Hypnosis for Wealth- Miracle or Scam?

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

Hypnosis for wealth has become a very popular use of hypnosis in the last twenty years or so. What is it all about?

hypnosis for wealthHypnosis for wealth can help you to fully appreciate the things you already have.

Does prosperity hypnosis make you super rich overnight? Or, is the whole thing a scam? People's beliefs about hypnosis tend to fall into one of these two camps. Surely, one or the other must be true? Which one is it?

I have written this article to firstly clear up your expectations around hypnosis for wealth- and secondly to give you an insight into what you can hope to achieve working with wealth hypnosis.

Hypnosis for Wealth- A Get Rich Quick Scheme?

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for healing your body and mind and for harnessing your mind towards your personal goals. But does that make it a miracle therapy?

Not by a long shot- in the same way as any other form of therapy is no miracle therapy either- acupuncture, homeopathy, bio energy, psychotherapy, coaching- all of these can help you with your personal work- none of them are a miracle cure.

And, I am sure, you would have no problem accepting that argument in relation to those forms of work. It's quite clear to people that every form of work has its particular purpose and also limitations. However, where hypnosis is concerned, there often is that expectation of it being able to perform a miracle overnight- of one session even being able to solve a multitude of problems.

In reality, that's one of the many hypnosis myths that I recommend you educate yourself about before embarking on hypnosis for wealth or for any other purpose. Expectation management is essential here. 

So, does that mean the whole hypnosis thing is a scam then?

Is Hypnosis for Wealth Nothing but a Scam?

I started out as a psychotherapist and have many years of experience in the field. I have been working with hypnosis for a good few years now. Find out more on my 'About Me' page. 

The outcomes I see now in my own personal work as well as in the work with my clients far exceed those I have seen with psychotherapy. I can assure you that hypnosis is a powerful tool.

Hypnosis is the only form of therapy that works directly with the subconscious mind- removing old unwanted subconscious mind programming dating from childhood using regression hypnosis; and replacing it with new, nurturing and self supporting beliefs through suggestion hypnosis.

The caveat being that of course, it always depends whose hands you put such a powerful tool into- and it depends how such a powerful tool is used. However, if you are working with an ethical, well trained and preferably experienced practitioner, and if you take to hypnosis- meaning you enjoy this way of working- you can hope to see results.

hypnosis for wealthHypnosis for wealth can help you overcome limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

What can You Hope to Gain from Hypnosis for Wealth?

Hypnosis for wealth can help you get rid of the many beliefs that we absorb from parents, teachers  and the culture around us that are holding people back from achieving their full earning potential.

If you are holding negative beliefs about yourself, they will form your expectations of the people in your life and the world around you at large. You will automatically and subconsciously communicate these beliefs and expectations to the world around you all the time. And- in turn- your environment will give you back exactly that which you expect.

Many of these beliefs are so ingrained that you might have never questioned them before. 

Here is a collection of some of them- in no particular order:

Believing that:

  • Money is dirty.
  • There is something immoral about being wealthy.
  • Wealth will spoil your character, i.e. change who you are for the worse.
  • Being wealthy will make you become stingy.
  • Somewhere there is something wrong with you- that you have a fundamental flaw and that's why things won't work out as you'd like them to.
  • Others can make money but you just can't.
  • Others can hold onto wealth but you can't.
  • The economy is broken and this means that you can never make substantial amounts of money.
  • There isn't enough wealth or money to go around- and this means that you can never become wealthy.
  • Life is a struggle and you will always have to work hard to put bread on the table.
  • You are not good enough, or simply not enough.
  • You are not worthy of wealth.
  • Making money is hard.
  • Making serious money is impossible or that you are not cut out for it.
  • Money comes and money goes, month by month.
  • Wealth is impossible to hold onto.

hypnosis for wealthHypnosis for wealth can help you free your energies to become focused on you purpose and mission in life.

Do you recognize any of these beliefs? Do they ring a bell? I bet some of them do, and that's no wonder because they are all around us.

Can you see how holding such beliefs would stop one from persuing the issue any further? If you are dead set on believing that others can make money but you just can't- well, isn't that just it- end of discussion? And can you see how that won't change unless your beliefs change? 

But where do these beliefs come from?

You can see in this list of beliefs that some beliefs most likely stem from childhood- namely those that relate to deeper emotional issues such as self esteem. Other issues are acquired as we absorb them from the culture around us, from things teachers, relations or friends say, and from what you see on television every day.

And these two areas are what you can work on and where you can achieve changes through hypnosis for wealth. You can rid yourself of old and unwanted beliefs that obstruct you from believing that a wealthier life is possible for you, too. You can then replace them with beliefs that support you on the journey towards becoming wealthier.

Will it happen overnight? No- it won't.  When first working with hypnosis for wealth, you will likely have an initial experience of a door opening- of suddenly seeing something you couldn't see before. However, making lasting changes to your deeply embedded belief systems can take time, and is likely to happen gradually or in stages.

Will the wealth come all by itself once you are working with hypnosis? No, it won't. However, as your beliefs change, taking action, changing your life and moving towards your goals will become easier. 

  • Your  mind will open up to new ideas of how you could go about acquiring wealth. 
  • You can expect to become clear on your mission and purpose in this life. 
  • You will then become clear on what actions you must take during the next year, the next month during the coming week to start moving towards your goal.

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Emotional Blocks to Success

Overall, hypnosis for wealth can be a strong support system that helps you to harness your mind and move towards the life you love.

Are you going to give it a go?

In the comments underneath, let our community know what results you are getting. I am looking forward to hearing from you.



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