or online to anywhere in the world where I help people improve, and ultimately get rid of their symptoms of anxiety and all of this I provide in a context of what I call ultra short term therapy.

How is that possible?

hypnotherapy for anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety- Identifying Underlying Trauma

I have come to believe that most forms of anxiety which do not have underlying health problems are related to some kind of trauma. So sometimes there are major incidents of trauma underneath that anxiety. For example, a childhood experience of abuse or domestic violence, and sometimes the events seem rather minor, so that could be the case with developmental trauma for example, not being loved for who you really are, or they have been insecure attachment to parents growing up that made you unsure of whether you were loved or not.

And other times again I see in my work that the anxiety is largely present on a sensation level in the body. There may be restless legs, the heart might pound, and there may be no cognitive memory of trauma attached at all as such.

But once we get to the root cause, once we get into programming, no matter which channel we are working in, be it in cognition, in emotion, or in body sensation, we can dismantle the old outdated programming rather quickly.

How Long will this Work Take?

Please note that is varies from person to person how long it takes until the old unwanted programming gets dismantled. 

For other people, this process can take longer. For example, I find it takes longer where there is a lot of freezing or disassociation present. Basically, for people who find certain emotions difficult. For example, anger- and they have pushed them away so much that it's hard to allow themselves to feel them at all. Unfreezing those emotions is a whole piece of work on its own.

Once the emotions come, once they are present, we can clear them relatively easily.

Also, typically those with complex issues, who might have depression or addictions alongside the anxiety hypnotherapy for anxiety will need that little bit longer. How long exactly is all very individual. Everybody is so different. But at that, we are still talking about very short term therapy.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety- Your Part in the Work

If you were interested at any stage in working with me, please note there are some preconditions that you would have to meet:

  • First of all, please note, and please remember, there is no magic here. Although the tools I use are very powerful and they make this work so much easier than it was for me when I did the bulk of work on my anxiety some 20 years ago, still there is effort involved on the part of the client. Remember that no therapy in the world can do magic. I can help and guide you through the process, but you will have to do some work as well.

  • You will have to be prepared to make the necessary lifestyle changes that will help reduce stress levels. For example, you will have to make sure you get enough sleep, you drop any addictions in the process, you're getting the right nutrition in and generally practice good self care. Otherwise, your investment in this program would be wasted. 

  • You will also have to be prepared to engage with uncomfortable emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, grief, all depending on what the nature of your programming and of the underlying trauma is. And I am afraid there is no detour around contacting some of those uncomfortable emotions, although the tools I use do make the work safe and contained, you cannot detour uncomfortable feelings altogether.

  • Furthermore, I ask all my clients to keep a diary and if you want to work with me, you would have to be prepared to make this commitment. This is so that we can keep track of your progress from session to session. It can be so easy to forget how bad you once were once you start experiencing relief. And another purpose behind journaling is developing a mindful inner observer so that you can get to know yourself better, your emotions, your body sensations and your thoughts.

  • And finally I ask for a minimum commitment of five sessions through my programme

Who am I?

Find out more about me- my own anxiety story- why I do what I do, about the working methods I use, and check my qualifications here.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety- What is Holding You Back?

"Please remember, anxiety doesn't just get any better by itself."

If you are like some of my clients, you may at this point find yourself thinking mmm, "I don't think this is going to work." If that's you, I invite you to take a look at the testimonials on my Facebook page and those linked to underneath here. These are testimonials by people like you who have benefited greatly.

This work works, but don't just take my word for it, do check it out. If you're not generally doubting that this work works, you may still think, "It just won't work for me", and if that is you right now, what I want to ask you is how long have you been procrastinating about doing something about your anxiety? In fact, procrastination and self doubt may be wrapped up in the presenting picture of your anxiety.

I know they were for me once upon a time. And if you recognize yourself in that, please note it just doesn't go away or get any better by itself. Having said that, there is no pressure on you whatsoever. I will be here whether you're ready to work on reducing that anxiety now or later. And I'd also like to remind you that you must be prepared to meet the preconditions I talked about if you want to work with me.

So if at this point you're saying "I could wait, my situation isn't really all that bad", then my guess is you might have been this way for a long time and again, please remember, anxiety doesn't just go away. For it to improve or go away beyond improving your lifestyle, you have to find a way of working that can change the outdated programming in the brain, which is next to impossible to do on your own.

So just know that if you decide to wait, and of course it's always your choice to decide when you are ready or if you are ready. Yet if you decide to wait, please remember anxiety doesn't get any better by itself.

And then think of the impact anxiety is having on your life now. You may be restricted in realizing your dreams. You may have even given up on them at this stage. Your life and your social life may be limited, and you may even be coping by using substances. Is that the quality of life that you want?

hypnotherapy for anxiety

Or do you believe you were destined to have a better quality of life? I know I do. I believe in you and that's why I'm here for you any time that you are ready to get in touch.

Imagine going through this program, imagine putting in the effort that you have to put in  and then seeing the benefits quite quickly. Starting to feel a little calmer, more steady, more able to be present to your loved ones.

Imagine sleeping better, worrying less, and finally imagine getting closer to your dreams once more. I know that improving your quality of life is within your reach.

I've experienced this myself and I have seen it with many clients.

Therefore, I'm prepared to hold a space for you. Remember, I will be here for you when you are ready to get in touch.

If you were interested in getting in touch at this point, simply fill in the form above. We can set up a phone call or a Zoom call to discuss your requirements, I can answer your questions, and we can explore if I can help.

I look forward to speaking with you about hypnotherapy for anxiety. You can also follow me on Facebook for regular updates, there's a little symbol up here at the very top of the page.  And that's all from me for today. I look forward to hearing from you,


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