Mastering Your Subconscious Mind Power for Success

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

If you want to harness your subconscious mind power and use it to become your partner in achieving success, you are putting yourself on a journey of massive personal growth. This article is a comprehensive guide designed to talk you through the most important strategies you must learn first in this process. 

subconscious mind powerFour levels of personal growth for mastering your subconscious mind power.

4 Levels of Personal Growth

One the info graphic you can see my model of personal growth through four levels. 

Levels one and two deal with healing the body as well as deep seated emotional issues.

Levels three and four deal with success programming. Here, you will find increasing movement towards higher emotional states. Essentially, programming yourself for success means mastering your subconscious mind to develop personal excellence. This means reaching your full potential, or becoming the best version of yourself that you can be.

This process of personal growth combined with advanced subconscious mind power techniques will open the door to success for you in a novel, spiritually advanced way, where success comes easily, almost playfully. This article deals with the heavy lifting in your personal work that I recommend you tackle first. You cannot build a house successfully, unless you construct a solid foundation first.

As regards these heavy lifting parts of your personal work, the bad news is that there are no easy recipes for how to achieve the state of flow that many highly successful people describe, where their conscious and subconscious minds work together in perfect harmony making success easy as child's play. Reaching a state like that- for most people, takes a lot of of practice.

The good news, however, is that all the strategies you need to help you harness your subconscious mind power are teachable and that you can learn them, too. If you follow this guide and get on this journey, you will soon start to feel some benefits. I am hoping that these early gains will encourage you to go further and to realize that, ultimately, the sky is the limit with how far you can take this.

Most of the work is in implementing the strategies and tools I am about to give you in this article. You will need to practice them. You have to build them into your life rigorously in order to make them work. I recommend you bookmark this article so that you can come back to it any time you need to.

Self Awareness

The first and most important strategy that you need to develop if you want to harness your subconscious mind power is self awareness.

Developing self awareness means paying attention to how you feel, think, and act. It also means developing the ability to evaluate how well your feelings, thoughts and actions are working for you, and what you might like to change. 

The very nature of the subconscious mind means the programs that run there are outside of your awareness.  Developing self awareness will help you to get to know them over time. Only when you become aware of them, can you evaluate how useful they are, and only then can you consider changing them.

How can you develop self awareness?

Two of the most powerful self awareness tools that I use myself and that I teach my clients are journaling, combined with developing a mindful inner observer.

subconscious mind powerSelf knowledge is essential when you want to learn to master your subconscious mind power.


Keeping a journal and writing in it on a daily basis can help a great deal with making at least some subconscious material conscious. 

I recommend journaling every day using automatic writing, which means to write anything and everything that comes into your mind without stopping and without censoring. Fill three pages of the diary every morning, then close the book and don't look back. 

On the seventh day, after you have done your writing, read back over what you have written all week. Notice any surprises and AHA moments.

The Mindful Inner Observer

Imagine the mindful observer as someone sitting on your shoulder who travels with you wherever you go. They will witness what goes on for you internally as well as what you say and do. Mindful observation means not to judge anything you notice. The observer's job is to notice, nothing else.

Developing this strategy will take some practice. Imagine carrying the observer with you at all times. Let them witness everything- your thoughts, emotions, actions and their outcomes. Use these observations when writing in your journal. They may lead you to interesting conclusions. You may start drawing parallels between events in the here and now and events you experienced in childhood- thereby identifying pieces of subconscious programming which are blocking you in the present.

You can do a lot of self awareness work with just these two powerful subconscious mind power techniques

subconscious mind powerJournaling is a very powerful tool you can use to learn to master subconscious mind power.

They will help you to:

  • Bring subconsciously held material into your awareness
  • Get to know yourself better
  • To see yourself as other people see you

Consciously Changing Your Self Talk

First you will use journaling and mindful observations to identify subconscious mind programming that you need to change. After that, it is by consciously changing your self talk that you will exercise mastery of your subconscious mind power. There are some examples throughout the article for how to turn around destructive self talk into messages that will support you in life to get the kinds of results you want to get.

Mastering Your Subconscious Mind Power Means Understanding the Many Ways in Which Your Mind Tries to Fool You

Self awareness will be of great help when you set out to dismantle the many ways in which your mind tries to trick you. You must start spotting them so that you will have a choice to make decisions that are different to the default subconscious mind programming put in place in childhood.

So what are you looking out for in becoming self aware?

Your subconscious programming will manifest itself mostly in your internal self talk, and in your emotions . These are the items you want to pay most attention to when you want to learn to master your subconscious mind power.

Why Is Self Talk Important?

In my article: "Does Self Hypnosis Work?" I make the argument that every time you talk to yourself you will effectively hypnotize yourself. Is that an exaggeration?

For hypnotic messages to be absorbed by the subconscious mind you need either of two conditions. Either, you would have to be in hypnosis or self hypnosis trance, or you would need to repeat the messaging over and over.

During childhood when your basic framework of subconscious mind programming is put in place, both conditions are present. Your mind is not developed enough for you to critically examine what you are being told, so that you will end up just absorbing it and taking it as an absolute truth. You will also have parents or caregivers frequently repeating the messages they (or their subconscious minds) consider most important.

Once you are an adult, you will- unless you develop mastery of your mind, repeat those same messages to yourself through self talk. You know, how to talk to yourself internally all day? Yes, that self talk. From now on, pay attention to what you are saying to yourself.

You have a choice here to either uncritically repeat the messages you were given when you were young, thereby reinforcing those old and potentially very outdated and self destructive messages every time you recite them to yourself, or to step outside your comfort zone and examine them a bit further. 

You can start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Are these messages actually serving you now that you are an adult? 
  • Do they represent the absolute truth, or is there another way of looking at this issue? 
  • What do you want to believe, especially about yourself? 
  • Which messages would be good to repeat to yourself regularly?

So, what kind of internal messages should you look out for so that you can start mastering your subconscious mind power? Let's look at some of the most important areas where self mastery is crucial if you want to achieve your goals and aspirations in life.

subconscious mind powerMastering your subconscious mind power means overcoming automatic negative thinking, including self doubt.

You Can Do It

One of the most important subconscious programs you need to master is self doubt. In fact, you need to master this before you can proceed with implementing any of what you are reading here about mastering your subconscious mind power. Why?

Well, how CAN you master anything when you are busy doubting yourself. You would be making your job impossible, or at the very least, much more difficult. It would be like driving with one foot on the gas and the other on the break at the same time.

Talking about how your mind will trick you, realize that self doubt is not always easy to identify.

If you are experiencing self doubt right now as you are reading this, it might manifest like this:

  • I am not sure about this idea of mastering your subconscious mind, sounds like a lot of rubbish.
  • It certainly sounds like it would be very hard work, not sure if I am up to it.
  • There must be other ways to get success in life, this is too long winded and complicated.
  • I don't need this.

The real self doubt will sit underneath those defensive, judgemental thoughts. it is typically driven by emotion, often by shame or insecurity. You might never get to see it, unless you start journaling or self reflecting. Self doubt is a very vulnerable place for many people and typically your mind will defend against vulnerability. 

Your mind defends against vulnerability by using the censors around the subconscious mind. Find out more about how these work in my article on subconscious mind programming.

Why does your mind defend against vulnerability? 

Because once you feel vulnerable, you are very close to the core of the program. You are about to decipher the hidden clues as to what this program is about. And it is the job of the censors not to let that happen. (Read more about how these censors operate in my article on "Subconscious Mind Programming") Hence, the censors will distract and come in with judgement or prejudice.

Take my word for it, if there is judgement right now, then it's very likely that you tend to doubt yourself a good bit. And if you doubt yourself a lot, there will be a hidden wound underneath that.

Perhaps a critical parent or teacher. Someone who told you, when you were very small, that you couldn't do it. That you would fail. Maybe even, that you always fail.

And any time you experience anything that you interpret as failure, you will take that as a confirmation that they were right.

When you can spot yourself replaying an old subconscious piece of programming and can see it for the piece of deception that it is, and change it into: "I can do this.", every project you tackle from then on will become so much easier, so much more doable.

Your underlying belief of whether you can or cannot do something makes all the difference with whatever you try to achieve.

A notable piece of history in this regard was the breakthrough moment of Roger Bannister  mastering to run a mile in under four minutes. Before he attempted the breakthrough, there was widespread agreement even among experts, that this was physically impossible. Some experts even said that the human heart was not capable of the strain and would explode in your chest!

When faced with such strong beliefs it was no wonder that, for a long time, athletes shied away from even trying. Then, in 1954, Roger Bannister came along. He worked with visualization, imagining himself hitting the finish line with the clock showing "3:59". Then, he did it. You can watch Roger Bannister break the World record here.

And then, the following year many other athletes followed suit and ran a mile in under four minutes also.

So what had changed? There weren't any new training or coaching systems invented in that one year. Nobody came up with a magic potion that enables humans to run the four minute mile. 

The only thing that had changed for the athletes that tackled the challenge was their underlying belief. They had seen Roger Bannister do it. They now knew it could be done. They now believed they could do it, too. And therefore, they could.

And that is how powerful your beliefs are. Mastering your subconscious mind power means changing those self doubting destructive messages from deep inside you into positive ones that serve you when you want to succeed. Start changing any self doubting thoughts you notice into: "I can do this."

subconscious mind powergetting to a place where you feel you are enough is a huge stepping stone on the road to mastering your subconscious mind power.

You Are Enough

Another very common belief that you must dismantle if you want to attract more goodness into your life in any area is the belief that "You are not good enough".

When you feel like you are not enough, you won't be good enough to do achieve the things you dream of.

  • You won't be able to get that degree, or you might just about- with great struggle.
  • You won't be able to get the partner of your dreams, the house you want, the job you desire. 

If you, like so many people, feel that you are not enough, you end up never quite feeling right. Whatever you do is never enough. You always have to stretch yourself to go the extra mile, working extra hard.

And even though you are working so hard, you will feel a lack of recognition and acknowledgement. It's like you are invisible to those in charge. Claiming the credit you deserve then becomes very hard.

Of course, when outdated subconscious mind programming runs unchallenged, you are then very likely to use these external events as a confirmation for your underlying belief that you are, in fact, not good enough, or simply not enough. This is how limiting beliefs you hold about yourself create self fulfilling prophecies.

Don't let that happen. Instead, make a decision to become the master of your subconscious mind power.

Let this be the point where you stop and understand that your mind is trying to trick you here. Your mind is sending you ancient, memory based beliefs and emotional information- which is simply not appropriate to dealing with the challenges of adult life.

Becoming good enough, or enough, is an issue you can tackle very successfully with hypnosis for self esteem- in fact I recommend anyone interested in success programming should do so.

Also, work to uproot your internal self talk. Any messages you notice that put you down, berate you, belittle you- uproot them and turn them into auto suggestions to the opposite effect. Use these daily, and keep at it until your mind and emotions all agree that you are, in fact, enough.

What is Failure Anyway?

This brings me onto a third issue that you should be looking to dismantle immediately, and this is the concept of failure. There are a couple of things I want to set right about this concept.

What exactly is success? What is failure?

Many people perceive the only worthwhile success to be the type of success achieved by the top one percent of achievers. Then they define failure as the opposite of this level of success. 

subconscious mind powerChanging interalized concepts of failure is an essential piece of work towards mastering subconscious mind power.

In this world:

  • You either finish your degree with a first class honors or else you will have failed.
  • You either achieve to win the gold medal, or else you fail miserably. 
  • You must succeed in business to become a billionaire, else you must consider yourself a failure.

Of course this level of perfectionism is very unrealistic. How many gold medalists or billionaires can there be in this world? Not that many. And are all the rest of us losers? I shouldn't think so.

This extreme view of what success means can easily become very discouraging. Because what are we afraid of most? Failure! So, if you live in a world where success is an all or nothing affair, you are likely to shy away from even trying. 

You must act as the master of your subconscious mind power to change this concept you have internalized and tell yourself instead that success equals achieving personal excellence. Personal excellence should be your ultimate goal- achieving your own ultimate potential, whatever that may be, in any given area. Change your self talk to this effect!

What follows is that the concept of failure must change also.

In fact, I would argue that for anyone who tries, anyone who actively works on achieving their goals and dreams, there is no such thing as failure. 

Any time you 'fail' you encounter a valuable learning experience. Of course it hurts to encounter these kinds of set backs and disappointments. But once the emotions pass, get back on track and take account of what you have learned from the experience. And then use it to get a better result next time.

Success is rarely achieved overnight. More often than not, success is the result of many years of hard work, and of trial and error. So don't let setbacks discourage you. Keep going and enjoy the personal growth you encounter on the way.

So, what is failure then? I will argue that the only kind of failure there actually is, is not trying. So, don't let yourself fail. Do try. Do try again and again and again until you succeed. 

Master Your Subconscious Mind Power by Overcoming the Dominance of Survival Based Emotions

The last of the most important issues you need to start tackling if you want to master your subconscious mind power in order to become successful, is the issue of allowing survival based emotions dominate your life.

What are survival based emotions?

I consider both fear and anger to be focused on survival. Fear and anger both activate the fight or flight impulse in the body. 

subconscious mind powerHarnessing your subconscious mind power includes limiting the influence that survival based emotions such as anger and fear have over you.

A variety of things will happen when you go into fight or flight mode:

  • All your energy must focus on survival
  • You shut down any information input beyond the survival issue
  • You close down your heart
  • You feel either fear, or anger, or both simultaneously
  • Your body produces the stress hormone cortisol
  • Your heart rate increases
  • You will feel stressed on in a hurry
  • Your brain function will be reduced to mobilizing fight or flight responses
  • Conscious logical thought will stop

These are all necessary physiological responses in relation to survival. Of course, when you need to survive a real threat, your body and brain must limit their functioning so they can get you out of this situation. When there is a real threat, this is an absolute must.

But is a survival response absolutely necessary when:

  • Your boss annoys you.
  • Your partner says something that you don't like to hear.
  • You have a deadline and need to finish this project
  • You are starting your own business and are juggling many different tasks

We tend to interpret way too many situations in life as an issue of life or death.  And then we deal with them as if they were matters of life or death- we cannot stand back and think for a moment, we will respond in anger or run away in fear. We will be driven by stress and will effort so hard to achieve what we want to achieve.

But there are much easier ways to get what you want in life. Ways that are easier on you, and on the people around you. And those start by stopping to look at everything as a matter of life or death.

When you look at some of the most successful people around you will find that they tend to be very happy people. They exude happiness in private and at work. They inspire people. They listen to people. They encourage people. Around ninety percent of them, according to Tim Ferris, practice meditation.

What these successful people are activating by using hypnosis and meditation is a move away from survival based emotions, to higher level emotions such as peace, calm, serenity and trust.

"Well," I can hear you thinking, "that peace and love and trust is all very well, and I would be that way too if only I had the amount of money they have..."

Actually, it works much better the other way around. First, you become the master of your subconscious mind power and cultivate positive self talk that produces powerful emotions of trust, love, peace, gratitude and serenity. Then, you can use those emotions as a tool to attract what you want to attract in life.

See more mind power techniques here that will show you exactly to go through this process.

For now, I will ask you to take my word for it that dismantling the dominance of anger and fear in your life is a highly desirable step towards attracting what you want in life.

How to start this process of inner transformation?

Good question.

Use your tools of journal keeping and mindful observation to start spotting how anger and fear play out in your life. Keep a record. 

And change your mindset in the following ways:

Understand that the biggest part of the problem is caused by us believing that what we feel and think in any given situation is the ultimate truth. What we miss out on is that, in fact, perception is colored by our emotions and beliefs.

We have a thought, along with an emotion- and because emotionally charged thoughts feel very real we tend to believe that our inner experience in this moment represents the ultimate truth. 

Have you ever said, or thought: "You made me angry." You made me angry means, firstly, that you are claiming a right to hold on to the anger, that your anger is justified- and that secondly, the other person is responsible for your anger. In reality, your buttons were pushed. Whatever the other person did triggered a memory in you that carries a charge of anger.

The other person may indeed have done something annoying. But very likely there is an underlying issue here also which is yours. Very likely, their actions triggered a memory state in you that is associated with anger- for example the countless times your mother or father behaved towards you in similar ways this person did just now.

As long as you insist that your experience here is the only one that counts, you will remain living in the memory state that was triggered as if the memory was replaying itself today.

As long as you insist that the other person was 100% in the wrong, and that your anger was 100% justified, the only thing you will achieve is that you- in the short run, win the battle with that other person, on an ego level. You like to think of yourself as being right, and of your anger as being justified. End of story.

By an insistence on this version of events, however, you are missing out on the bigger picture. You are missing an opportunity to identify your own subconscious programs that are running here. The programs most likely stem from an old wound, from a hurtful experience- probably from as far back as childhood. 

The imprint of this original experience was a feeling of anger. When you were a child your brain was not developed enough to process this anger fully and see the original hurt for what it was. Therefore, the memory keeps coming back every time you have a similar experience. What the anger is really looking for, however, is to be healed. Every time a similar event comes up you are faced with an opportunity to heal it. 

Shift your mindset to take account of that. otherwise you could easily fall for how your mind tries to trick you.

The censors around the subconscious mind which diligently guard the subconscious programming therein to keep it intact, will try to fool you into believing that your existing programming is perfectly intact, perfectly up-to-date, and perfectly helpful in relation to your well being. The reality is that in most cases, your programming could to with a range of regular updates. 

How do you catch yourself and start spotting opportunities to update your subconscious programming? 

Again, developing self awareness is the only way to spot these moments when your minds tries to fool you. It's only through self awareness that you can start to see that there are other realities outside of your subconsciously driven experience of anger and your ego based insistence that you are right.

What are these other realities you are potentially missing out on?

You are missing out on the other person's experience.

  • For example, they may have acted in good faith or with good intentions.
  • They may not have meant to hurt or anger you at all.
  • Or maybe, they absolutely did their best and simply couldn't do any better. 

You are also missing out on the possibility that- just maybe, your anger may have been out of proportion here. Just maybe what happened wasn't quite as big and significant as it seemed to you. Just maybe the situation could be remedied quite easily.

Perhaps your insight that the other person did their best may help you to put your anger in proportion. You might then start seeing the true origin of your original hurt.

Ideally, you would do this work in a slightly altered state such as in hypnosis or self hypnosis trance so that you can forgive and let it go easily.

Anger hypnosis and anxiety hypnosis can both be a great help in quickly, efficiently and reliably resolving such deep seated emotional issues to help you free your energies to open up to higher emotional states.

These higher emotional states can then support you in achieving success much more easily and effectively than you could have ever imagined. 

When you start on this journey of self awareness the issues can seem overwhelming at first. The trick is in just getting started anywhere. 

Just get started. I think you will find the process quite intriguing. You will soon have some moments of insight where light bulbs are switched on in your mind. The way you think and feel will start making more sense to you. You will start understanding why you do what you do.

Gradually, this will bring you onto a journey of spiritual discovery, moving towards your higher self. Success will come. But when you get there, you will see that success is only a small byproduct of the ultimate gift of mastering your subconscious mind power.

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I hope my article on mastering your subconscious mind power will make an active difference in your life. In the comments underneath, let our community know how you are getting on.

Here is to your success and well being.



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