Anxiety, Chronic Stress, Fatigue, Tension Headaches- Gone

by A.M.
( Ireland)

I first contacted Susanna to get help for physical symptoms related to chronic stress and anxiety. In particular I would experience frequent and severe pressure/tension headaches, which would often set off other anxiety symptoms, I would have troubles sleeping through the night, with a very light and discontinued sleep patterns. As a result, I was often extremely fatigued to the point where simple daily tasks required a lot of effort and that was starting to affect my mental health too. Anxiety was so severe at times that I started contemplating asking my GP to put me on medications just to get by.

I am familiar with psychotherapy and have been in therapy for many years, which helped in many ways but didn't seem to tackle the physical manifestations of my anxiety the way working with Susanna has.

I have had five sessions in total with Susanna, short- but the results are truly remarkable, with my headache, physical anxiety, fatigue and sleep issues being gone now, after a period where they have steadily diminished.

I was so very pleasantly surprised about how quick Susanna was able to help me fix something I had been battling for so long with so little success.

Susanna is a skilled practitioner with a great listening ear and a very empathetic and intuitive approach. Her professionalism and knowledge make each sessions enjoyable, even when working through heavy stuff.

I would recommend Susanna and her use of the Havening Technique as a short but very effective form of therapy.


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