Anger Hypnosis- How Forgiveness Will Boost Your Success in Life

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

Anger hypnosis should really be called hypnosis for forgiveness. 

I bet that is not what you expected to read here. However, I am hoping you will follow the argument I am about to make for why most people carry chronic anger and why it is so crucial to forgive, what forgiveness really means and how anger hypnosis can help.

anger hypnosisForgiveness quote by Thomas Szazs.

The Origins of Chronic Anger

We all carry around a burden of accumulated resentment and chronic anger stemming from any number of injustices and perceived injustices we have lived through.

As we grow up as children, we are completely dependent on our caregivers and the other adults around us. We cannot fend for ourselves, neither physically nor emotionally. We are dependent for them for our material survival, and we are dependent on them to hold our emotional development as the brains of children are still immature.

However, most adults, even those who mean well, have their limitations in how present and affirming they can be to the growing child. 

  • Parents may be preoccupied with making a living and providing for the family.
  • A mother may be preoccupied with being in an abusive relationship and may be unavailable to the child's emotional needs. 
  • Parent's may be preoccupied when they act as carers for other family members.
  • The parents may have a co-dependent relationship and hence may be unavailable to their child or children.

Children are defenceless. When their needs are not met, they will go to shame and believe that they were at fault- that there is something wrong with them or else mum would have given them approval when they needed it.

Naturally, there will also be anger attached to the childhood injury. When your natural expectations of how your development are not met, anger is an inevitable consequence. But children cannot safely feel this anger because, again, they are dependent on their parents.

The anger makes no sense to them because the parent is supposed to love them and be good. There is no other way for a child to make sense of their anger. hence, the anger will be bottled up somewhere. 

Imagine this happening frequently throughout childhood- and imagine these bundles of anger literally piling up on the child's shoulders...

When the child grows up into an adult the memories of these hurtful events will mostly be banished into the subconscious mind where unprocessed emotional injuries are stored. Anything our system perceives as too difficult to handle will go into the subconscious. 

The impact is still there.

  • There is the pile of anger bundles on their shoulders.
  • How they were treated as children will by now have set off a pattern of expectation as to how they will expect their friends and prospective partners to treat them.
  • But they will no longer make the connection as to where this came from. The memory is most likely buried so far in their subconscious minds that they find it hard or impossible to make sense of it all.

anger hypnosisAnger hypnosis can help you find peace.

What Chronic Anger Will do to You

Because the child, now adult, will choose similar relationships to those she or he had with their caregivers, they will now accumulate more hurtful  experiences in adult life while the replay the old patterns in a subconscious attempt to work through them somehow- thereby adding more anger bundles to the pile on their shoulders.

By now, the pile is so big that it is starting to weigh them down. 

  • They may be preoccupied with angry thoughts.
  • They may over react to small incidences and respond in extreme anger.
  • The suppressed anger may manifest as anxiety or depression.
  • Or else, they may push the anger down so far into their system that there is no longer an emotional experience of it. In which case it will start to affect them physically sooner or later, causing insomnia, or some more serious health problem.

I am sure you can see how by now their entire body and mind are preoccupied with managing that load of anger bundles on their shoulders. 

Do you think they will have much energy left for living a happy life where they can be successful to their full potential?

They simply won't. Whether the anger is in their conscious awareness or not, it will weigh them down and preoccupy their brain.

This is the point I am trying to make here: 

Carrying anger and resentment will tie your energies down. 

I can hear you thinking: "But didn't you say that anger is a positive and liberating force?"

anger hypnosisAnger hypnosis will help you get in charge of designing your desired future.

Processing Anger

Right, you got me, I have made that point in some other articles, especially in relation to depression self help and self help for anxiety.

The distinction I would make here is between chronic anger and anger which is 'on the move' so to speak, which is being felt emotionally and sensed in the body, ideally in a slightly altered state such as in hypnotherapy-  in such a way that it can be processed. 

When you are processing anger, yes, that is an extremely positive development, as you are liberating your system from the pressures of chronic anger.

Anger you preoccupy with, that you find yourself thinking about during the day, for example mulling over a hurtful experience again and again- that is chronic anger. Chronic anger will harm you and it's best processed and let go so you can liberate yourself from this destructive force.

Anger Hypnosis

Anger hypnosis is a powerful way of processing and letting go of chronic anger. Even a small number of hypnotherapy sessions will make a massive difference here. When you work in the slightly altered state of hypnosis, processing happens fast, is easy and efficient.

In my article "What is Hypnosis?", find out what makes the slightly altered state of hypnosis so unique an so helpful for processing mental and emotional issues.

In my article "How Does Hypnotherapy Work?" find out about the basic working methods in hypnotherapy.

My article "Regression Hypnosis- Upgrading the Imprint of Your Past" will give you a good idea of what is involved in anger hypnosis.

And finally, my article "Life Regression Hypnosis- 5 Tips to Help You get Maximum Benefit" will help you prepare for your treatment.

anger hypnosisAnger hypnosis will help you forgive.

Forgiveness with Anger Hypnosis

Forgiveness is a crucial piece of personal work.

Had you said this to me 30 years ago, I don't think I would have been able to let that statement sink in without reacting in anger.  I, for one, used to carry an enormous amount of chronic anger due to childhood, inter generational and societal trauma I was exposed to growing up.

I did not fully understand the value of forgiveness until I started to personally experience the benefits of it.

These were my main objections to the concept of forgiveness:

  • I assumed forgiveness meant forgetting what happened.
  • I assumed forgiveness meant somehow letting the person or people responsible for inflicting trauma off the hook.
  • I assumed that forgiveness meant that anger was bad, and I insisted on my anger being justified.
  • I equated forgiveness with somehow willfully transcending the impact of the trauma.

I was stunned and pleasantly surprised that true forgiveness means none of those things.

  • You can forgive and yet never forget.
  • The person who inflicted the hurt continues to be responsible for their actions even after you forgive.
  • You can forgive and still preserve the memory of what happened.
  • You can feel your anger in full force in the build up to forgiveness. In fact you must feel your anger because as human beings living in a physical body we cannot genuinely progress if we don't.
  • Your anger is justified, and you have a right to all the feelings elicited by the hurtful experience or trauma- anger, hurt, feelings of betrayal. in fact, you must feel them all before you can genuinely forgive. You cannot transcend your emotions. You cannot transcend the impact of trauma or hurtful experiences.

So then, what does forgiveness actually look like?

anger hypnosisForgiveness holds great benefits for your mind and body.

This is what forgiveness means:

  1. After you have felt your anger and hurt and any other associated emotion, to put yourself into the other person's shoes for a short while. While you are putting yourself in their shoes, you are aiming to see and genuinely understand on a deep level where this person who inflicted the hurt or trauma was coming from. What made them the way they were/ are? What made them act the way they did? 
  2. Forgiveness means to understand on a deep level that their actions towards you, however hurtful they may have been, were not personal towards you. Somebody else could have been at the receiving end of their actions- they did not set out to hurt you personally. This is because they acted the way they did due to their own issues and limitations.
  3. And, most importantly, forgiveness means you have to forgive yourself. You have to forgive yourself for being vulnerable or dependent at the time of the trauma or hurtful incident. And you have to forgive yourself for any perceived misdemeanor in relation to the hurt or trauma -either beforehand or afterwards- for making yourself vulnerable beforehand or for behaving in angry ways afterwards. For obsessing. For not being perfect. For whatever it may be that you are criticizing yourself for. Only once you have forgiven yourself and only then, forgiveness is complete.
  4. You can never force forgiveness to happen.You cannot 'engineer'it to come about. For true forgiveness to happen, you must be ready to let it happen. More often than not, forgiveness will take you by surprise. You can be open for forgiveness to happen. But for it to be true forgiveness on a deep level- which includes at least a moment's worth of compassion for the party that hurt you, you cannot consciously decide that now is the time you will forgive. If you will forgiveness into being, you won't be able to forgive on a deep level that involves emotional congruence. Having said that, working in the slightly altered state of hypnosis makes true forgiveness a lot more accessible.

anger hypnosisAnger hypnosis helps you process anger to the point where you can forgive.

The Benefits of Forgiveness 

Going through the process of forgiveness with anger hypnosis as described above has many benefits for you. First and foremost, there is a sense of liberation, of now being free from carrying this issue around on a daily basis. You will no longer be preoccupied with it. This in turn has health benefits as your stress levels will drop.

Also, in relation to hypnosis for success, the more you forgive the more you will free your energy so you can focus on moving forward and moving towards living the life you love- becoming successful in whatever unique and personal way you understand success for yourself.

Furthermore, practicing forgiveness in the way described above will produce powerful feelings of well being and happiness. These in turn will massively benefit your progress on your journey towards success. read more about the connection between positivity, happiness and success in my article "Hypnosis for Positive Thinking".

According to Vishen Lakhiani (The Code of the Extraordinary Mind) forgiveness is of enormous benefit to your brain. Once you release anger and forgive, your brain generates powerful Delta brainwaves which aid with problem solving and creativity.

Personally and speaking from my own experience, I have come to find forgiveness so powerful in liberating my energy from various constraints that I recommend doing anger hypnosis on a regular basis. Once you have let go of the imprint of the distant childhood past, it's very useful to also let go of hurtful incidents you have experienced as an adult.

Every single time you get hurt, you will experience anger. Every single time this anger gets stored and blocks up your system. The more anger you release, the more you can forgive in the way described above, the better you will be able to progress through life- feeling happier, being able to focus on your mission and purpose in life and boosting your success.

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While anger hypnosis is not the only forgiveness tool, it offers a powerful, easy, reliable and effective way of getting there.

Here is to your success.



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