Havening Touch and How to Use it for Changing Your Life

By Susanna Sweeney, MSC, MBACP, CHT

The inventors of Havening Touch, Dr. Ronald Ruden together with his brother, Dr. Steven Ruden, have spent all their free time since around 2001 researching neuroscience.

Originally they were inspired by world famous hypnotist and self help author Paul McKenna who passed on a book on tapping techniques which Dr. Ronald Ruden thought would be unlikely to work. He was curious enough to try the techniques and gave them a go, quickly and unexpectedly curing a handful of his patients of various phobias.

This early success brought the brothers on a deep dive into neuroscience because, how else was a Western scientifically minded doctor going to explain what was happening? Having studied tens of thousands of hard to comprehend papers on different aspects of neuroscience, they eventually understood the key to what was producing symptoms in patients- a certain type of encoding in the amygdala which involves AMPA receptors.

Having understood how symptoms were put in place, they could then progress to finding techniques that would alleviate those symptoms. They ruled out tapping quite early on because they wanted something even more simple, something that was accessible to everyone without even having to consult a textbook.

It was this impulse that brought them to develop Havening touch.

havening touchInstructions for Havening Touch

The Difference Havening Touch Can Make

You can easily use Havening Touch at home to try out how effective, safe and powerful its effect can be on your well-being. You can use it to manage and reduce symptoms of a wide variety such as:

  • Anxiety symptoms
  • Depression symptoms
  • Phobias
  • Prolonged Grief
  • Any shock or trauma
  • Chronic Pain
  • and many more

Dr. Ruden on the use of Havening Touch:

"It is it is a technique which allows people to become stronger within themselves. And the best part of it all from my point of view, is that it can be self employed. If the individual does not have to go see a therapist does not have to go deep into a discussion, solve these problems. I - for very complex and very significant trauma I urge them to see a certified practitioner. But for simple stuff, you can do it on your own and accomplish many wonderful things for your psyche."

You can follow my simple instructions for self havening in the video above to help you along!

Always finish off on working with affirmations to feed your brain something positive and nurturing to help build resilience and increase your sense of well-being.

For bigger issues you may want the help of a certified Havening Techniques practitioner.

I offer Havening online worldwide as part of programmes for personal change. Please watch and read my testimonials here and contact me by email for the next steps to take.

Havening Touch for Home Use- Video Transcript

Havening Techniques are relatively new modality. They're only about 10 years old. They were invented by New York brothers, Dr. Ronald and Dr. Steven Ruden, and grew out of their study of neuroscience, the neuroscience of trauma.

When you use the method on yourself, rather than it being applied by a practitioner, it's then called self Havening. Justin Bieber popularized self Havening recently, he uses it to manage difficult emotions.

Havening is used in therapeutic work, I use it a lot, and it's fantastic for shifting trauma and anxiety, as well as chronic pain and other disturbing symptoms. In coaching Havening is also used, it's used to help build resilience in that context. So how does it work?

Havening Techniques are touch based, we use touch on specific areas of the body to produce delta brainwaves. And these delta brainwaves have a relaxing effect, and they create a safe environment for the brain to accept change in. So let me introduce you now to the actual touch techniques that we use, you can work alongside me.

And if you do so it will only take a minute or so until you feel the relaxing effects of this delta brainwave. But you normally only experience and non REM sleep. Here are the three areas that we use inhaling techniques for touch. So first of all, there is your face. You can work from your forehead to your chin and green glasses, I will only touch my cheeks here. You can keep your fingers together or separate them as you like.

Or you could use the actual palm to stroke your face, that would be fine too. It's whatever you enjoy and feel most comfortable with. The second area is from your shoulder from the top of your shoulder down to your elbow. This is an area that really everybody likes and is comfortable with.

And the third area of use for touch are your palms. just rubbing your palms together like this. You could also rub them in a circular motion, whatever you prefer whatever feels right for you. And your palms, of course are fantastic. When you are in company, you can still use self havening, even without the people around you knowing what you are actually doing.

havening touch

So at this stage of the process, we would normally add another ingredient into the mix and in this short video, I'm going to introduce you to two processes that we use. The first process could be just working with an affirmation. So whatever affirmation is right for you at that time, and you would simply apply heaven in touch while also reciting that affirmation alongside.

The second way of using Havening Techniques is for reducing any difficult emotions that you might be going through at that time. And in that case, what you do is you find a word for the emotion you're experiencing. So for example, if I was experiencing anger, the word I would use is angry, meaning I am angry just skipping the first half of that sentence.

And the word angry I would recite over and over and over while using heavily in touch until the difficult emotion is much reduced or gone all together. These processes are very safe to use at home by yourself. Feel free to use them on a daily basis. 

I hope you have found this article on havening touch insightful and will be able to apply the knowledge gained at home for yourself and your loved ones to manage and reduce the intensity of difficult emotions and to build resilience. 

Please leave a social comment below letting our community know how you plan to use havening touch.



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